Friday, January 29, 2010

Lack Of Chinese New Year Atmosphere

Health wise, I am feeling great and plan to do visiting to some of my ex-colleagues next week to catch up. Appitite is good, weight has stablised (actually gained a little), no pains or symptons and can sleep rather well.

Even as Chinese New Year is just around the corner, I felt a little different this year. It is not because of my sickness but rather the changing weather. About this time, we should have lots of sunshine and dry weather. As the North blows across your face, you should feel Spring is in the air and begin to sweat profusely due to the high humidity. A few visits to the hypermarkets shows lack of crowds and urgency, perhaps it is still too early to begin buying New Year goodies or it is a reflection of the state of the economy?

Ever since I switched to RON95, I feel my Vitara is not the same. I can hear cranking noise from the engine. I have checked and found that Vitara does accept RON95. As I travel frequently to Cameron with the Vitara, I though it is time to part company even though the car is only 11 years old. It has served me well for the last 3.5 years. Cars are a financial liability but then again how can you live with it? No new cars for me.

Tomorrow I will resume making rye and raisins bread. After some unsuccessful ties sometime back, I got some new instructions to try out. If it is successful, I will publish it. This time round, I will use premixed rye and wheat flour. Toasting the bread brings out the aroma of the bread and the raisins making it very crispy and delicious to eat.

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