Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chaotic Day

This morning started bright and sunny. After the usual juicing and morning coffee enema, I began to prepare to take castor oil and organic coffee at 10.15am so that I could take the castor oil enema at 3.15pm. After taking the castor oil, everything was fine until about lunch time. I had some stomach discomfort and there was much gases in my stomach. However, it did not deter me from drinking the juices or eating lunch. However, after lunch the stomach discomfort became more pronounced. I also felt like vomitting.

I quickly prepared the 3pm vegetable juice but the Green Power jucier was giving me some problems as I could not power it on. I need to do a reverse switch before it could power on. It also gave a squeeking sound when it is operational (sound did not come from the gears). I was afraid that it may breakdown anytime and where am I going to get another juicer? I reported this problem to the supplier and to my delight, she said she will loan me a unit while they take back to check what's wrong this coming Monday. The juicer comes with a 1 year warranty and has been in very active and heavy use for the last 4.5 months.

As luck would have it, the bucket I used for castor oil enema leaked and I could not do the castor oil enema at 3.15pm. I have separate buckets for castor and coffee enema (not to be shared even for my own use). As the stomach discomfort intensified, I also felt very hungry and proceed to cook brown rice noodles as tea time meal instead of my usual oat meal to cure the hunger first. I also added Bragg Apple Cider to give it a little more oomph and it did lessen my stomach discomfort after the meal. Since I could not do castor oil enema, I proceeded to do the normal coffee enema. But the normal coffee enema that followed was not easy to do. The spasm was very strong. The night coffee enema was even worst. Drinking of two tabelspoons of castor oil and organic coffee makes me feel moody for the whole afternoon arising perhaps from the stomach discomfort. Of course, after each enema, I will get a sense of relief. I take castor oil enema every other day, so you can imagine how I feel on such days. Who said life was easy?

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