Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Well Rested

Yesterday was a bad day for me. After dinner, I was not feeling very well and after I rested a while, I thought why not just go to bed early? So at about 9pm, I took a pain killer and another sleeping pill and went to bed. I slept really well and woke up at about 6am. I was feeling much better this morning and suddenly the pain that hounded me badly yesterday was gone. I stayed in bed until about 8am and power on my phone. I then received an SMS, sent out the night before from my friends in India that they are now at the airport on the way back home. It went quite well for them after the initial setback.

I have two more sleeping pills left and hopefully by Friday, my sleeping pattern would return to normal. I spent most of my time resting today. I think the more I rest the less pain I feel. So I just slept. Anyway, I will see what my orthopedic surgeon will have to say tomorrow about my problem.

An old colleague called me and said if I heard about HITV. I said I have consulted the doctor about the treatment and after telling him the cost of treatment, he was shocked. His father has been recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I told him I will be doing the HIFU treatment and will be flying to China for my treatment next Saturday. He then asked if his father can join me for the trip? Well I told him if it is company that he wants why not? I am flying to Chengdu and then a two hour train ride to Chongqing. This is even faster then taking the direct flight that will have one transit stop in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lost In Pain

I knew entering into my third year of therapy was not going to be easy, but what I did not anticipate was the pain that I am getting now. I don't remember when was the last time I sat in front of the house. The sky looked gloomy and as I was lowering myself slowly to sit on a wooden stool over looking the garden, I could feel the aches and pains on my legs. There is always a clam before the storm. I could not even sit for 5 minutes as it was too painful on my butt. So, instead I just walked around the little garden. I have been cooked up in the house since I came back from India. Three nights on the slipping pill and still I fell tired. Last night I did not sleep well and maybe it was because I did not take the pain killer.  My average pain score has increased to 5. I postponed my plan to visit the hospital to Wednesday for the scan as I forgot Monday was a public holiday and then see my orthopedic surgeon on Thursday.

As I started to write this post, the rain started to fall. It has been raining everyday, like most days it usually starts to rain in the late afternoons. Like the weather, I also feel gloomy. I am still feeling tired and have been coughing quite a bit due to itchy throat. Everytime I cough, I would shudder in pain because somehow the coughing are linked to the nerve pain on my butt and legs. It gives me an mild electric shock and I am paralised in situ for seconds. There is only one thing on my mind. What am I gonna to do?

Pain attracts negative thoughts. It makes me less logical and makes me feel depressed. I am trying hard to resit or give in. So when an old friend wrote me an email about "Who are the Chinese?", I thought I would read something interesting to get my mind of the pain thingy. There were two recommended books and one of them is called 1434: Year Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance by Gavin Menzies. It's supposed to be non fiction book but mostly ignored by professional historians. According to the critics, Menzies use fragments of evidence here and there to support his theory. Still he spent quite a lot of time and money researching this book and the other book 1421: The Year China Discovered America is equally controversial.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Sun Is Shining Again

I would like to thank you for all your encouraging words during my recent trip to India. A regular reader wrote me an email yesterday and said he felt uneasy reading the title of my post yesterday. It's just a reflection of my mood at that time. He suggested another title, which is the title of today's post. I believe things don't happen by chance and today, I am writing yet another cancer therapy.

Last night, I continued to taking sleeping pills. I had a discussion with my doctor and one way to force the biorhythm of my body back on time is to ensure I sleep at night and is awake during day time. I hope taking sleeping pills for a few days in a row would do the trick. Yesterday, I had two strange dreams. This first dream, I can't figure what time it happened. My friend and I was walking around town and we chance to meet up three primary school mates who was sitting in a car. After some exchange of pleasantries, we parted and after walking about 10 meters, one of the guys fired the gun at me. It did not hit me and the next thing I did was jump to the ground just behind the road shoulder as cover. I crawled slowly towards safety. The guys did not pursue us. The second dream happened this morning, I think around 8+am just before I woke up. In the second dream, I had just recently joined a company as an executive in the Finance and IT Department. I was called to check on the company website that has gone down and was checking the cabling when suddenly the guys at the Sales Department and the Finance Department were arguing. My immediate boss showed up and and did some mediation. Meanwhile, I went to support the secretary to the MD who had a printing problem. Somehow she was also caught in the crossfire between the two departments. She was crying and submitted her resignation letter. I was still very blur as to what was happening. Then I went back to see how my boss was handling the situation and what he did was create two cubicals to separate the two departments. Still some staffs continued bickering. Before I could find out what was going on, I woke up. What weird dreams and two in one night of sleep?

A cancer friend sent me an email about this therapy and I did a check to find out more about this therapy. I am quite impressed with this therapy and this is one therapy that I am considering. Ukraine, here I come? Oh, it's too soon to decide. But I will be writing to the clinic in Lviv, Ukraine for more information and I hope the treatment cost is affordable. I have a few readers from Ukraine. Perhaps they would like to make a comment or two.

What Is Ukrain?
Ukrain is a special extract from greater celandine using for the treatment of cancer. Ukrain is the first and only anticancer drug accumulating during minutes after administration in cancer cells. Because it triggers apoptosis in cancer cells this drug is only toxic against cancer cells while, in contrast to chemotherapy, at therapeutic dose it leaves healthy cells undamaged. In 2004 and 2006 Dr. Wassil Nowicky, author of drug was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Greater celandine (Chelidonium majus L.) is well known in herbal medicine since more than 3,000 years. The anti-tumour properties of the plant extract were described in a medicinal herb book published in 1536. The latex of greater celandine has been used mostly to treat skin warts. However, internal use of celandine is strongly limited due its high toxicity. By means of a patent processing method a product was developed which can be administered intravenously and has affinity to cancer cells. The inventor named this product Ukrain after his country of birth.

This drug has potential for many type of cancers. For more information, please visit here and here. Briefly, this is how Ukrain works.

Research findings on Ukrain have appeared in 262 specialist publications and been presented at 294 international medical congresses. Its efficacy, safety and quality have been confirmed by 260 scientists from 24 countries at 60 universities and research institutes.