Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 119

While waiting for my oatmeal to cool last night, I surfed the net to read about other people's experience on the Gerson Therapy and found an interesting read at this site Caution: contains vulgarity.

This American guy is on the Gerson Therapy for almost 1 year now and is based in Chiangmai, Thailand. From his blog, I can see he is in much more pain than me. He was also losing weight in the beginning from 165lbs to about 135lbs but only recently he gained back some weight. Some common things are he also gets up a few times a night for urination and also feels hungry and eats all the time. However, he is much more luckier then me as he has 12+ hours of sleep everyday and has people helping him in the juicing and cooking.

The thing I admire about him is his determination and will power. Obviously his condition is frial and but his believe in the Gerson Therapy is strong despite sceptics and other well wishers wanting him to change to other treatment, he plodded on.

But like most cancer patients, we also contemplate giving up. I believe it is one of the process we go through. You just do not know how difficult is it for us cancer patients. This is especially if you experience pain which can be unbearable so much so we have to take mophine drips/jabs. The pain I experience now is from exerting the muscles when I prepare vegetable juicing. I just don't have enough physical power to press even when using both hands! As a result, I have to use my head as additional support. Of course one way to reduce hand power requirements is to feed in small vegetable quantities to the juicer.

I am also getting a little sick of eating the potatoes and stewed vegetables during lunch and dinner. So to add a little flavour and make it easier to eat, I mix it with some raw fruit and vegetable such as guava and sweet turnip.

Today marks the 119 day of the discovery of my tumor. I draw courage and encouragement from other patients who are also on the Gerson therapy. The journey is long and difficult but I will be strong and not give up.

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