Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spiritual Energy

When I was in India performing my pilgrimage, several of my friends and my family were indeed worried about me. Some called me while some other SMS me. I can understand their concern for I was also worried for myself. I did a simulation run the week before I left for India and found that I will not have the energy to sustain me, let alone carry 10.5kgs of backpack and lead a team of 4 ladies and negotiate and arrange transport from place to place.

I arrived in India with a stomach upset due to the vegetarian fried rice I took on board of Airasia and after taking the "poh chi" pills, it eased. But somehow, during my entire stay in India, I did not feel tired nor have lack of energy or feel sick. There was only one occasion that I need a Counterpain rub on my thighs. Perhaps it is the normal vegetarian food I took, maybe the cold weather or maybe I was so charged up for the spiritual journey or perhaps the combination of all these factors I felt like any other people, showing no signs of the problem I had during the simulation run. During my pilgrimage, I have seen some very old people that needed assistance to walk, sit down or stand. So there is no reason for an abled body whether got cancer or not, not being able to do the pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage evokes different energies and in Buddhism, your karma must be good in order for it to happen. For example, I know of people who had money but would not do it. I have seen people who went there a record 9 times. I also know some who wanted to go but do not have the money. With the DIY that I wrote, I hope "Now any Buddhist can do pilgrimage", a tag phase coined by my friend Vishuddi Lee, borrowing the slogan heavily from Airasia. Such is the case. So my Buddhist friends, what are you waiting for? Same goes for my Christian friends. You can also do it in the Middle East for your pilgrimage. There is no need to fear. Your faith in God will keep you save.

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  1. Chang,

    Most relieved to know of your successful pilgrimage