Monday, November 30, 2009

Celebrating Life

The Christmas and year end is just around the corner. During this time of the year, many will be making their new year resolutions for the coming year. As for me, there will be no resolutions. It will be basically celebrating life! Taking a break from 30 years of working, see some other parts of the world every now and then.

I had a reunion with my childhood friends, friends that I met in school on my very first first day in class. We have lost contact for more than 10 years and some of them even longer than 25 years. This is our third gathering for this year, but the first after my problem in September. It's good to have friend around to give support, share some of my problems and then do some catch up. So How Beng, Popo, Chee Peng, Eng Kow thank you. They were very happy to see me and said me I looked good.

I am glad that the therapies is working so far for me. However, many of them has expressed concern about my coming India trip in the middle of December 2009. I assure them water is least of the problems if I adhere to buy good quality bottled water/filtered water. Food wise should not be a problem as well because there are many vegetarian restaurants around. My main problem is whether I can get hold of organic food or not. According to Cherrie Calbom in The Complete Cancer Cleanse book, if no organic food is available, then eating normal vegetables and fruits would be better than not eating at all. Just wash and soak the vegetables/fruits in 3% hydrogen peroxide to remove some of the pesticides and chemicals. Apparently leafy green vegetables are difficult to obtain in India. Anyway I am bringing along a simple fruit juicer and will juice whenever possible.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coping With Cancer

Many people including my family members often ask me how am I doing. Actually I do not know how to answer. My experience with cancer only started three months ago. It started from a hopeless situation because my doctors told me they have no cure for me and no medication as well.

They looked at me and cannot tell if I am OK or not mainly because I looked thin. They thought that since I have not gained back my weight, something may not be right. I feel OK but really do not know what's happening inside of me, particularly in my lungs. The only indication that I get from my body is the symptoms, if any. There are no symptoms to date and the conclusion I draw is good. My face looks a little rounder now when compared to when I first started the Gerson therapy. Most of my weight loss has been at the buttock, thighs, arms and around the waist.

Following the Gerson therapy is a constant challenge because I am doing the Gerson therapy entirely on my own without any help. In between I have to do marketing and coffee enema. I am also a father, a husband and son to my parents. There are still work to be done and errands to run. It's a strict regime and although I have settled on a routine, it's still not easy. Sometimes I wish I could just lie down and when the time comes, someone will pass the juice to me to drink. I did not get my wife to help out during the weekends because I believe this will make me very dependable. As the day passes, I am still learning to cope as new emotions and mental states develops. The only think I know is not to fret and be forward looking. So far, I managed quite well with occasional highs and lows. Well, I have almost passed three months and there is still 15 months to go before I can review if I am out of danger zone. Something I learned while working in Saudi Arabia is that when your journey is long, live a day at a time. As Carnegie use to say "Live in a day-tight compartment".

So to make myself happier, I am experimenting on foods that I can eat. Made rye bread yesterday based on the recipe from but was not successful again. This time it could be due to slightly larger amount of yeast or the yeast did not mixed very well with the rye and wheat flour. I will try again in the coming week. Since my oven is not working, I am using the Kenwood Breadmaker to do the job. I am hungry all the time so the faster I come out with some new foods, the better for me.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Health Status @ 28 November 2009

This is my 2nd health status report. New information are presented in italics.

Tumor mass of size of about 13cm on the right kidney and 21 over nodes all over my left and right lungs with one up to 3cm in size. Possibly also spread to the liver.

First detected on 11 September 2009 through CT Scan. Subsequent CT scan on 24 October 2009 showed a slight improvement and possibly no growth.

Consulted four urologist (one in Singapore and three in Malaysia) and two oncologist (one in Malaysia and one in Singapore). Both oncologist suggested removal of right kidney. Singapore urologist also suggested removal of kidney. The three uronogist do not recommend surgery or chemotherapy. The last urologist consulted said most of his patients died within six months of surgery while two on the experimental drug Sutent is not responding. All agree that is no cure for the moment.

Schedule for next scan is in January 2010 most likely be postpone to March 2010.

Treatment Undertaking
a. Modified Gerson Therapy
a1. Coffee Enema
Initially, four times a day for four weeks, every four hours apart. Subsequently three times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening for 15 minutes.

Started the enema on a sitting position but results stopped after about one month. Now is done by lying on the right of the body as recommended by the Gerson therapy.

a2. Nutrition Diet
All fruits and vegetables mentioned are organic.
i. Juicing - 10 fruit and vegetables juices a day begining around 7am and ending 7pm. First juice is either 40% ripe papaya (with skin) or green apple, then alternating between carrot+apple and vegetables (mainly lettuce) and ending with carrot juice.
2. Diet - No oil, no sugar and no salt on all cooking. For breakfast and supper, maily oats with some raisins, sometimes a little manuka honey is added. For lunch and dinner, vegetables such as Siew Pak Choy, Lettuce, lady's fingers, califlower, broccoli and spinach are mainly steamed or boiled. K-salt is added for flavouring. A teaspoon of flaxseed oil is added when serving (but not during cooking). Somali organic brown rice is consumed and sometime potatoes are also used. ABC or hypocrates soup are also prepared but not everyday.
3. Supplements - K-salt, naicin, kelp (for iodine), Q10 and Ohhira mountain fruits extract(discontinued)
4. Others - Rye bread, papaya and banana are consumed at regular intervals.

Initial reaction to the Gerson therapy was severe loss of weight within three weeks. This was possibly due to my own fault for not juicing and eating enough during the first three weeks. I did not follow the therapy closely. Weight is now stabalised and have settled down to a routine.

b. Homeopathy Medicine
Consulting Doctor: DR AU Ramakrishnan MBBS,PhD, Chenni, India (
Local Consultant: Vishuddi Lee
Treatment Started: 6 November 2009. Next appointment is on 7 January 2010.
Consulting: Once every two months in Singapore
Medication Given : Phosphorus and Carsinosin (alternating between weekly), morning and evening tablet.
Reaction: Heatiness around the face and pimples around the face. Mouth and tongue ulcers cleared. Sore throat is also cleared. These are transient reaction.

c. Urine Therapy
Drink the first urine of the day.

Health Status
Other that the initial weight loss, no visible side effects or symptoms detected to date. Not as strong as before, susceptible to cold. Easy get tied when lefting heavy stuffs but no problems climbing a few flight of stairs. Energy level is strong and spirits is high.

Not exhibiting any major symptoms like pain or nodes around the neck and body are good signs. The ability to walk, talk, eat and sleep without any assistance most probably means the disease is under control.

Another week just passed with no incidences.

Homeopathy Body Reaction

Of late I noticed my body is kind of "heaty" judging from my mouth and tongue ulsers and slight pain around the shoulders. According to my food intake, this is unlikely to happen. There are two possibly reasons, the mosr likely sour is from my homeopathy treatment and the other being lack of sleep. Although I retire to bed around 11pm daily, my sleep is disturbed because I need to get up once a night to urinate because of the frequently juicing that I take earlier in the day. I have tried to complete the juicing by 7.30pm latest. Of course I unirate before retiring but it did not helped much. Between 8pm and 10.30pm I take my homeopathy medication during which time I do not take in any food. When I do not have sufficient sleep, I used to get tiredness around the shoulders and neck.

Homeopathy medication, according to my local practitioner, Vishuddi Lee treat a patient by directly administring the element that is causing the problem. For example, if you have hypertension, you will be administered a very light element of sodium as part of the medication. The element given is light enough not to cause any problems but at the same time would stimulate the body to rteact and build it defenses. In my case, administring the element phosphorus is similar. Phosphorus causes heatiness in the body. That is probably why my ulcers took so long to recover and also notices recurrence of some pimples aound my mouth. Yesterday evening, when I took the evening homeopathy pill, the hotness around my face was more intense and longer than I have experienced so far.

So people keep asking me if I am OK and I tell them that if I am still able to walk, talk, eat and sleep that's a good sign. In my case the problem is within me and not so noticeable. No new major symptoms has appeared and I hope that it will remain that way. I will really know when I do the next scan which I scheduled in Janaury 2010 but most likely delay it to March 2010 as it is six months from my initial scan.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Growing Organic Food

About two weeks ago, I began to plant some of my own food. I cleared part of the garden, got rid of some potted plants and weeds. I planted my first potato. Last week when I checked the shoot has just sprung out but this morning I checked, the whole potato was dug out and gone! The thief is none other than those little squirrels. I need to build some kind of netting to keep these squirrels and birds away. Besides potatoes, I am thinking of planting lady's fingers and tomatoes. Sweet potatoes and bananas would require lots of space which I do not have. I have a papaya tree alreading growing about 6 ft tall now but is not fruiting well. Only one small little fruit the size of a squash ball!

The morning sun was really sunny and I could feel the burning on my skin. As the North winds blows across my face, it reminds me that New Year is around the corner. Later in the afternoon as I was driving to have a hair cut, the radio station 988 played a Chinese New Year (CNY) song! Actually they are promoting the station DJs' album of CNY songs which will go on sale from 6 December 2009 onwards. Looks like they are releasing CNY songs earlier and earlier even before Christmas. Malaysians are a fortunate in that they get to enjoy all the major religious festivals of the world.

Last night I attended a gathering of HLA ex colleagues at Restaurant Yu Look at Sri Petaling (just opposite of The Store). We kept in touch even though many has left the company, some for over 15 years. This place's speciality is the fish dishes. Further down the road is another Restaurant called Tai Kee which has now become very expensive. We had a medium size freshwater sauce steam fish, salted stream crabs, stewed chicken, fried squids and vegetables. Bill came to RM198 for seven of us although I did not eat anything. How unfortunate for me but I guess that's will be the case for the rest of my life. So prevention is better than cure. Most people think they don't get cancer (me included) but getting cancer is not so rare after all. Based on the statistics I saw in the Oncologist report in Singapore, the older you are, the higher the chance of getting cancer.

Some of my friend continue to recommend to go for treatment. Some did not know or think that the therapies that I am doing is not a form of treatment because many do not understand it. Since I am on of the Gerson and Homeopathy threpies and hence cannot accept other forms of treatment unless they are complementary. In any case, I do not have that much time to go for more therapries as the Gerson therapy is already taking so much of my time. Some wonder if I had pain, etc. I do not experience any pain and I can sleep very well and can also eat very well. The nutrition from the juicing is also providing me the energy that I need to allows me to lead quite a normal life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tribute To Dr Max Gerson

Today I will start off with a little dedication to Dr Max Gerson, the person whose book help me to remain sane and alive as I am today. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! A simple way Buddhist express gratitude to someone who has done a good deed. He not only helped many people and but shared his formula of success as well. Although I am not out of the woods yet, I think the quality of life that I am enjoying now is much better that what I initially thought. I found a web site that allows you to view or download the summarised version of the Gerson therapy. It can be found at Please go download and read it. According to the author, the Gerson's method has cure more cancer patients that any other method they know of.

The year end school holidays have just started and I took the opportunity to have breakfast with my daughters. While driving home I noticed that my Suzuki Vitara's engine temperature has reached almost the danger level only after 5 minutes of drive. After the engine cooled, I drove it to my mechanic who is 5 minutes away and after examination, he said my top engine mounting has cracked and needs repairs which will cost over one thousand bucks. What is more frightening for me is that suddendly I noticed I have no plan B. Without a car, I cannot move around to buy my vegetables, fruits and other supplies. I only keep one and a half day supplies. I had no choice but to SMS my daughter to borrow her car while the Suzuki is being repaired for a few days. Her college is about 20 minutes drive away. My plan to reduce the number of cars from three to two looks unlikely to happen.

My mouth ulcers is clearing and I think by tomorrow, I should be free of it. Now I can eat decently and many more times throughout the day. Yesterday, my mother's neighbour told me I look too thin as compared to my previous self. I have been eating every opportunity I have. The thing is no matter how much and frequent I ate, I just cannot add that 1 kg back!

Last Sunday I have tried to make the oatflour cake but it was not successful. This was due entirely to the oven. I bought a new oven in August but only had the oppotunitty to use it last Sunday and it did not function! The timer could not be set. So I had to use the old trusted small electric oven that has no temperature control. After baking over three times, each for about 20 minutes, the core of the cake is still not cooked. Will try again after the oven is being repaired.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Intermediate Plans

Continuous self motivation and encouragement for oneself suffering from cancer is very important but is also difficult to maintain. Maintaining a routine is one way to maintain the motivation, a little odd because routine breeds boredom. During this period of time, you have to complete the juicing, coffee enema and also feed yourself. These activities gives energy that make you feel good. By slackning or when you miss the timing, you feel lethargic. So you have motivtion to maintain the routine.

Recently I chance upon a book called Orange Book by Bhagawan Shree Rajneesh or popularly known as Osho. I have not complete reading the book. I had just began and it contains a chapter on Dawn. He says start the day laughing which he calls laughing meditation. His explanation of mediation is interesting. He says "The first thing is to know about meditation. Eyerything else follows. I cannot say to you that you should do meditation, I can only explain to you what it is. If you understand me, you should be in meditation; there is no should to it. If you don't understand me, then you will not be in meditation." Very philosophical. I learned meditation in year 2000. I had better success in the beginning but as time went by it became worst. The more I read about meditation, the more I did not know meditation. You just need the basic to start off and the rest is discovery during the meditation. Books distort and unconciously guide your thoughts away. Meditation is a Buddhist way of life and is also part of my spiritual therapy. I will look at it from Osho's view and hopefully progress from there.

I am now planning for the pilgrimage trip to India. What is most challenging will be my food. The rest of the family will have no problems. We have been warned by an Indian friend, India is a cultural shock even for Indians. Although my wife and I have been to Nepal, I think India is different. I am starting to read some travel guide book like Lonely Planet and also guidance from my friends who had travelled there (not those who went on guided tours) by backpacking. The reason why we are travelling this way is to understand what Buddha went through during his days by walking only. I will also document the tour extensively and post it in my blog with pictures and trip details. A pilgrimage should not be a tour of luxury and comfort. I want all my Buddhist friends to be able to go pilgrimage without having to break their bank account. The current price charged by privately organised pilgrimage tours are just too pricey. There is another job for me. If I recover from my sickness, in a year's time, my friend Vishuddi and I will be tour leaders leading a group of Sunday Dhamma school teachers for this pilgrimage tour.

Some of my ex-colleagues have been asking me what my plans are. I am now on a two year sabbatical leave. As I settled on a routine, I realised I have more time at hand and therefore need to do something useful in between the jucing and coffee enemas. In August 2009, I wanted to enroll for my PhD in Finance at UTAR but I am not able to sign up for now. My ex-colleague have asked me to consider coming back to active work when my health has been stabalised. One option is to wait till March 2010 to confirm that my condition has stabilised (from the CT scans). I am also thinking of a career change, doing something different. Still thinking. I am keeping all my options open for now. Meanwhile I am refreshing my Japanses language which I have forgotton. This time I have my daughters for company as they are learning too.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Manic Monday

The title of today's blog was taken from a song of the same title. I do like a few numbers from the Bangles.

This morning, I had some errands to run. I had volunteer to take my nephew's preowned car for inspection and thereafter for ownership transfer. The inspection at Puspakom was smooth but the procedures at the Road Transport Department, although has improved from leaps and bounds since my last ownership transfer in the 1980s is best described as strange. When you do your own onership transfer, the clerk will ask on who's behalf are you doing it for. If for your own or for your son and duaghter, they have special counter for such transactions. If for your relatives, then you transact yet another counter and finally for commercial transactions such as used card delaers, you go through the normal counters. Why such arrangement, I do not understand. The surprise came when I made payment. They only accept postal order! What? The form says cash or postal order. So I made a dash to the mini post office (located downstairs) and come back. By then the queue was slightly longer and I got to wait for my turn again. But I must admit, the time taken now to do the transfer is only a couple of minutes

Upon completion of my errands and reaching home, I had stomach upset. It was rather painful and this was the first time it happened since I started the Gerson therapy. It thought it may have been caused by the apple+carrot juice that I stored in the thermos which I drank earlier. Before I left for my errands, I had boiled the coffee in anticipation I would perform the coffee enema upon my return. I also had to catch up on the fruits and vegetables juicing. The cold coffee caused some problems during administration. The coffee enema session was the worst I had to date. The spasm was frequent and painful stomach did not help either. I could not hold for more than 10 minutes and decided to let go. To my surprise, when the coffee was released, my stomach upset was gone!

I had time to catch up with an old friend who accompanied me while I was doing the errands. He said except for some weight loss, I looked fine. I explained to him the therapies that I was doing and he said it must be working. I really hope so. My mouth ulcer was bad yesterday, caused me great difficulty in talking and eating. So I cheated a little. I applied Oral Aid for the day. It helped. But today, it seems much better and I hope it will recover in a day or two's time. The pimples that I experienced last week are all gone. But the hotness that I experience after taking the morning pill for the homeopathy medicine is still there, though not so pronounced.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Practical Coffee Enema How To

Oh no, not another item on coffee enema. No, I am not going into the technicalities. The Little Coffee Enema booklet does an excellent job already. I encourage everyone to do coffee enema. I learned this from trial and error and save you the hassle. This is my practical aspects of doing coffee enema. I have been doing coffee enema for two months now, hardly a veteran but I have done more than 200 enemas to my credit. I did 4 enemas in a day on my first month and then reduced it to 3 times a day subsequently. For some of my friends who does it once a week, that is equivalent to their four years.

Training Period
Based on what I read, talking to people who take enemas and my own experience, most beginners are not able to hold for more than 3 minutes during their first few tries. I took a week or about 28 tries before I could get to pass 10 minutes. This is where the problem is. When you lost control and the coffee oozes out, what you get is a dirty bathroom. Difficult to clean and it becomes smelly since the feces are also discharged. So you need some training.

My suggestion is this, after the enema is completely administered, do not lye down. Instead, go and sit in the toilet bowl. Train yourself to hold for as long as possible. If you can hold for 8 minutes or more, then consider your training completed and you can now move to the next phase.

Please note that due to the gravitional force on the coffee, you will feel teremdous pressure to release. This is required for the training and bear with it as much as you can. Please also urinate and empty your bowel before you begin.

Doing The Full Enema
Once you completed the training, completing the full enema becomes easier. Get ready a big plastic bag, the size of the opening is big enough to cover your whole buttock. This is the catch the oozing coffee in case you cannot hold. Once the coffee is completely administered, you lye on the the right side for a full 15 minutes for the coffee to take effect. During this time you will experience spasm and also pressure to release. Because of your earlier training, you will not release and you should be able to complete the full 15 minutes without any coffee escaping. Once your 15 minutes is up, then go and sit in the toilet bowl and release. Your toilet will be clean, not the dirty and smelly ones that I read that was experienced by some Gerson patients.

Other Information
If you are doing frequently enemas like me, consider buying KY lubricant. Inserting the small tube through the anus frequently, can cause soreness and can also be painful. Apply just a little drop (size of a soya bean) to the tip of the tube before you insert. Applying too much would cause the tube to slide out during the coffee administration.

When I first started, I did the coffee enema sitting for almost two months. What I noticed was that after one month, did not see any further improvement. Some pain on my neck which was gone earlier came back. The discharge is not smelly any more. According to The Coffee Enema Booklet, there are good reasons why it should be done lying on your right position. Follow it. I have been doing this for two days now. The discharge is really smelly now and I am getting some flare-up. Pain in the neck is fading.

You may also want to listen to some soothing music when doing enema. Also make sure the floor is adequately paded with soft sponge for your own comfort.

It works for me and I hope it also works for you too.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Your Recommendation Can Kill

I would like to devote some space to something that has been in my heart for sometime now. Don't get me wrong and don't get offended in what I have to say. I think this is important. First let me declare that all friends have your interest at heart. When I first informed my friends about my tumor, many were concerned and in the process I also received many suggestions and recommendations.

Now you as friends should be aware of your responsibility. When a person is suffering from cancer, he or she is in a very difficult situation and most likely may not be thinking straight. Rightly or wrongly, we have been brough up to the fact the cancer is not cureable and most cancers patients will eventually die. Under such circumstances, cancer patients are very desperate people. This is where your good intentions may back fire. You sent email about this and that cure to the person. You heard about faith healers and good doctors that have managed to cure this and that dieases. You wanted to help your friend very much. Most important of all, you did not and possibly have no time to verify the stories. What happens if your friend takes up your recommendation for which you have not investigated? You may argue that it is up to the cancer patient to verify but do you really think that friend of yours is in a position to do so? YOU SHOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYTHING UNLESS YOU ARE SURE OF SOME CLINICAL SUCCESS AND HAVE DONE THE INVESTIGATIONS. OTHERWISE YOU ARE SENDING YOUR FRIEND TO DIE! These may be strong words but I cannot emphaise enough.

Just to relate to a case I mentiond in my blog before. My ex-colleague's father in law was suffering stomach cancer and it was at Stage 3 when it was discovered. After some conventional treatment for two months, the cancer developed to Stage 4. During this time he was recommended to go vegetarian but can have fish as part of the diet. He and the family became desperate and a friend recommended this "doctor" and the "doctor" says he CAN be cured. The wife was very desperate and thereafter decided to proceed. Of course he died three months later. Did you see the problems with the recommendations i.e. first on the diet and secondly on the doctor? What have you done? As related by my friend is this. Cancer patients cling on hope of your recommendation. When that does not work, the will to live deteriorates so much so the person is not willing to put up another hope on another treatment.

This is not to say you are not in a position to help. Before you help, make sure you know what you are taking about. Check out the story first. Don't have the time, then don't do it.

Health Status @ 21 November 2009

From this week onwards, I will do a weekly summary of my health status. I will give some details of my tumor, the treatment that I have taking, any reaction and flare-ups and the health status.

Tumor mass of size of about 13cm on the right kidney and 21 over nodes all over my left and right lungs with one up to 3cm in size. Possibly also spread to the liver.

First detected on 11 September 2009 through CT Scan. Subsequent CT scan on 24 October 2009 showed a slight improvement and possibly no growth.

Consulted four urologist (one in Singapore and three in Malaysia) and two oncologist (one in Malaysia and one in Singapore). Both oncologist suggested removal of right kidney. Singapore urologist also suggested removal of kidney. The three uronogist do not recommend surgery or chemotherapy. The last urologist consulted said most of his patients died within six months of surgery while two on the experimental drug Sutent is not responding. All agree that is no cure for the moment.

Schedule for next scan is in January 2010.

Treatment Undertaking
a. Modified Gerson Therapy
a1. Coffee Enema
Initially, four times a day for four weeks, every four hours apart. Subsequently three times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening for 15 minutes.

Started the enema on a sitting position but results stopped after about one month. Now is done by lying on the right of the body as recommended by the Gerson therapy.

a2. Nutrition Diet
All fruits and vegetables mentioned are organic.
i. Juicing - 10 fruit and vegetables juices a day begining around 7am and ending 7pm. First juice is either 40% ripe papaya (with skin) or green apple, then alternating between carrot+apple and vegetables (mainly lettuce) and ending with carrot juice.
2. Diet - No oil, no sugar and no salt on all cooking. For breakfast and supper, maily oats with some raisins, sometimes a little manuka honey is added. For lunch and dinner, vegetables such as Siew Pak Choy, Lettuce, lady's fingers, califlower, broccoli and spinach are mainly steamed or boiled. K-salt is added for flavouring. A teaspoon of flaxseed oil is added when serving (but not during cooking). Somali organic brown rice is consumed and sometime potatoes are also used. ABC or hypocrates soup are also prepared but not everyday.
3. Supplements - K-salt, naicin, kelp (for iodine), Q10 and Ohhira mountain fruits extract
4. Others - Rye bread, papaya and banana are consumed at regular intervals.

Initial reaction to the Gerson therapy was severe loss of weight within three weeks. This was possibly due to my own fault for not juicing and eating enough during the first three weeks. I did not follow the therapy closely. Weight is now stabalised and have settled down to a routine.

b. Homeopathy Medicine
Consulting Doctor: DR AU Ramakrishnan MBBS,PhD, Chenni, India (
Local Consultant: Vishuddi Lee
Treatment Started: 6 November 2009. Next appointment is on 7 January 2010.
Consulting: Once every two months in Singapore
Medication Given : Phosphorus and Carsinosin (alternating between weekly), morning and evening tablet.
Reaction: Heatiness around the face and body for a shot period of time in the morning after taking morning tablet. Mouth ulcers and now slight sort throat. These are transient reaction.

c. Urine Therapy
Drink the first urine of the day.

Health Status
Other that the initial weight loss, no visible side effects or symptoms detected to date. Not as strong as before, susceptible to cold. Easy get tied when lefting heavy stuffs but no problems climbing a few flight of stairs. Energy level is strong and spirits is high.

Fever is gone and mouth ulcers seems to be subsiding. However, got some sort throat this morning.

Alive and kicking and raring to go each morning.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Week of Awakening

My fever is gone but I noticed I had more pimples around my nose area like those days when I was 18 years old! My body is definitely reacting to the homeopathy treatment.

Today when I did me coffee enema, I did it lying down on the right position. My observation is that it is easier to do on the lying position. This is because there is less gravitational pressure on the 8 oz or 1 liter of coffee in the rectum. While there was two or three spasm during the 15 minutes, there was no pressure of release as compared to the sitting position. I would lie down for the full 15 minutes and when time up, I would then sit at the toilet bowl to empty the coffee and feces. Another observation is that the feces discharged is smelly as compared to the sitting position. I will know for sure if this position give me better results when the current pain around my neck and shoulder goes away.

My trip to Cameron Highlands tells me that my body is much weaker than I thought. There was a slight drizzle and windy but I felt the coldness. I can stand extreme cold but those days were in the past. This is an important lesson for my pilgrimage trip to India on 17 December. Now I know how much winter clothing I will have to bring and wear. My non Buddhist friend, please bear with me for a while as I need to share a little about the pilgrimage. I am not trying to convert you. In Buddhism, you embrace it when the time is right just like the durian would automatically fall from the tree when it is ripe. Perhaps some inter-faith understanding (I do read the Bible you know). Every Buddhist as in other religions should try and perform one pilgrimage in his or her lifetime. When I first found out about this diease, I was worried I would not live and when drawing my bucket list (a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket), the first item on the list was the pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place as an act of faith and devotion. In Buddhism, there are at least four places that must be visited, namely Lumbini (now in Nepal, the place where Buddha was born), Bodhgaya (the place where Buddha gain his enlightnment), Saranath (the place where Buddha first preach his sermon) and Kusinara (the place where Buddha passed into Nibanna or Nirvana). The pilgrimage trip is a self guided tour with much of the time spent on the trains and sleeping in the monasteries. Only on two occasions will we be sleeping in 2-3 star hotels (in Lumbini and in Varanasi). Varanasi is along the Ganges and not part of the Buddhist pilgrimage but it is a place not to be missed as well. During the 9 days of pilgrimage, the whole group (my wife and 3 daughters) will be on vegerarian diet and observing the 5 precepts. The five precepts are refrain from killing, refrain from stealing, refrain from sexual misconduct, refrain from uttering lies and refrain from intoxication. According to the scriptures, the four holy places will arouse awareness and apprehension of the nature of impermanance and aid in our development of meditation besides generating positing karma or merits. This is part of my spiritual therapy. I got quite resonable fares (all in RM2,800 for 5 pax including food, insurance and luggage space) for the whole family during the initial launch of the Kolkata destination by Airasia. Excluding hotels, another RM600 was spent on train fares for the whole journey. Food and lodging should not be expensive and possibly comes to no more than RM1,000 and another RM600 as contingecies. All in only RM1,000 per head. I will blog my travels so that those who wish to take similar path can also follow. Please note that privately organised guided tours (for 11-13 days) cost at least RM3,800 per head.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coffee Enema Revisited

When I first started the coffee enema, I was reading an abridged version of how to do the coffee enema. Although the coffee enema has brougt me some benefits, I think I have reached a road block. The previous pain around my neck and shoulders although has gone earlier is begining to make a comeback, tough not as painful as before.

On Tuesday I went to Newlife to replenish my organic coffee and I had a chat with the customer service personnel. I had wanted to know if they sell a plastic bag purposely made for coffee enema. Thereafter another customer, a women of middle age offered some advice. I told her I don't do my coffee enema sleeping and she joked if I did it standing. Actually, I told her after the coffee has completely entered the rectum, I would sit on the toilet bowl for 15 minutes and thereafter discharge the coffee. She said that was OK. I got some good results in the begining but I don't think I am getting more benefits. I had earlier noted pains around my neck and shoulder area and the coffee enema is not helping. So I thought I must have not followed the procedure properly.

This time, I took The Little Enema Book For Those on the Gerson Therapy to read. That 35 page booklet contains many important technical information about how coffee enema works (with diagrams, etc) and also how to do a proper enema. Apparently, coffee enema is best done lying on the right side because the caffeine in the enema is absorbed by the haemorrhoidul veins which are part of the rectal plexus of veins. No wonder I am not getting further results because of my sitting position. Also, I did not experience some of the flare-up that was supposed to happen. I believe now I know why.

So from tomorrow onwards, I will do my coffee enema lying down. This means more work. I need to have a soft support for my body and also to keep my body warm. I have found a large plastic sheet which will be used to contain the excretion of the coffee and urea. This is extremely important as I found out at the Gerson Clinics, the excertion is so powerful it will splash on the entire bathroom. The only way to restore back the bathroom is to do a new paint job! I had also seen a picture of a bathroom of a guy doing coffee enema in Chiangmai. The whole bathroom was brownish in color, walls and floor. Having a plastic back to contain the excertion would make cleaning easier.

Someone once wrote me an email and suggested I should do only one enema a day. I believe the answer to how many would depends on the person and the stage of his or her disease. When I went to Cameron, I did not do any coffee enema for the day and immediately I felt my body sort of complained. Today when I did my enema at 4pm, it was difficult and the urea was extremely smelly. Basically when I have pains, I will do coffee enema. It seems to have a therapeutic effect. Coffee enema can be done day and night and as frequent as 2 hours apart. However, the person must take back some fluids like juices to ensure the electrolyte balance in the body is maintained. The exception is for someone who has done chemotherapy may have to wait for six to nine months before starting coffee enema to a max of three times a day. For some other diesease like ulcerative colltis and colostomy patients, there are also exception. It's best to read the Little Enema book to get proper guidance.

My fever seems to be subsiding. I did not take any medication for the fever or the mouth ulcers. I want it to heal naturally. My wife noticed on my face some small pimples around the mouth area. I think this is a natural reaction to the homeopathy treatment. My stomach is also feeling a little bloated and yet I am feeling hungry! Guess, I will have oats for supper then.

Cameron Highland's Trip

I left for Cameron Highland early Wednesday morning 18 November at about 7am. The drive to Cameron will take approximately 3 hours. As it was a working day, traffic was smooth but there was a speed trap just before the Bidor exit. As I was not in any hurry, I was driving between 100kph and 110kph so was not caught for speeding. Along the way, there were flashing on the other side but somehow some drivers are not too bothered about the warning and hence got caught.

After a stop at Bidor with breakfast for my youngest daughter, Wai Ling we continued out journey and arrived at the Royal Lily apartment at Tanah Rata at about 11am. As the walk-up apartment was on the 2nd floor, I brough around a rope to hoist the vegetables and other stuffs that I need to for use without having to climb the stairs. After installing the juicer, I began the first juice for the day. I noticed the water quality (not the it is brownish) is not so good. The water seems to contain wax or some sort of sticky stuff so that after washing, you feel some stickness on your hands. It's like some apples that is throughly waxed. After washing the vegetables, I noted the stickness is also on the vegetables. This is not good and I don't think the water is suitable for washing vegetables and fruits. I bought with me 22 liters of alkaline and 11 liters of distilled water. I had to use that for washing instead.

Around 5pm, I took my bath and I think because of the rain, the temperature was a little low, I got a chill. I was feeling extremely cold and was having two blankets to get some warmth back. I just could not do my coffee enema. I had a decision to make. To stay for the night or leave the next day of drive back immediately after dinner about 8pm. I am quite used to driving to Cameron in the night. Previously I used to start my journey at 8pm arriving in Cameron past midnight with a supper stop in between. Since I was feeling cold and the night was raining, I decided to say for the night and leave the next morning. Before I left the next day, I visited the one shop at MDCH10, Brinchang to see what kinds of organic vegetables are being sold. To my disappointment, I could not find that shop. They must have shifted but I got no time to look around. I thought I will check on the Internet again for the new address.

By the time I finished packing (including packing apple+carrot juices for later drinkig) and preparing some meals to eat along the road back to Kuala Lumpur, it was almost 11am. It started to drizzle a little but the weather held. The drive down the highland was smooth and I reach home safely around 2.30pm. Again, just before the Tapah rest area, there was another speed trap. As I just entered the highway from the Tapah interchange, I was spared. I had plan to travel a little faster this time at about 120kph and luckly the speed trap was not further down. An express bus was possibly driving around 120kph passed me and was caught be a traffic police patrolling along the highway. I can tell you that all the express buses are moving faster than me. No wonder when they are involved in accidents, the death tolls are high.

I was not feeling very well as I think I have a case of slight fever. There were also ulcers on my mouth and tip of the tongue making it very difficult to eat. My homeopathy practitioner told me that this is a positive reaction of the healing. There is no need to take any medication. I also noiced some pimples on my face! The last I had pimples was around 18 years of age and that was many moons ago. I also noticed that my stools are quite hard. This means the body is "heaty". This is a reaction of a phosphorus character. I guess I will have to live with it for a week or so.

Cosmic Energy

Thanks to a friend and ex-colleague, JC I was introduced to cosmic energy healing. The Puchong Group which is based at 14th Mile, MCA Puchong Branch meets every Tuesday evening from 8.30pm onwards for the purpose of providing free healing to anyone. I was introduced to a senior Master Jason.

On 17 November 2009, the session was almost cancelled due to the continuous rain but at around 8.30pm Master Jason called and said the rain has stopped and the center will be proving healing service. After arriving to the center, I noted that were five (three seniors and two juniors) Masters who were on hand to provide the healing service. However, due to the nature of my sickness, I will be treated last as the three seniors needs to form a triangle around me to provide complete energy transfer. Master Jason explained that eveybody is born with natural healing powers. However, as one grows older, the healing powers are lost and as a result the body may not be able to heal itself properly.

The Masters have to go trough formal traning lessons to learn the technique. First, the Grandmaster will "open" their chakras to enable the energy to flow. With proper training, the students will then learn how to harness the energy for self healing and also to "transfer" the energy to a sick person to improve his or her healing. After explaining the procedure, Master Jason asked to sit on a stool and the three senior Masters forming a triangle and begin a seiors of hand movements. I was asked to breath in and out three times before the procedure began. I closed my eyes and began to meditate. Once the opening movements was over, the Masters using their fingers began to touch my left and right hand while Master Jason was touching my back. There was accompaning music and instructions in Mandarin. I felt a warm feeling and after about 15 minutes, the first session ended and the Masters stopped to recharge their energy. A subsequent therapy was then performed and this also lastered about 15 minutes. Finally, another lady, the most senior of the healers came to access my situation. She walk aound me with a series of hand movements and the procedue lasted about 5 minutes when she said it's complete. I was told to drink water and relax a little bit before driving home.

I do not know what to make of it yet at this moment. Judging from the steady flow of old people, I believe the healing must helped somewhat. It's too early to tell and I was asked to come back next Tuesday to continue. I was also informed about a case wherein a man who had cancer also had the cosmic energy treatment. Apparently he did not make it by he left in a peaceful manner. I also do not know what other therapies the man took. Just before I lest, MAster Jason told me that their Grandmaster will be conducting a lesson this Sunday at Chinese Assembly Hall and he will ask her if she is willing to "open" my chakras for me. I was asked to be on standby ion case she consents. I was told that would help in the healing teremdously.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cameron Highlands, Here I Come!

Now that my condition has stabilised, I am thinking of checking out Cameron Highland as an alternative place to spend sometime there as my homeopathy practitioner said it would help. I like the highland's cool weather and laid back atmosphere. I had always wanted to retire at Cameron and now it's a good time to try out if that place is suitable for me. Sometimes the place you like when you are on holiday may not be the same place you want for everyday living. Still this is an opportunity not to miss. I plan to go there this Wednesday and come back on Friday early evening or Saturday early morning.

I will be spending only three days this time. The main reason is that I have not found a place where I can buy organic vegetables and fruits. I think getting vegetables may not be a problem as I found out there is one organic shop cum restaurant in Brinchang but getting organic apples and maybe carrots may be a problem. So what I am doing this round is just to bring 3 days supply up there to check out the place. Although I have been visiting Cameron for the past 25 years, at least once each year, I was not into organic stuffs until now. The next challenge is doing coffee enema in Cameron. With the average day and night time temperature of 23°C and 10°C respectively, the wet bathroom floor can be really cold like a slab of ice. I will have to bring a plank with some towel padding to rest on.

Tomorrow night, I will pay a visit to the Puchong chapter of the cosmic energy group. This group give free cosmic healing to people every Tuesday, 8.30pm at MCA Puchong Branch. I will try and learn as much as possible what this cosmic energy is all about and how it can help in my existing therapies. I will also join the Qigong class this Saturday from 4pm to 6pm at Lick Hung School.

My present therapies will continue and I will perform another CT scan around the middle of January 2010 to access the situation. I believe if my present condition prevails, then the outcome should not be worst off than the condition now but may see some regression.

I do not have Internet access at Cameron Highland but I will try and upload to my blog, hopefully on a daily basis.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Peaceful Weekend

If you noticed, I am not counting my days now and the reason is obvious. Still I will attempt to post everyday.

I have been following the Gerson therapy for more than 6 weeks now. I must admit that it is not that easy to follow. Preparing all the work for detoxing, cooking, juicing, marketing for vegetables and running errands in between is really not easy work. Coupled with taking the homeopathy medicine during which time no food is allowed for the period of 2 hrs 30 minutes has made the timetable more difficult to follow.

Anyway I have settled to a routine which is why sometimes I cannot meet friends in between. Eating with no sugar, no salt and no oil diet can really be difficult. I have been experimenting on how to make the vegetables taste better and thanks to the visit from Susan (I think) from Vancouver, I have access to some ready made recipes to follow at her site ( and also at

Making Rye Bread
Earlier I was trying to to make rye bread but failed after three tries. The main problem was that the bread would not rise. My ingredients are 500gm organic rye, 2 tablespoon of yeast, 300ml of distilled water and some raisins. I did not use any wheat flour. After mixing, allow it to raise for 1.5 hours then press the dough down and let it raise a second time for 30 minutes. Then bake or steam.

This week, I will try to make the rye bread again. I will add some other ingredients like some wheat flour and molasses to it. Having rye bread is very handy especially when I am traveling. I can have access to easy food.

I am starting my second week of homeopathy medication. the last three days I had some reaction in the morning after taking the morning medication. The sensation is hot around the face and then shoulder and the arms and thighs. I also noticed some pimple like formation on my arms. Dr Rama said this is a transient phenomena that can be ignored.

I quit my job a month ago and guess what? I received two calls from headhunters asking me to attend interviews of which one potential employer even had me pre-qualified. I did not had this luck six months ago. Sigh...

Friday, November 13, 2009

A New Beginning

In the beginning...
When I first started the blog, the title I have used is the date of the day. This is because after I got news from my allopathic doctors (seen two urologists), I was given as no hope except for miracle to happen. Even when I asked one of the doctor how much time I had left, he kept quiet. So I gave myself 6 months to a year. I was thinking I may not be able to blog for long and maybe bed ridden and hence counting my days. That was the past and now all that has changed. I am feeling much better and stronger as each days passes. This is a new beginning for me.

This morning, I had a reaction. First I felt a hotness around my face (the sensation is similar to when you cut chili and accidentally touch you face before washing your hands) and then it traveled to my shoulders, arms and subsequently thighs. The sensation was on for about 10 minutes and then it disappeared. Actually I felt the hotness in my face yesterday night but I did not pay much attention. My homeopathy practitioner says it is a good reaction.

I met the urologist at Pantai Hospital this morning. He feels that the kidney operations would not benefit me much and in fact would severely weakened my body. It is highly unlikely to be able to do the keyhole surgery and most probably will be the full blown operation. I will be bed ridden for at least two weeks and full recovery may take more than 4 months. Previously he has been quite aggressive by recommending his patients with similar problem as mine to operate but most of them died within 6 months of surgery. The quality of life deteriorates and most lose their appetite and died within a month after that. He changed his strategy a bit and will now operate only if the patient takes the experimental drug therapy Sutent. So far he has two patients on the therapy but both are not responding and now waiting for time only. He recommend that I do not take any surgery for the moment. I fully agree.

There is something I want to share with you. In Sun Tzu's Art of War, he says "Put the army in the face of death where there is no escape, they will not flee or be afraid - there is nothing they cannot achieve". According to analysts, this was proven during Sun Tzu's war with the Chu state (his soldiers were outnumbered by 1:10) and again used in the Second World War in the D Day where the American soldiers were put in a situation there they have no escape but to fight in the Battle of Normandy. That was the turning point of the war. Perhaps that's why when cancer patients are told they have no hope, many survived. This is our miracle cure. It starts with us.

Additional Therapies

Now that my main therapies are all in placed, I need to see what further things I can do to improve my situation further. I was watching the Horizon documentary Everest Doctors in the Death Zone. The doctors found that the all critical illness patients in intensive care die due to lack of oxygen in their blood, a condition which the doctors call hypoxia. Cancer patients are also in this group. That documentary, the intensive care specialist decided to find the answers to hypoxia by putting their own bodies and subject it to low levels of oxygen by carrying out a series of experiments at Camp 4 of Everest. Cancer grows in an anaerobic environment but will die if there is sufficient oxygen. Besides my morning walk and breathing exercise, I need to have more systematic and effective way of boosting oxygen levels in my blood.

There are two exercises I am now considering. The first is Qigong, a powerful system of self healing energy. I am now looking for some master to learn from then so that I can practice every morning.

Cosmic Energy
The other is something new to me but was introduced to me by my ex-colleague, Kian Beng and is wife JC. I will write more on this once I have more information.

I am thinking of spending two weeks or so in Cameron as higher altitude have negative ions and the weather are good for me. I have to check if they have supply of organic vegetables or not. But doing coffee enema will be a challenge, especially at night because of the cold weather.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 November 2009

I have been feeling very good of late. I can communicate and understand much better with my own body. This is important because you are dealing with a life and death situation. So you must know how to respond when your body tells you something is not right from the food you took. I think my routine has stabilised and this contributes to energy levels. From my family point of view, the disease has brought the family closer together. My two sisters and brother is now spending more time with my parents. I think we had drifted apart when all of us were married, moved out and have our own problems and families to take care.

I will now continue with part 2 of my treatment.

2. Modified Gerson Therapy (continued)
c. Detox

I started with coffee enema detox. Initially I had planned 5 a day but found it quite a challenge to follow and ended up doing four a day for about 2 weeks in the beginning. I subsequently reduced it to three time a week. I had wanted to alternate between coffee enema with castor oil and have not found a way to administer the castor oil while lying down. I found the first coffee enema of the day to be most difficult especially if you have not had bowel movement.

The coffee enema had proved to be quite good for me. After 30 years of pain around my shoulder and neck, the pain has subsided and the muscle around the shoulder has now become more tender and not painful when pressed upon. I don't have to go for massages anymore. However, when I started taking the apricot seeds, a little pain came back around the neck and shoulder. I am not sure if the two are co-related or not. Despite stopping to eat the seeds for over a week now, the pain is still lingering on, so I guess I will just have to continue with my detox in the hope that it will subside over a period of time.

d. Supplements
I try and take as many of the supplements recommended by Gerson but some of them cannot be purchased at pharmacies. I also tried to order from the Internet and some of them would not supply to Malaysia, especially on vitamin B17.

The supplements that I am taking include Ohhira mountain fruits extract, Q10 coenzyme, kelp, naicin, k-salt and wheat grass.

3. Homeopathy Medicine
My homeopathy medicine that was prescribed to me by Dr Ramakrishnan will last for two months. This treatment is to supplement what I cannot do in the Gerson treatment and both the treatment are complementary and does not clash with each other. Homeopathy therapy does not prescribe any dietary requirements and it is left to the individual to decide.

I believe with both therapies, I would be able to control the tumors much better.

4. Spiritual Therapy
My current tumor could possibly be traced back to year 1999 when I had my "mid life crisis". I was then working in a American Insurance Company as an AVP of Finance. The was so much politics in the workplace that I find it unbearable and just resigned to go freelance. Freelance although gave me the flexibility but found the income unstable and became depressed for a short period of time. I started soul searching, visited some mountains and monasteries in Nepal. Although I am a Buddhist from birth, I did not know anything about Buddhism. Until 1999, I had been once a year Buddhist and placed very time on spiritual aspects for myself. Having worked and understand the world better, I need to understand why I am in such a predicament? I revisited Buddhism and found my answers and from then on pour over hundreds of books and scriptures. In Buddhism, the most difficult part is not the books or the believe system but the practice. So my friends, I have found my salvation in Buddhism and spiritually fulfilled. So there is no need to worry for me.

I am planning to carry out my pilgrimage to India and Nepal in mid December 2009 to strengthen my faith in Buddhism and I believe this will aid my recovery faster. The travel arrangements have been made.

5. Surgery
My urologist and oncologist in Singapore both suggested that I remove my kidney tumor to help the body. My homeopathy doctor also recommended me to consider provided there are no complications. My main worry is that the body may also become weaker. Although the doctors said the tumor could spread to other areas if not removed, the cancer cells is already in the bloodstream and it has been shown that cancer patients who had taken surgery do see the re-emergence of the tumor elsewhere. My KL oncologist warned that this could happen.

Tomorrow, I will be talking to a urologist at Pantai Hospital to talk about the operation using the pinhole method. This method would allow me to recover quicker. The other consideration is when to take the operation. My preference is to have it in early January 2010. The other option is possibly next week itself. I am hoping that my present therapies would show some results by December 2009 and do another scan in late December to see if the tumor has stopped growing or better still regress a bit. If that happens, then I may not need to do the operation all together. This may be wishful thinking but I have read many testimonies of such happenings.

The above concludes the main therapies that I am taking. Based on my current condition, I believe I have found the right formulae and will continue to monitor on a daily basis for changes in my body.

The next stage now is how to further improve on the present condition. There are a few things I want to do and will write them in tomorrow's blog.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11 November 2009

I had expected my mother to feel sad for a couple of days but when my youngest daughter Wai Ling told me that she has been crying the last two days, I thought I better have a word with her. First I plan to have her visit a temple in Chinatown to make some offering that would possible appease her. On the way to the temple, I asked her why she felt so sad? She said what has she done wrong for the God to punish her. I told her that according to the Buddhist scriptures on karma, she has done nothing wrong. That's why she cannot find anything wrong. Instead, the wrong was committed by me and I have to pay it back in this or future life. It may have been a wrong in my last life and/or it could also be my own undoing because of the food that I took in my present life. Everybody reaps the karma as they sow. I told her now that I understand the workings of karma, it's better I pay of my debts during this life. I said that she should be happy because her son is still able to get around and take care of himself. The therapy that I am taking is showing some progress and I should be able to overcome this big huddle of life. I think she felt relieved and became happier.

Today is also exactly two months after I discovered my tumor. Two months is actually a long time for cancer patients because when you have cancer, the doctors normally tell you how many month you have left to live. I feel great and there has not been any major symptoms development. Some of those problems that I am facing could be flare-ups but I am not sure. I am going to review the treatment that I have done to date. Somethings I did was good but some was not so good.

1. Urine therapy
I know many of you will be laughing and turned off by this therapy. I can assure you that your own urine is very safe for consumption. I started this therapy within a week or about 18 September after I discovered the tumor. The first urine in the morning is the most potent and that's why I drink the morning urine. When drinking your own urine, especially in the beginning, you may want to have a cup of water with you. When drinking, it is better not to breath and complete the drinking at one go. Then wash it down with the drinking water and brush your teeth immediately. Your urine will continue to taste "better" and bitter when you move to a fully vegetarian diet.

You can Google for the benefits of urine therapy but this is what actually happened to me. Within the first week of the therapy I had bowel movements about 3 to 4 times a day for 7 days in a row. I think it really emptied my intestines because some of the things that came out was blackish and really smelly. Bowel movement became normal after that. By the third week, I noticed pinkish on my cheeks and my skin, especially on the face began to feel softer and smoother. The roughness is all gone!

2. Modified Gerson therapy
a. Gerson Diet
When you first go into the Gerson therapy, most likely you will lose weight. I also understand from my friends who went vegetarian, they also lost weight. For cancer patients, losing weight is a very bad sign. Even when I started the Gerson therapy, I was overweight at 80 kgs and within three weeks on the Gerson diet, I lost 8 kgs. My teacher for the Gerson diet was the books written by Dr Max Gerson's A cancer Therapy and Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker's The Gerson Therapy. Of course I panic. Even at 72kgs (I'm 169cm in height), according to my BMI I am considered overweight but I am having cancer. I cannot afford to lose weight so quickly!

I think I did some things wrongly. Firstly, when I started (on third week after tumor discovery), I did not even have a juicer! I was looking for one but could not find the recommended one. So I was not drinking any fruit and vegetable juices. I spend much of my afternoon taking naps. I only switched to organic vegetarian diet. I realised this is not good. I was feeling very weak in energy levels and always hungry. My wife was furious about my decision to look for the best juicer. She told me to quickly get one so that I can start right away. The reason is to ensure that the body does not deteriorate. Point taken and I found the Power Green juicer from Korea, marketed as Samson brand in USA and Singapore. When I started to juice hourly, my energy level immediately improved, less sleepy (does not take afternoon naps anymore), less hungry and my weight started to stabilise.

The second mistake was that I took too little organic brown rice. The Gerson therapy recommended potatoes (possibly tailored for Western diet) for which I modified and substituted with organic brown rice. The vegetables which I took earlier was steamed (Gerson recommended a different way of preparing) which was crunchy but a bit hard to eat. I then had it boiled with a little water instead. The vegetables became softer and easier to eat. I began to eat more. In between I also took fruits like organic bananas, papayas, raw corn, boiled potatoes, rye bread, oats and sweet potatoes. When on vegetarian diet, the person always feel hungry. That's why I am trying to make rye bread (with raisins) so that I can have it anytime I feel hungry. There was also two days when I panic and ate fish for lunch after I lost weight. I thought I was not getting enough protein but that was a big mistake. Realising it on the third day, I stopped immediately.

b) Fruits and vegetables Juicing
Getting organic fruits and vegetables in Malaysia is expensive. Some fruits and vegetables are imported from Australia, New Zealand and USA. As a results, apples and oranges can costs RM15 - 25 a kilo depending on where you buy them. I may want to try other sources. Alternating between carrot, apple/carrot and vegetables juices throughout the day. Sometimes I end my last juicing till 10pm and this is not so good. This is because after every juice drinking, it will be followed by urination. If you end your juicing late, it also means waking up in the middle of the night to urinate and this can disturb your sleep. So, I am now starting earlier and hope to end the last juicing by 8pm latest.

After reading Philip Day's book CANCER Why We're Still Dying To Know the Truth, I followed one of its recommendation to take 6 apricot seeds every hour or about 50-60 seeds a day. I had wanted the laetrile or vitamin B17. This was also a mistake. I noticed changes in my body such as pain around the ribs, arm pits and thighs. This is because there are too much protein and oil in the seeds. I quickly stopped it and the pain subsided. The Gerson therapy also recommends consumption of laetrile but is best obtained directly from tablet form but it is not sold in Malaysia. Will have to find other ways of getting this supplement.

I will continue the rest in tomorrow's blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 November 2009

The following is a summary of treatment that I am taking:

1. Urine therapy - drinking of one's own morning urine once a day.
2. Modified Gerson therapy - using 2 to 3 coffee (alternate with castor oil) detox and 10 fruit and vegetable juices per day
3. Supplements - K-salt, wheat grass, Q10, Ohhira Mountain fruits extract (soon to add kelp & naicin).
4. Homeopathy treatment - to stabilise and reduce the tumors over a period of time
5. Removal of kidney tumor by surgery - recommended by doctors to assist the body in healing faster.
6. Diet - vegetarian consisting of organic brown rice, vegetables and fruits. No salt, no sugar and no oil.
7. Water - Alkaline water dispenser
8. Duration of therapy - 24 months, after that period when conditions stabilised, a modified version is a possibility in 18 months time.
9. Spiritual and Friends - Almost forgot! Spiritual therapy is very important and also not forgetting your friends and family's support!

As you can see, I am taking a mixed approaches of allopathic (surgery) and alternative treatment. The main reasons for these approach are a) under the current medical field, allopathic medicine is not able to cure the disease (renal cell carcinoma) yet and b) alternative medicine seems of have better results for such cases. Recently, my ex-colleague Quah told me that his cousin sister's husband who had cancer had just lost his hearing after doing the chemo. That's why chemo is never an option for me. Today I had some good news when I met Yap, my Saudi Arabian ex-colleague just before he is to fly back to Saudi tomorrow. He told me that his sister-in-law's father who is having similar problem as me from Tangkak, Johore is following a therapy similar to Gerson. He has been on it for 3 years now. Although the tumor did not grow neither did it shrunk. He is fit enough to go back to work and even gain some weight back. The place that is offering advice is Persatuan Pengusaha Herba, No. 85, Jalan Seri Setali 1, Taman Air Putih Jaya, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang. It's a non-profit organisation and their charges are very reasonable for those who need guidance. You can also visit this health spa in Malacca for some cancer treatment (

I repeat. Before deciding on your treatment, you MUST talk to the allopathic doctors (such as the oncologist and specific organ specialists) and you must read available alternative medicine treatments. Do not just based your decision on some emails, listen to cancer talks, just my blog, etc. You MUST read and satisfy yourself. When selecting a therapy that has been recommended by anyone, ask this question "How many cancer patients have you healed with this advice?". Before deciding, you must also ensure you can stick to your chosen therapy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

9 November 2009

The main key point of Homeopathy is the principle of similars (or "like cures like") is a central homeopathic principle. The principle states that a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people. Because of this, many people are not comfortable with the concepts of homeopathy as a number of its key concepts are not consistent with the current understanding of science, particularly chemistry and physics.

Because of this, homeopathy is treated by allopathic trained doctors as quackery. Therefore, it may comes a surprise to many why I have chosen this method over say Ayurveda or traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which have been in used for more that a few thousand years. Although cancer is not a modern disease, from statistics, it has been shown that cancer mainly afflict the wealthier nations. This is due to the richer animal protein food intake. A number of allopathic trained homeopathic doctors started recording their trials and subsequent published their treatment in books so that the homeopathic community will have wider sources of references for cancer treatment. Therefore the most important selection criteria for me is not just how long that method has been in used but more importantly the experience of the practitioner. For example the Gerson therapy and Dr Rama's homeopathy treatment has gone through many clinical trials (not just one but in the thousands - both with successes and failures) and although may not fulfill the scientific criteria to be considered as valid or acceptable by the academic community, I have faith in their methodology. This is not to say there are no Ayurveda or TCM practitioners able to cure cancer, it just that I may not have the opportunity to read them (actually I did read some work of doctors on TCM). It is important to understand the treatment that you intent to take and then believe that it will be helpful. If you have doubts, then the treatment will not work. If you have cancer, you cannot afford to go on trial basis and wait to see if you respond to the treatment. This means you cannot allow the practitioner to experiment on you. A mere two months would put a Stage 3 patient to Stage 4 status. And by another three months, the patient would most likely to be dead. Remember, a life is at stake. Some people just don't understand this, maybe because it is not their life that is at stake.

Of course, this does not mean my therapy will be 100% successful. I don't know who can give that kind of guarantee. However, I do know that if the practitioner has many years of successful treatment of a few thousand patients, and have documented his work, that would be sufficient for me. Let me share with you how this homeopathic treatment for me works. After assessment and understanding of my personality and character, I was diagnosed as having a phosphorus character. In homeopathy, there is no direct medicine for cancer. Instead, the medicine that will heal the cancer is the mineral element that best represent the traits of the patient. For me, it starts of with the taking of phosphorus mineral. The phosphorus that I will be consuming has been diluted to very low levels that if you test for the existence of the mineral, it would almost be negligible or not found. Homeopathy uses the concept of plussing a remedy. Basically this involves shaking or agitating a homeopathic remedy dissolved in water. With liquid remedies, doing this changes the potency slightly so that the risk of aggravations caused by the remedy (side effects) is minimized. Dr. Ramakrishnan's "Plussing Method" involves agitating the remedy before each dose (one dose is one tablespoon), according to the classical method. His "plussing method" also involves preparing 11 does but taking ten doses a day at ten or fifteen minute intervals, which is an innovation in homeopathic methodology. After completion of 10 doses, the balance of one dose will be carried forward to the next day. On the next day, I will add 10 teaspoons of distilled water only (but no phosphorus) to the existing one dose. Again, 10 doses will be taken for the day leaving one behind for the next day and the process repeats. The cycle stops are one week. His justification for multiplying the daily doses makes sense: that cancer is such a well-entrenched disease with such a threatening time-line that waiting and watching between doses as homeopaths generally do is not a viable strategy. His administration of the doses so close together effectively turns them into one prolonged dose of medicine, amplifying its strength and effect.

In addition to phosphorus (to be consumed on week 1, 3, 5 & 7), I was also given carcinosin for week 2, 4, 6 and 8. Luckily I had a homeopathic practitioner friend that came along to explain the methods to me. I was also given additional supplements for the morning and the evening, two different courses for the next two months. I am sure by now, you will be wondering what's going on and whether I made my choice correctly. I tell you this. I am betting my life on it. That's how sure I am. Meanwhile I will communicate with Dr Rama via email on my body's response to the treatment. I will meet him again on 9 January 2010 (once every two months). This stage of treatment is to stabilise and stop the cancer's growth. Once that is accomplished, the next phase is to reduce it. This therapy will take 2 years but the next 6 months will be critical for me. Sometimes people wonder how come such therapy which costs RM500 per month will work compared to RM20K+ per month that is charged by the drug company? If you read and reference check around, you will realise why cancer is a billion dollar industry. Homeopathy and other alternative medicines uses natural substances which can be obtained cheaply. The question to ask is that can such cheap medicine cure such a deadly disease? There is no right or wrong answer. You either live or die with your decision.

Since stopping to eat the apricot seeds, I think my condition has stabilised i.e. not so much jabbing sensations around my ribs and thighs. I also restarted taking Q10 and Ohhira mountain fruit extract supplements (which I stopped eating as it was not compatible with apricots seeds). This morning I wake up to a little muscle pull around the neck and shoulder. I had a little cough also. Otherwise, I am in general good health. I am eating more, during lunch, dinner and also in between and supper. Weight has been stabilised back to around 72kgs.

7-8 November 2009

My trip to Singapore to see Dr Ramakrishnan, the allopathic trained homeopathic doctor was good. Dr Rama is a well known in the homeopathic fraternity around the world for his treatment of cancers having treated over 5,000 patients. I am glad that Dr Rama travels around the world to London, US and Singapore to meet his patients once every two months. I contacted Dr Rama in mid October 09 to make an appointment to meet him so that he can begin my treatment.

Homeopathic treatment, unlike allopathic treatment or some other treatments requires an understanding of the patient's past behaviour and character. Homeopathy is a system of medicine which is based on treating the individual with highly diluted substances given in mainly tablet form, which triggers the body’s natural system of healing. Homeopathy has been widely used throughout the world for more than 200 years. So, when Dr Rama began my treatment, it reminded me of the shows I watch on TV or movies where the patients talk to a psychiatrist, going back to the past and remembering details of events, likes, dislikes, fears and the emotional aspects of a person. Once that is gathered, Dr Rama had a look at my CT scans and also wanted to know the recommendations of the oncologist/urologist. After considering the facts of the case, he recommended me to consider going for removal of the tumor kidney as he is also of the opinion the removal would assist the body in dealing with less tumor cells thereby facilitating the treatment. He also prescribed me some homeopathic medication for the next two months until I meet him again in January 2010. The strategy that he has adopted is to ensure the tumor/nodules does not deteriorate and spread. Once that is achieved, he will begin the second phase of reducing the size of the nodules in my lungs.

As I have said earlier, my modified Gerson therapy of detox and juicing is not the complete therapy and juicing alone WILL NOT help to heal a cancer patient. I am a very good example. What I did up to now is only managed to slow down the growth, to buy myself time so that I can find the appropriate treatment - in this case homeopathy. To heal, we must still deal with the tumor cells. I am most likely to do my surgery at SJMC using the keyhole surgery method while allows the patient to heal faster but cost 25% more.

On Sunday, I finally managed to summon the courage to inform my parents of my actual condition. My mother is wondering all this while why I am going here and there to meet this or that doctor and now that I may want to proceed with the operation, why do I still need to do medication? I had planned to reveal a little at a time so that she will not be shocked with the news and it looks that the plan is working. She accepted the news calmly and shed some tears in between. I was holding on for as long as I can while taking my lunch. I quickly went to wash my plate upon completion and also wipe out my tears. I need to show to my mother that although I am down with a very serious problem, I am having it under control. Then she said I would overcome this difficult chapter in my life and I told her yes I would. That evening, we packed dinner and ate with my parents. My mother normally do not cook on Sundays but I told my wife and kids, we need to be close to my parents to offer support to each other.

Friday, November 6, 2009

6 November 2009

Today I will follow-up with yesterday's blog on cancer and share some more information on cancer treatment, in particular the Gerson method. There are many approaches to treating cancer and what I will be concentrating on is the alternative therapy and not conventional or mainstream medicine. Actually, mainstream medicine should be called alternative treatment, after all they have been around only for about 200 years or so whereas Ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine have been around for thousands of years and was the mainstream medicine before this. Although cancer has been in existence through the ages but those days were rare. According to Philip Day in his Book Why We're Still Dying To know The Truth provides the following table:

Source: WHO 1970

Country Per capita GBP Cancer Per Mil
Mauritius $140 3
Sri Langka $225 316
Portugal $479 1,115
USA $3,960 1,698

A number of alternative treatment normally recommends that you start with detox. Detox is important because you must get rid of the toxins in your body to allow the organs such as the liver, pancreas, kidney and other organs to function normally again. For cancer patients, these organs are sometimes impaired and be nursed back to health. Therefore detox is not a single step once a week program because the person has cancer. It starts of with a more rigorous program and continues for a period of time. It is not possible to rid the toxins with just a few detox applications. There are two important information information you need to know about detox. although you already knows the end in mind but are you aware a) what ingredients will you use for detox and b) how will the body rid of the toxins? The blood circulate the liver once every three minutes. The three ways that toxins are removed from your body are through your sweat, urine, and bowel movements. Your liver is the organ that filters toxins and decides what will be removed from your body. For cancer patients, normally the liver is already not functionally properly. So when you detox, what happens to the toxins that has been released? Do not expect the liver to cope as in a ordinary person. Therefore, it is also important when you detox, you must do it slowly because you do not want too many toxins to be released at the same time. The Gerson detox uses coffee enema to detox the liver (and other parts of the body). Please see my 2 November 2009 blog for more info on coffee enema. Dr Gerson has this to say "If we do not help the patient intensively day and night to eliminate these additional poisonous substances, as I have seen it in the beginning of this treatment, there is a serious danger that the patient may fall into a hepatic coma". Granted, different therapy may require different detox regime.

I will not touch on the nutrition and diet. I will leave this for another day. I have said "JUST ON JUICING AND PLANT DIET IS NOT ENOUGH". In the Gerson therapy and also the Metabolic therapy, they also use supplements. Supplements are not just vitamins are we know. For Gerson, the supplements are actually medication. Professor G. von Bergmann said "Cancer metabolism take place once the body is no longer capable of producing an active 'inflammation metabolism'... the cancerous organism is anergic (meaning cannot prevent cancer growth nor respond and defend itself against it) in respect to inflammation". His assistants in lab experiments has found that normally body can kill cancer by producing an inflammation. Dr Gerson remind us that we should not assume that the tumor, the glands and the metastases can be influenced at one time or even cured all together. The concept of totality should not let us forget that each sick organ, even each node and gland, has its own pathological anatomical conditions, on which the method of healing essentially depends. This is why even two cancer patients with the same symptoms and cancer will require different treatment. This is because their body makeup and the degree of sickness of the organs are different. So how can you treat these patients with a standard formula? The treatment to start the inflammation is just to jump start it but more needs to be done. The body must be able to produce the inflammation on it own to be effective against cancer. So in order to maintain the healing process, it is necessary to apply treatment long enough to restore all vital organs to normal function to produce the same reactive processes as used by the body itself, for healing purposes. During the healing process when the tumor masses are in the process of dissolution, there is a greater amount of highly active protein-intermediary substances such as histamine, histidine, etc which can activate different pathological reactions all over the body. This counteract the healing power. To neutrilise and eliminate them is the task of the therapy. The Gerson medication uses two main body minerals - iodine (I) and potassium (K). According to Holler and Singer iodine invades cancel tumors when inflamed. Potassium appears to play an indispensable and unique role in tissue protein synthesis. Muscles, brain and liver normally have higher potassium content than sodium but the situation is reversed in tumor cells. Other medications used (depending on cancer and disease) includes acidol pepsin (to aid the pancreas), royal jelly (50gm half hour before breakfast), niacin (one of the vitamin B2 given at the beginning to bring back sufficient glycogen into the liver cells) and vitamin B12 (to bring the sick body to combine aminoacids to build protein substances).

This morning, I woke up at the usual time but my stomach was full of gas. There are also more noticeable pain around the tights and ribs. I am not sure if there are flare-up or the disease is getting the upper hand. My digestion is also no good. This week, I did a lot of errands and as a result I did not have sufficient juices to drink. I have lost another kg and this could be due to me not eating enough throughout the day. I am suppose to eat when I am hungry but I did not. I also skipped my supper and tidbits in between. I need to be more discipline to ensure that I followed the therapy closely for I risk the consequences. I suspect it was the apricots seeds that I took a few days ago that cause the change. Today I decided to put my own house in order, to try and follow as closely as possible. I am looking forward to tomorrow for the Homeopathy treatment that I will be receiving. Up to now, the battle has been status quo. Although this although is good news that the disease did not deteriorate but it cannot be sustained over long periods.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 November 2009

Doing any cancer therapy is very difficult. If you go conventional, many people (including myself) will be questioning. Doing alternative therapy is even worst. Suddenly you have so many "experts" even giving their own opinions, be it friends and family. I believe all of these people have one thing in mind, that is the your welfare at heart. They think what is best for you and many have read from books or that articles. Some articles are complementary and some are contradictory. I myself had read a number of books and this book says it's ok but not that book. Same goes for advices given by friends. I believe that no matter what advice have been given, as an interested party, we must understand first the nature of our own problem and then the solution being recommended. We must do some research. After all, a life is at stake. For cancer patients, we may not get second chances and our trial period is very short. A short two months could mean the end. I have no single solution either.

Many books on cancer attempt to explain how cancer is caused. For example Cherie Calbom in her book The Complete Cancer Cleanse, explains that cancer is a malignant growth that starts from a cell which escapes homeostatic control and reproduces at will and shows abnormal growth pattern. From there these cells compete with normal cells for nutrition and to some degree autonomous. As they grow, they invade surrounding tissues and formation of secondary growth - known as metastasis. Many of the conventional medicine therefore treat cancer as a local phenomena. Got tumor in kidney, cut the kidney. Got tumor in the breast, cut the breast. Got tumor in the liver, cut the liver. Got tumor in the lungs, oops... maybe cannot cut as the patient may die. Instead apply chemo over the lungs. But if you noticed, the cancer almost always come back with a vengeance. What does this tells you? Conventional medicine only treat the symptoms. Alternative treatment such as homeopathy, Gerson therapy and others looks at cancer from a different point of view. The cells are only the vehicle for the cancer to spread. Beneath the cells are enzymes that causes the cells to misbehave. How did these enzymes come about? So to handle the problem, you handle the enzymes, or the root cause of the problem. Cancer cells are all over the body. So when you get cancer, your body is telling you something that you ate in the past is not right and you are given an opportunity to correct it. For Dr Max Gerson, cancer is not a local but a general disease, caused chiefly by the poisoning of foodstuffs prepared by modern farming and food industry. Dr T. Colin Campbell in The China Study in 2005, which is a "survey of death rates for twelve different kinds of cancer for more than 2,400 counties and 880 million (96%) of their citizens" conducted jointly by Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine over the course of twenty years. The authors introduce and explain the conclusions of scientific studies, which have correlated animal-based diets with disease. The authors conclude that diets high in protein, particularly animal protein (including casein in cow's milk) are strongly linked to diseases such as heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes. In an interview by Mike Anderson in the educational DVD Healing Cancer From the Inside Out, Dr Campbell states that cancel cells can be turn on and off through diet. So now you know.

I have been keeping contact with my ex-colleagues, even those 30 years ago from my first job (though not every one of them). But my best ex-colleagues that I met was from HLA and MPI days. We may have our differences at work, but I believe if one is sincere in his work, there will always be true friends, friends that do not fore sake you. I have seen and felt it. Yesterday Peter Tai gave me a visit and brought me some financial help contributed by these ex-colleagues of mine. Earlier in the day I met my ex-CEO, Fook Wah during breakfast and he has also chip in to help. Words cannot express my gratitude and I would like to thank all you you sincerely. One way is for me to recover and then come and visit each of you to thank you personally as I have the list of names.

Although I have started my Gerson therapy for over 6 weeks now, I am not following the full therapy. As a result, I have to rely on additional therapy. For this, I am seeking treatment of Dr Ramakrishnan (, a prominent Western trained doctor but uses homeopathic medicine to treat cancer and other advance diseases. Although based in India, Dr Rama travels around various regions of the world to offer his services. I am fortunate that he visits Singapore every two months and need not go to India to meet him and seek treatment. I will be meeting him this Saturday and this will start my alternative treatment and meet him once every two months for medication. Together with Gerson therapy, I believe this combination will be my road to recovery. The road is long and will take two years but then again, this is no ordinary sickness. That's why prevention is better than cure.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4 November 2009

This morning, I was in town to run some errands (as in Monday as well). By the time I completed my work and came home, it was almost 11.30am. although I did bring some carrot+apple juices in a thermos flask, the quality of the juices deteriorates over time. For vegetable juices, you cannot even store them and must drink immediately upon juicing.

I have also been religiously doing my coffee enema. But of late, I noticed that salt taste around my mouth. I am not sure if this is the k-salt or the salts excreted during the coffee enema. My skin feels a little saltish like you just came out from swimming in the sea.

The last few days, I noticed some changes to my body. Every morning I wake up to bad breath. In addition I also experience some pain around my neck. There are also some little pain around my ribs and right arm pit. These are not very good signs. I then re-examined my diet to see what I could have done wrongly. The only change I made to my diet was when I took in apricot seeds from 24 October onwards. This recommendation was based on the book by Philip day, CANCER Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth wherein it was recommended to take 6 seeds per hour with a daily quota of between 50-60 seeds. That was the only additional thing I did in my diet. Is this change giving me problems? Under the Gerson therapy, seeds and nuts are not allowed. This is because seeds and nuts contains too much oil and protein as well which is bad for cancer patients. The bad breath was due to the protein in the apricot seeds. The breath went away when I stopped eating the apricot seeds but I have been eating the seeds for almost 10 days. Dr Gerson is very particular of his therapy and even wrote in his book on page 217 "It is advisable not to start the treatment, if for any reason strict adherence to it is not possible". Even in many of the other therapies that are similar to Gerson, they do use different form of supplements. In my case, I had to modify the Gerson therapy not because I did not want to follow but some of the supplements are not obtainable in Malaysia. I am also sad to report that sometime ago, a lady that followed the Gerson therapy did not make it. According to my homeopathic practitioner, it did lengthened the lady's life but she could not be saved. He felt that she did not commence treatment of the cancer. JUST ON JUICING AND PLANT DIET IS NOT ENOUGH. The Gerson therapy comprises three crucial elements: coffee enema detox (to detox the whole body over a period of time), organic plan nutrition and diet (no salt, sugar and oil) and supplements (to kill off the cancer cells). Most of us are able to perform the first two but not the third due to the non availability of some of the supplements and this is the danger of going fully on the Gerson therapy. Since I am on a modified therapy, I need to vary it. For the supplements part, I tried to follow as closely as possible but I also supplemented with homeopathic treatment to deal with the tumor cells. Now that i have stopped eating the apricot seeds, I will monitor for changes.

The female cancer statistics for the years 1998-2002 for Singapore are as follows:

Cancer Total 0-15yr 16-35Yr 36-55Yr 56-75Yr >75Yr
Colon 1,840 3 57 489 929 361
Bronchus 1,597 1 40 344 815 397
Female Breast 5,500 2 655 3,393 1,252 197
Cervix Uteri 1,033 1 118 545 297 54
Ovary 1,055 24 197 545 254 35

The above are major cases affecting women. As with the males, the higher your age group, the more at risk you are. So change you lifestyle. Go for prevention rather than detection. Save yourself now! The numbers in the tables are not correctly displayed and I will correct them later.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3 November 2009

I have met a number a number of ex-colleagues over the last three weeks and I am happy to note that I am blessed with caring friends. Not only have they taken their time off but also money to assist me in whatever way they can. Thank you to all. With some weight losses of about 8kgs, I think I am now healthier than before. The saying of you are what you eat is really true. Being lighter, I do not carry excess baggage. The body feels lighter and less fatigue. Food intake also becomes reduced. Many said my completion looks better than before. Yes, I do feel alive and in control and hope to keep that way.

When I was in Singapore to meet my oncologist and urologist, while waiting to meet them, i read some interesting cancer statistics which I like to share. National Cancer Center Singapore started keeping cancer statistics way back in 1968. The number of cases by age group of males from 1998 to 2002 is shown below:

Cancer Total 0-15yr 16-35Yr 36-55Yr 56-75Yr >75Yr
Colon 1,840 3 57 489 929 361
Nasopharynx 1,079 1 216 647 215 1
Stomach 1,422 0 42 287 888 224
Colon 1,855 4 75 472 1,060 244
Rectum 1,415 1 39 476 748 151
Liver 1,515 11 52 479 822 151
Bronchus 3,571 0 49 724 1,683 516
Prostate 1,346 2 6 128 945 265

As you can see from the above, the older you are the more likely you can get cancer. Some of the reasons could be that the general health condition of a older person declines, continuation of bad eating habits, declining immune system, not exercising and possibility the not taking care of general health. The older you are, the more you have to be careful. You can still make a difference today. Don't wait till it's too late. I will publish the female's statistics tomorrow.

Today I want to talk a little bit about the diet that I am having. Yesterday one of my ex-colleague Chin Aik called me and told me that he also did vegetable juicing but felt giddy possibly due to to lack of energy. He used a centrifugal juicer. As I have said previously, such juicers will kill the nutrients and enzymes and what's left is just the water and taste of the vegetables. Hence, the person will not get sufficient nutrients that his body needs. Furthermore, you cannot actually use the juicer to substitute for say lunch or dinner. This is because, if you do juice, you must ensure that you have sufficient calories, that means drinking juices on more regular intervals and also ensure that your juicer is not a centrifugal one. I alternate between carrot+apple and vegetable juices and take about 10 juices per day at hourly intervals except during lunch and dinner time. So ensure that you use the correct type of juicer and also sufficient calories. Also the centrifugal type will also contain the vegetable pulp which you will drink along. your stomach will be quite full and it will be difficult for you to juice and drink regularly. i only drink the juices and discard the fruit and vegetable pulp. Do it right, I believe you will have an extremely healthy body.