Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vegetables Juicing

New Juice Press
I have been thinking for a while to get an extractor as I think the Green Power juicer that I am using is not extracting enough. The pulp that comes out is still a little wet and I think I can get better for the money I paid for the fruits and vegetables. This is what I had in mind:

I will use the Green Power juicer only for grinding and use the press (shown on the extreme right of the picture) to get higher quality and pulp free juice. The Green Power juicer does not filter fully especially on apples. I am buying this press from USA ( at a cost of US$295 + shipping (written an email to request for cost).

Vegetables Suitable For Juicing
Some of my friends have been asking me what vegetables I use for juicing. The bulk (80%-90%) of the vegetables I used are lettuce and the balance with spinach, brocolli and red cabbage. The greener the vegetables, the more difficult is to drink the juices. Some of the types of lettuce that I use include:

Sweet Lettuce



Butter Head

Short Lettuce

When preparing vegetables for juicing, during washing, it is important you remove the little snails, caterpillars and earthworms besides the dirt. In addition, it is not recommended to soak the greens too long in water because the greens will absorb the water. Before feeding the greens to the juicer, ensure you have squeeze water out of the greens. It is not good enough just to ensure the greens are free of water after washing. Otherwise, you will have a large bowl of green juices half of which are the tap water!

Happy juicing.


  1. The supplier in USA has responded. It costs US$205 to ship (including insurance via USA Postal Service) the hydraulic press to Malaysia. It takes 8-10 days to arrive in Malaysia.

    Despite the total cost of US$500 (@ 3.43 = RM1,725), I think it is still worth it. I can't seems to find a supplier in Malaysia supplying such press.

  2. Hi could I find out where you get your juicer in Malaysia? Also if you ordered the hydraulic press what is your review on it? thanks