Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Day Health Review

Happy New Year Everyone.

I will begin the first day of 2010 with a quick review of my therapies that I am taking. The Gerson therapy started about 15 weeks ago while the Homeopathy therapy started about 12 week ago. Except during the period of 9 days while I was in India where I suspended the Gerson therapy and went on normal vegetarian food, I had followed the Gerson therapy as close as possible. I also increased the 10 juicing a day to 12. As for Homeopathy therapy, the first phase of treatment involved the stabilising or prevention of growth of the tumors. The medication given was for two months and will end tomorrow after which I will have a week's break before I see Dr. Ramakrishnan on 9 January to review my progress. If he is satisfied with the progress, he will most likely begin phase 2 of the treatment. This phase involves prescribing medication to shrink the tumors. Detoxing is also very important. I started with 4 coffee enemas per day and after about 8 weeks, I reduced it to 3 times a day. Since I came back from India I have increased it back to 4 times daily for 2 weeks as I ate forbidden food, that is non vegetarian food, low oil, low sugar and low salt diet. After every detox, the body feels good.

What about the results? My body is like a living laboratory. The results of the therapies that I am trying will be reflected in my body almost immediately. For example, when I take the tablet naicin, I get immediate redness and rashes on my face, neck and thighs. Of course, it's harmless and will fade away in 15 minutes. The results are basically observation of the body to see if there are any deterioration in terms of pain and other developments such as lumps. Actual results can only be determined by another CT scan. So far, I am pleased to report that so far so good with no visible deterioration or pain. Weight has stabalised to around 70kgs (80kgs at the start of the program). Continues to have very good appetite and can sleep very well.

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