Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Want to Lose Weight?

Arising from my conversations with some of my friends, many would like to lose weight but don't know how. Even in August 2009 (a month before the discovery of my tumor) , I went to visit a shop in Medan Mara that sells some form of power that you would drink to help lose weight but it costs RM1.6K and you need to consume over a period of time, so I told the beauty consultant I will think about it. I have tried pills and herbal tea and all of these are somewhat effective only, maybe 1 or 2 kgs.

Of course after the discovery of my tumor, I changed my diet drastically and lost weight. It is from this experience that I am sharing with you. I just need you to commit to 2 weeks of diet change.

If you continue to eat the way you do now, even if you try and reduce the portions, you will gain little results because the body adjusts to your food intake. So the way I found out is to change your diet. For two weeks, I want you to be a vegetarian. Not only that, when you consume your food (if you order from restaurants during lunch), make sure that they do not use oil when they cook. Also reduce sugar and salt in the food as well. Yes, be oil free for two weeks.

What is the downside? Besides losing weight, you will feel a little short of physical energy. Don't worry as this is only temporary. You will quickly lose weight during this two weeks. After losing your weight, you can go back to your normal diet but you must now employ a low oil, low sugar and low salt diet. Otherwise you will not be able to maintain your weight.

My sister's colleague who is suffering from serious diabities to the extent that he is on the verge of losing his eyesight tried this approach and it worked for him. Of course, it also worked for me. You can do it too.

Do write and update me on your efforts. Good luck.

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