Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Can Make A Difference

As I spend most of my time in the kitchen, I have been listening to the Chinese radio station 988 (www.988.com.my). I followed their 12pm radio drama which is quite interesting in addition to brushing up my Mandarin which I have not used for sometime.

One of the early morning program is where listeners will write in with a problem and the DJ will then invite listeners to provide comments, advice or feeback. This morning's topic was from a girl by name of Siew Kuen who has just been diagnosed to have cancer. She wanted to spare the agony of her pain by splitting with her boyfriend of 3 years. Her question to the listeners was "Should I tell my boyfriend about my cancer?" Of course all the listeners who responded said she should. I also wanted to participate but the line was very busy. My concern is not whether she should tell or not but from her way she writes her message, I think she has concluded she would die and as such should not involve with her boyfriend as they have no future together.

Last week on my way back from Singapore, my friend Vishuddi Lee who has been accompanying me to Singapore told me that one of his allopatic trained doctor friend said of my case is that I should enjoy the rest of my life. There is no cure and don't waste time/money trying to find cure (I suppose he meant on allopathic medicine). I believe we are all conditioned to think this way due to our exposure to our doctor friends, newpapers and most existing literature on cancer. There are very few supporters of alternative medicine. Even my allopatic trained Dr Ramakrishnan said that the majority of his patients are those who have tried allopatic medicine and came to him when it did not work.

The news of having cancer can be really devastating when first heard from the doctor. Negative thoughts arises. Friends can really help but don't just sent or forward emails. Besides offering morale support, sharing of information is also vital at this juncture. You can make a difference.

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