Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bitten By Travel Bug

After dinner, I went back to Giant to return the unused distilled water to them and thereafter lodged a complaint. Hopefully, the manufacturer will stop claiming the water is distilled water. Right after that I did my night coffee enema. I noticed that the sharp pain around the abdomen was gone. Since changing my distilled water supply back to Carefour, I did not suffer from further dehydration for the night.

Earlier I said I found some red noodles made from organic wheat and brown rice that is salt free. After tasting it for a second time, I believe it is not salt free. Grrr... I hate it when this happens. I read the ingredients to make sure that it is salt free. So now I am back to my brown rice vermicelli which I take on Sundays.

I have been watching a lot of documentaries about Himalaya and surrounding regions in between my therapy and hope to plan for another trip either later this year or next year depending on my recovery condition. If my present condition prevails or improves further, then the trip is definitely on. This trip needs more planning because the place that I will be visiting involves three countries (India, Nepal and Tibet, China) across very rugged terrain. I hope to visit Everest base camp this time round. The cost is now affordable because of Airasia. The other alternative is to join some 4WD adventure group to drive to say Mongolia. To gain experience, I am trying to con some friends to drive to Chiangmai with me. I hope to sell off the Vitara and get a 1988 Classic 200E instead. Chee Peng I have reserved a place for you. Any others?


  1. I think both of us have the problem of having enough of certain good food..ha ha..that's why i recommended the salad dressing. :) you r amazingly very diligent and disciplined n to take gerzhen, i salute u. that was one strategy I was considering. it would be nice if someone prepared all the meals and juice for u too therefore allowing u to sleep more. If not everyday maybe sometimes?

  2. Yes, I am always trying new ways of taking and making food. This morning I just called the manufacturer to please put sea salt as one of the ingredients on the Red Rice Noodles label. I also suggested to her to make some without salt.

    The truth is that it is really very difficult to do GT on your own. From the way you write it appears that you are not on GT then. If you need more info, do contact me. I have books and videos on this matter. I think I am still alive today because of GT.

  3. MIne's actually a miracle! One tarceva tablet (chemo drug) was all it took to take the pain away coz it had spread to liver and bones including pelvic bone and skull. Medically the doc said it is impossible. Diet wise I did not take salt, sugar, oil or meat or dairy. I take lots of vege fruits incl juicing, grains and nuts. But these few days I've been taking a bit of sea salt. Olive Oil or flaxseed oil goes on top after cooking.

  4. Well, that's good. I wish you speedy recovery then.

    May you be well and happy always!