Monday, January 4, 2010

Self Portrait

Well, it's been a long time since I have seen some of you. For those who saw me the first time said I do not look thin but those who knows me can tell I have indeed lost weight. Anyway I was carrying excess weight of equivalent to 3 notebooks on my back, 10kgs. Now I not only feel lighter but feels much better as well. I took a photograph of myself just 1 minute ago using my Nikon and you can see and conclude for yourself.

Self Portrait

I do feel good and there have not been any pain except for some muscles. Of late when I am lying on my back to take in the coffee enema, the uneven floor cased some pain on my back. I hope to rectify it and the pain should go away. I also have an ulcer just under my tongue. It does not disturb very much. My same usual complain is that I always feel hungry.

I will be travelling to Singapore this saturday to consult Dr Ramakrishnan who will be reviewing the homeopathy treatment. I meet him once every two months. I believe he will begin the phase 2 of the treatment that is he will prescribe medication to shrink the tumors. Of course in the meantime, I believe the Gerson therapy is also helping to restore my health and is already shrinking the tumors.


  1. Hi Chee Teck this is Khim, YP's cousin. Heard of your condition through a rumour which was not confirm till lately by YY. Very encouraged by your progress and fighting spirit. I share your fear and hopelessness when I went through the same fight 7 years ago. Yes, already 7 years since I stood back up. No one can say they know how we feel unless they go through it ourselves. Earlier I was given the idea that you have lost hope but how wrong it was when I finally read your blog. It was not easy at first but thank God I survived the fight and from what I read here I am confident that you will pull through too because of your will to fight on. All is lost when our will is gone. Let us fight on and never give up though others may have given up hope on us. Whatever path you have decided to take, look forward and don't ever doubt. Victory is at the end though we may not see it now in the mist of our struggle. God bless you and send my regards and love to all at home.