Monday, January 11, 2010

Sharing of Information

My meeting with Dr Ramakrishnan went quite well. Since I have not done further CT scan, the only way to tell if I am OK or not was from symptoms and pains, if any. Since I di not have any of these, Dr Rama was quite happy with my progress. But he did request me to see my oncologist before we meet the next time in March. This would mean I need to do a scan and if I do the scan, I would have taken 3 scans in about 6 months. Due to the radiation involved, having too many short scan is not recommended and I may opt to have the scan only in May instead. I will check with some radiologist for some recommendation.

Having also seen some other on the Gerson Therapy at home, I realised that some of us cannot follow the exact recommendations. For example, the blog of the American that I visited in Chiangmai takes 10 juices at 12oz (recommendation is 13 at 8oz) and he takes mainly carrot and apple juices (recommendation is to include other vegetable juices). At about 9 months, he introduced protein into his diet by consuming bamboo worms (even had photographs of it)! He takes two tablespoons of castor oil but does not follow-up with castor oil enemas.

Getting some of the Gerson recommended supplements are also difficult in Malaysia. Most pharmacist do not even sell K salt, niacin, B17, ox bile powder, pancreatin (most have not even heard of it), lugol solution (controlled item only available in hospitals). Well Gerson Institute has revealed that lecithin powder can be used as replacement for ox bile powder. Getting lecithin power is also difficult (most phamacist do not sell) and I managed to find one but it contains small amount of sodium. Lugol solution that I managed to obtain by prescription are for external use only and I do not know the makeup. So I have yet to use it and instead use alternatives like kelp. Pancreatin is a digestive enzymes and I managed to find an alternative marketed under Biogrow which is derived from plants.

Despite the challenges faced, I still believe this is the correct path. I believe many following home based therapy would have to make the necessary changes or subsititutions as best as possible. That why sharing of information is important as it can help us to make such important life depending decisions. Of course it would be good if we have RM45K and spend two weeks at a Gerson approved clinic (in Budapest or Mexico).

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