Saturday, April 30, 2011

Learning Is Fun!

Time seems to past quite fast. I have completed my first book on the basic principles of TCM within six weeks. Last week, we started a new and interesting topic, TCM diagnosis and this topic will also run for another six weeks. The face & skin complexion and the tongue of a person tells a lot of about the health of that person. As part of the training, we viewed a lot of photographs of people in different stages of health. Yes, from the facial complexion, a TCM master can tell if a person is going to pass on.

I must say, my knowledge on TCM has somewhat enhanced my knowledge of some aspects of the alternative therapies. For example, when some people (especially women), after completing the coffee enema detox, they feel very weak. I have always wondered why and there don't seems to have a explanation other than the coffee enema also drains good nutrients from the body along with the toxins. The recommendation is that for every coffee enema that we do, we need to take three juices to replenish the lost nutrients. From TCM's perspective, the lost of nutrients means the loss of acquired qi. Qi can be acquired from food to strengthen the body but loss of qi weakens the body. This is why, I am introducing other detoxing method such as zeolite detox in my own program that can complement coffee enema detox but without the loss of acquired qi.

Interestingly, so far both of the lecturers for the first two TCM modules are engineers by profession. So far, I am having a good time.

Dal Curry Anyone?
This weekend, I will be making Dal curry for the first time in my life. I visited my local Indian grocer to pick up some of the ingredients. She was also friendly and taught me how to prepare the Dal curry. I am kind of bored with my present diet and I thought to make some Dal curry to spice things up.

Toor Dal /lentils 1 cup.
Chopped tomatoes 2 large.
Chopped fresh spinach 2 cup
Carrots, diced 2
Sea salt to taste
Ground cumin 2 tbsp.
Coriander Powder 2 tsp
Turmeric powder 1 tbsp.
Butter or oil 1 Tbsp. (for non cancer patients only)
Cumin seed 1 tsp.
Small red onion, finely diced 1
Chopped fresh garlic 1 tbsp.
Chopped fresh ginger 1 tbsp.

# Place the lentils, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, salt, ground cumin, coriander and turmeric in a heavy pan.

# Bring the mixture to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat to medium and cook until the lentils are tender, about fifteen to twenty mins.

# In a separate pan, heat the butter, add the cumin seed and stir. Add the red onion, garlic and ginger and stir-fry until golden brown.

# Add the onion mixture to the lentils and bring all to a quick boil. Remove the dal from the heat, sprinkle and distribute with fresh coriander and serve.

Fungicide Therapy Trial - Update
About 5 minutes or so after taking the fungicide, I can feel my chest area having some form of mild reaction and accompanied with slow down in breathing and irregular heartbeat rate. Yesterday, there were like poking sensations on the rib areas.

Today is my forth day on the fungicide therapy. I think so far, there has not been any changes to my node at the left collar bone and the kidney tumor. I think it's a little too early to expect any form of drastic results.

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Getting Crowded

Finally, my shipment of Sanuvis (Acidum L(+)-lacticum) from Greece arrived yesterday afternoon. As I am currently on the fungicide therapy, I plan to start the Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid therapy to rebalance my pH next Monday, 2 May 2011. I would have five days to gauge the effectiveness of the fungicide therapy in the meantime. In fact, come mid of May 2001, I will introduce one or two more supplementary therapies.

This morning, my TCM classmate, Jeanie (a UK certified Level 3 EFT therapist and medical qigong master) gave me a two hour personal EFT coaching. After understanding my condition, she feels EFT can specifically help my condition. According to her, she can feel that I am very stressed out. I do agree with her assessment. Although I do not suffer from work related stress, I am now exposed to other forms of stress namely, maintaining the strict Gerson regime, financial stress and also mental stress of having to deal with the cancer day in and day out. She gave me a few very good examples of how to use EFT to relief my body of the stress that I am facing. In addition to EFT, she also taught me some breathing and simple meditation exercises. She also felt that I should benefit from healing sounds, a series of different sounds for the five main organs of the body. She also recommended that I join her healing sound and EFT group healing therapy sessions on Tuesday and Friday respectively.

We also shared some experiences about cancer of other patients and she felt it would be good for cancer patients to meet and not just share experiences but to give hope and support to each other. It's really nice of her to take the time to help me out. Thank you Jeanie.

Fungicide Therapy Trial - Update
I went on the full 2 drops, 4 times a day yesterday. It' really easy to take the fungicide when diluted in water since it's tasteless and also odorless.

Yesterday, I felt something happening inside my chest area. I had also had this little burning sensation like you have taken some hot chilli or pepper soup, sort of a mild heartburn feeling. Towards later in the evening when I was about to retire to bed, I felt my heartbeat was a little irregular. Otherwise, everything looks normal. Oh, because of the additional two glasses of water I took with the fungicide, my stomach felt bloated with water.

I also noticed that of late, I am also feeling less hungry. This is not necessary a good sign. Usually, I would take oat meals at 10.30am and 3.30pm but now days, I don't feel that hungry, so I skipped those meals.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fungicide Therapy Trial - Day 2

I have been searching for more news about the use of azoxystrobin in the use of alternative medicine and I found a medical forum of wherein a user mentioned that candida can also be treated with azoxystrobin. The suggested dosage is 800mg a day. To prevent resistance with azoxystrobin, he combine it with lufenuron, sulphur and triazoles.

Fungicide Therapy Trial - Update
Yesterday, I had 2 drops of azoxystrobin 3 times a day since I only started the therapy in the afternoon. Today, my dosage will be full fledged at 4 times a day.

Nothing much happened yesterday. Everything looked normal nor did my body or stomach complain of any unpleasantness. This morning, after I took my morning drops, I do feel a slight pain around my lower rib areas.

Last few days, my appetite has been like the roller coaster, some days, I can eat and some days, I just don't feel like eating.

This morning, after I woke up and was about to brush my teeth, I noticed my phlegm was stained with blood. For the last two weeks or so, my phlegm has been clear. Could this be the work of the fungicide?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fungicide Therapy Trial - Day 1

I spent the whole of this morning caught in bad traffic jam in downtown Kuala Lumpur. I wonder how I managed to tolerate the traffic jams in my pre-cancer days while commuting to work every day. Now, I find it so stressful. Anyway, I managed to find the Amistar fungicide. The distributor only stock the liquid Amistar and I managed to get hold of the last bottle left on the shelf. The price is not that cheap either, it costs RM220 (US$72) per 500ml bottle. Actually, I don't require that much, about 100ml of it will do. According to the label, the ingredients consist of: 23% azoxystrobin and 77% inert ingredient. The shop assistant did ask me what I want it for, I just said for my plants. Had I said for consumption, he must be thinking I am trying to commit suicide!

I also spent the last three days looking around the forums for more information about this azoxystrobin and its usage. Some people has reminded me to be careful (why take risk?) with this remedy. Based on what I have read so far, I think this remedy is quite safe and the dosage that I take is very minimal. In any case, there is a certain pioneering and adventurous spirit in me. Let me be the first Malaysian to try this remedy and I will start today!

I will report daily on my progress during this trial period, observing any changes in my health or body reactions and side effects, if any. One of the key question is how will I know if this remedy works or not? Well, I can say as far as the lungs tumors are concerned, I will not be able to tell. However, for my lymph node and the kidney tumor, I would be able to tell because at the moment, I can feel the solid mass by hand. According to Ted of, kidney cancer usually will go into remission after about 3 - 4 days. Well, my expectations are lower and I hope to see some shrinking of the tumors within the trial period. So I will use physical examination to gauge the progress of this treatment.

Below is what I intend to do for the next one month. Wish me luck.

My Fungicide Therapy Trial

RemedyAmistar fungicide (23% azoxystrobin in 77% inert liquid)


No additional water dilution required


2 drops, 4 times a day on 1/2 glass of water for oral intake

Trial Interval

1 month


Not known, but I will stop taking low dose naltrexone during the trial period


Gerson diet

According to Ted of, long term intake of azoxystrobin could lead to possible resistance of azoxystrobin.

Amistar liquid concentrate is creamy in color and does not have any odor. After mixing 2 drops in water, it's tasteless.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forms Of Cancers

According to oncologist, Dr Tullio Simoncini, many thinkers especially biologists believe that by applying the Darwinian theory to the evolution of living beings, it may be possible to progress down a new path when it comes to the so-called degenerative diseases such as cancer, cardiopathies, and mental illness.

The current conventional medical thinking is that cancer is caused by carcinogens because of host cell mutation without identifying what microbial species. This conforms to Pasteur's Germ Theory which holds that germs attack the body from the outside. Hence, there are no acceptance of the concept of pleomorphism in bacteria, viruses, fungi or even cancer. There are a number of other theories that support the pleomorphism concept, such as Antoine Bechamp's Terrain or Cellular Theory.

I believe this distinction is important because it offers another way of dealing with cancer. Many alternative therapies do not subscribe to the conventional medical thinking and perhaps that's why they seems to show better success rate where conventional medication failed. However, it is also noted that different cancers respond better to certain alternative treatment. Some alternative therapy practitioners have attempted to distinguish the different forms of cancers, in the hope that if correctly identified, the right alternative therapy could help in dealing with the cancer.

The following is one interpretation of the different forms:

* The Tumor or Fungal form of Cancer.

* The Metastatic or Viral spore forms that causes rapid spread, infection and deployment of the cancer so quickly throughout the body.

* The tumor itsef continuously exudes harmful carcinogenic and poisonous aflotoxins and mycotoxins throughout the body and particularly in metastased Stage lV cancers which causes heavy immune depression and damage, blood clots, obstruction problems, cachexia or wasting, appetite loss(bulemia/anorexia issues), starvation and eventual death.

From the alternative therapy perspective, the way to kill and eradicate the cancer is to identify the cancer behaviours or forms. For example, if the tumor belong to fungal form, the treatment would be to neutralize the cancer-producing aflotoxins and mycotoxins that quickly weaken and kill the host body. At the same time, devise a strategy to prevent/destroy the rapidly spreading metastatic or viral form of cancer while boost our immune system and protect all major organs of the body.

Update On Fungicide Therapy
The manufacturer of Amistar, Syngenta is also represented in Malaysia. In fact there are represented worldwide and you can go to their corporate website to get more information. I made a call to their office in Shah Alam yesterday and they gave me the contact of their distributor, Sin Teong Hin in Jalan H.S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur (sole distributor in the Klang Valley). I will make a visit to the distributor and get more information as well as purchase the Amistar fungicide.

Depending on what the distributor stocks, there are only three Amistar presentations, which are these:

1 - Amistar 50 WG (Powder): Active ingredient: Azoxystrobin 50%.
2 - Amistar Xtra (Suspension): Active ingredients: Azoxystrobin and cyproconazole.
3 - Amistar Top (suspension): Active ingredients: Azozystrobin and difenoconazole.

Ted of recommends Amistar 50 WG (Powder): Active ingredient: Azoxystrobin 50%. Dilute them to a 10% solution of that and use the in drops.

I am wondering if you buy in powder form, and to dilute them in 10% solution, how much water is to be added then?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fungicide Therapy

As I was searching for more articles in, I found that azoxystrobin, an active ingredient used in crop fungicide has been known to be effective on bone cancer besides kidney cancer. I believe those patients whose cancer has also metastasized (spread) to the bones would also be able to benefit from this fungicide therapy. However, no dosage was specified in the article. You may want to start at low dosages of between 1-2 drops taken 3 or 4 times a day dissolved in 1/2 glass of water. It is important to note that the fungicide used is Amistar manufactured by Syngenta. A reader by the name of John (from Australia) has offered to help get more information and hopefully, we will know where to source for this fungicide.

I think, if you believe cancer is a fungus, then this therapy should probably work for any type of cancer, just as Dr. Tullio Simoncini uses only bicarbonate to treat his patients. I also believe that this therapy should be taken as a supplementary therapy because there are other areas to take care of as well. Being a fungus, it will come back and Ted (of recommends that a maintenance dose be taken when the patient goes into remission.

Good News For Bone Cancer Patients
16 January 2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "I have recently experimented and discovered a couple of others relating to cancer that can be helped greatly (all of them survived of course) which includes azoxystrobin is found in decaying pine cone - a natural material that I used for bone cancer! that also have awesome remission too. The stuff is found in fungicide application and is one of the safest around. The dosage, amazingly is low, only several drops is required a day. The applications for this is huge, it is one of few supplements that can go deep enough into bone marrow cancer and work its magic in remission. It's based on my theory of slow cancer and fast cancer. A slow cancer are fungus and they tend to attack the bones. A fast cancer are viral in nature and kills the patient in matter of days, often exhibiting as a metastaic condition. Hence, I used BHT against metastasis and EDTA which prevents blood clots in cancer victims. The other great anti-cancer supplements against any cancer polyps is the bloodroot tincture or sanguinaria tincture. I am currently looking at bloodroot tincture (40%) the possibility of using this against more advanced forms of Morgellon's disease that's currently resistant against borax and peroxide remedy.

The product azoxystrobin, in purchased as a fungicide, but is used only in drops, goes under various commercial brands such as Amistar or Heritage. The company that sells this for fungicides to be used in plants marketed by a company named Syngenta. This is the single most effective "natural" material I can find that can work effectively against bone cancer and bone pain. The effect of the use is slow but a significant decline in pain after a couple of days of use. I strongly suspect it is fungal in nature. Some people may dispute me that cancer is NOT a fungus. But here's the counter punch: aflaxtoxins and mycotoxins are known cancer causing fungal toxins. So if the you manage to reduce toxins from fungus inside the body, the cancer reverses itself from lowering of fungus toxins, and hence bone cancer.

BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) has been proved effective against every lipid-coated virus in animal and laboratory tests but few human studies have been conducted. BHT is a potent inactivator of lipid-enveloped viruses. The viral envelope structure is physically disturbed by BHT, thereby interfering with viral adsorption to host cells. Published scientific evidence strongly suggests that BHT might help in treating AIDS or ARC and that any risks can be kept small. Acts to prevent and stop cancer metastasis. The dose is 1000 -1500 mg per day. This is also particularly good against brain, bone and spinal tumors (BHT is capable of crossing the blood/bone barrier as well as the blood/brain barrier). BHT is also very effective at neutralizing and removing all the poisonous cancer toxins from the human body.

EDTA(ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) removes toxic metals from the blood. EDTA is a weak acid closely related to vinegar or ordinary acetic acid. Studies have shown that as people age they continuously accumulate toxic metals: lead, mercury, aluminum, iron, cadmium, and arsenic, among others. The accrual of these toxins invites an increased risk for various diseases. EDTA makes stronger bones and reduces cholesterol by improving calcium and cholesterol metabolism. Laboratory studies also suggest that EDTA chelation may prevent collection of platelets on the lining of the vessel [such as arteries] (which can otherwise lead to formation of blood clots, which itself is associated with atheromatous plaque formation or rupture, and thereby ultimately disrupts blood flow). In I.V. chelation therapy, a patient typically receives about 1500 mg to 3000 mg of EDTA (plus other nutrients) per session. Oral EDTA is much slower acting, because only about 3% to 8% of an oral dose gets absorbed (compared with 100% of an I.V. dose). Someone taking 800 mg of EDTA per day is absorbing only about 40 mg.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Indian Guru Satya Sai Baba Dies

It is with great regret that I got the following news that just came in from BBC.

One of India's most revered spiritual leaders, Sri Satya Sai Baba, has died in hospital at the age of 84.

Doctors say the guru, who is thought to have millions of followers around the world, died following a cardiac arrest.

He rose to prominence as a youngster after announcing to his family that he was the reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba, a 19th Century Indian holy man who had been equally venerated by Hindus and Muslims.

Another Cancer Therapy?

Yesterday, a reader by the name of joeawk provided a link in the comment and I took the opportunity to check the site out. What I read on one of the comments cum forum is disturbing (at least to me) and also feel encouraged by it at the same time. I have no idea who the author is but he appears to have personal experience with kidney cancer or alternative therapies. I will reproduce the entire passage of what he wrote below:

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "There was a recent case of kidney cancer that just gone into remission (a Kidney cancer is unique in that it doesn't respond well to the usual alkalizing remedy such as baking soda, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate. It won't also respond to hydrogen peroxide, blood root or black salve. There's a reason behind it that kidney is a regulator of pH and it can't achieve a uniformly high alkaline remedy. Also the cancer cells in kidney can't be digested by a sanguinaria, bloodroot tincture or black salve, although it does digest surrounding cancers, mostly cancer polyps. The one remedy that did work was based on the theory of fungus causing cancer. Fungus causing cancer is relatively straightforward, certain molds such as black mold fungus, found in most homes produces a cancer causing chemical well known in medical literature called aflatotoxin and mycotoxins. These are also found in the body infected with low concentrations of these in food, water, and sometimes is infected. Therefore the best remedy that I can come up with, including metastatic kidney cancer is the azoxystrobin in the brand product Amistar (there may be many other brands) often sold as fungicide, made from natural substance from a fungicide found in a pine cone, often used to rid of molds and fungus used in grass growing lawn. A kidney cancer usually will go into remission after about 3 - 4 days. The dose I used is fairly low, between 1-2 drops taken 3 or 4 times a day dissolved in 1/2 glass of water. Most of the cancer pain will be reduced in a day, but I think it may take a month to completely rid of them. However, I don't believe a cancer can go away completely and may come back. As a result there are two possible approach to this issue. Take one drop to two as maintenance dose a day, or just wait until I have one and then take it when I needed it. I am a bit conservative and are one of those who will wait and take it on as needed basis to prevent possible resistance of azoxystrobin. At the present, there is no resistance to this. I believe there is a fungus colony, or a mold which could explain why they keep coming back if they are not taken for about a month or two. Most other organs as in prostate cancer might be coming from the same source and the remedy can be used with this same thing. Of course when it is bought, the excuse is to buy as a fungicide for the garden."

Earlier I shared something about the Maple and Bicarbonate therapy by "Dr" Jim Kelmun and also by coincidence oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini also uses Bicarbonate to treat his cancer patients but not together with the maple syrup. Anyway Dr. Simoncini wrote a book called Cancer is a Fungus, which he describes how a fungous infection always forms the basis of every neoplastic formation, and this formation tries to spread within the whole organism without stopping. The growth of the fungous colonies, together with the reaction of the tissue that tries to defend itself against the invasion, causes the tumor. There are also several site devoted to debunking Dr Simoncini's fungus theory. You can watch a 20 minute video of Dr Simoncini's cancer therapy here.

I don't know if Ted is a patient, a friend of a kidney cancer patient or a therapist/doctor but it appears from his description, he is quite aware of the effectiveness of the treatment. At the same time, I find it a little disturbing when Ted said kidney cancer does not respond well to soda bicarbonate. Ted did not explain how the bicarbonate is administered to the patient. The doctor who wrote Cancer is a Fungus, Dr Simoncini prescribes sodium bicarbonate (in a solution of 5% or 8.4%) as the only remedy capable of making the tumors disappear completely. In order to get the maximum of damaging effect, the sodium bicarbonate should be brought into direct contact with the tissue. This can be done by bringing a special catheter into the arteries that go to different organs, or by using the conventional endoscopic methods. Dr Jim's therapy is effective because the bicarbonate bonded with the syrup is transported across the blood-brain barrier and every other barrier in the body for sugar is universally needed by all cells in the body.

I tried to look for additional research materials on the use of azoxystrobin in fighting cancer. Most of the research carried out by some universities that I encountered showed that the residues of azoxystrobin found in fruits (eg. grapes) and vegetables are safe for consumption and will not cause cancer in humans. In fact, trying to find a site that sells the fungicide Amistar is also difficult. So far, this is the first reported case I came across but I could be wrong. If you know of any sites that uses azoxystrobin to treat cancer, please let me know.

Below is some information about the fungicide, Amistar:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Health Status @ 23 April 2011

New information are presented in italics.

Tumor mass of size of about 15cm on the right kidney and 21 and 20 nodes all over my left and right lungs respectively with one up to 3cm in size on both lungs. Confirmed that it has not spread to the liver. All other organs are also normal. Another 3.5cm tumor was discovered in March 2010 at the T6 area and subsequently in July 2010, a lymph node the size of a marble was discovered just below the left collar bone.

Latest scan on 26 November 2010 showed slight improvement in the kidney tumor (shrunk from 15cm to 11.4cm) but the nodes on the lungs were also a little larger. In the August 2010 scan, it was the other way around.

X-rays scan on 26 September 2010 over the scapula (the bone of the shoulder), pelvic and upper back areas shows no obvious bony metastasis.

Consulted four urologists (one in Singapore and three in Malaysia) and two oncologists (one in Malaysia and one in Singapore). Both oncologists suggested removal of right kidney. Singapore urologist also suggested removal of kidney. The three urologists do not recommend surgery or chemotherapy. The last urologist consulted said most of his patients died within six months of surgery while two on the expensive (RM20K per month) drug Sutent is not responding. All agree that is no cure for the moment.

My urologist said my cancer is at stage 4 and did not recommend me to take any treatment. It is also my own choice not to take conventional treatment after considering all the facts of the case.

Subsequently during the 1 year review on 2 September 2010, my oncologist in Singapore recommended that I consider:

a. Tumor debulk and
b. Sutent medication or
c. Interferon treatment

I have so far rejected the recommendation.

a. Gerson Therapy
a1. Coffee Enema
Following Gerson Clinic's recommendation of three enema daily and alternative day castor oil enema. Due to the strength of the coffee, my enema formula is 4oz coffee, 8oz camomile and 12oz of water.

a2. Nutrition Diet
All fruits and vegetables mentioned are organic.
i. Juicing - 11 fruit and vegetables juices a day beginning around 8am and ending 7pm. 1 orange, 5 apple+carrot, 3 carrot and 4 green vegetable juices every hourly.
2. Diet - No oil, no sugar and no salt on all cooking. For breakfast and supper, mainly oats with some raisins, sometimes a little Manuka honey is added. For lunch and dinner, vegetables such as Siew Pak Choy, Lettuce, lady's fingers, cauliflower, broccoli and spinach are mainly steamed or boiled. K-salt is added for flavoring. A teaspoon of flaxseed oil is added when serving (but not during cooking). Mainly boiled potatoes and sometimes Somali organic brown rice (once a week) is consumed. Hippocrates soup are also prepared every other day for daily consumption.
3. Supplements - K-salt, niacin, lugol solution, pancreatin, pepsin, Q10, Inflamezyme, Milk Tistle, Colostrum. Thyroid, Liver and B12 injections daily.
4. Others - Rye bread, papaya, guavas, oranges and bananas are consumed at regular intervals.

b. Conventional Medicine
Clinic: Self Administered
Treatment Started: 8 February 2011.
Medication: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), 4.5mg a dose administered at 11pm nightly.
Reaction: A little difficulty falling asleep and fatigue during daytime.

c. Additional Therapies
Clinic: Self Administered
Treatment Started: To start in the last week of April 2011.
Medication: Budwig's flax seed + cottage cheese diet and followed by pH re-balancing and lowering of lactic acid.

I am also planning to reduce my coffee enema to once a day and incorporate zeolite detox on the first week of May 2011.

d. Oxygen Therapy
Started using a personal oxygen generator with effect from 8 March 2010 about 1 hour in the evening, 20 minutes per session. Richer oxygen does help in controlling the growth of the tumors. It also reduces fatigue.

e. Herbal Therapies
My intake of Noni, Goji and Red Fruit Oil as part of my herbal therapy will end soon. I am not sure if I should continue as it is not easy to measure if these therapy has helped improved my condition.

Health Status
My current weight is about 61kg.

I am having difficulty in sleeping since taking the LDN. Of late, my shoulder and back pain has been giving me a lot of problems and is also affecting my sleep. As a result, I feel quite tired and sleepy during the daytime. I am resting more during daytime.

My coughing comes on and off but so far, I think it's under control. The phlegm is now clearer with little traces of blood stains. However, I do feel my chest is somewhat compressed and there are pains around both my rib areas.

Despite the above, I am feel quite good and spent much of my time reading.

Not a bad month.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pain In The Back

Perhaps I was too quick in the assessment of my backache. This morning, my back pain is back. The pain disturbs me around 4-5am and as I result, I will be awake, tossing and turning for a comfortable position to continue sleep. If this continues, its going to be a problem for me because I will only able about 3-4 hours of sleep every night. I will get tired very easily during the daytime. I will take some camomile tea and see if it helps me to sleep much earlier.

I did some reading on some medical books and noted that the tumor in the T6 area does cause some pain. The recommendation is to have surgery to remove the tumor or taking dosage of some conventional medicine (which I will not do for now). At the time of discovery one year ago, the tumor measured 3.5cm and I am not sure if the tumor grew. But if the back pain persists, I will have to think of alternatives on how to manage the pain or consult my conventional doctor.

Yesterday, I was feeling quite hungry at about 2.30pm, only after about 1 hour after my lunch. I was wondering what to eat. I decided to catch up with my emails when I received an email from Liz. She is really nice, after learning of my poor appetite, gave me a recipe to try out. Since I was hungry, I did not wait till dinner time and immediately tried it out. I got hold of what ever ingredients I can and began preparing the meal. Wow, it was one of the better meal that I had for a long time. If I had lemon, I think it would taste even better. You must be wondering why not cook differently everyday? I would love to, but I think it does takes a lot of efforts and I do feel tired. So laziness = boring meals. I don't know how those people who manage to work during the daytime and then rush home to prepare meals for the family. It must be really tiring.

My coughing is back again. Last night while I was lying down to sleep, I was coughing profusely as if trying to expel something from my lungs. Luckily, there was no pain. Neither was there any phlegm.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Low Appetite

These days, I feel tired most of the time. I must rest more during day time. I think the main reason is due to the effects of LDN that is keeping me awake till early morning. When I don't have enough sleep, I feel really tired and act like a zombie.

I do feel hungry but sometimes I don't seem to have a good appetite during lunch or dinner time. Could also be a side effect of LDN. So I tried to eat a little bit more in between. I weigh myself on Tuesday and found that I have lost another kg. I now weigh 61kgs. I have lost 19kgs (42 lbs) to date.

Yesterday, I went online to check with the Greek distributor to find out why my shipment is taking such a long time. I made the order on 4 April but they only shipped it on the 13 April, 9 days later. What kind of service standard is that? Anyway, I have checked the contents of the Pleo Sanuvis (which costs RM82 or US$26.80 per bottle, CIF Malaysia) with that of my local version and found that there are the same, other than the brand name. The version I bought online is made in Germany while that supplied by my local supplier is either made in India or Pakistan. The local version costs only RM8 or US$2.60 per bottle! I used the imported version because is was recommended.

A Flash And Darkness
Yesterday evening, it was raining and then followed by lightning and the thunder. At past 6pm, I heard a loud bang and the next thing I know was my housed was in total darkness. I thought there was a general blackout because four other houses in front of my house is also in total darkness. But it was not because the street lights were on.

When my father quickly tried to reset the circuit breaker and could not, I knew some electrical appliances was hit by the lightning. Not the LCD TV or my PC were my first thoughts. After systematically checking, the problem was an extension cord. I was so relieved.

Summary of Gerson Therapy
There is a summarised version (42 pages) of the Gerson therapy called The Gerson Therapy for Those Dying of Cancer by Vance Ferrell (Pilgrims Books) which you can read online or download here.

This book summarises the important points pertaining to the Gerson therapy and is a much easier read when compared to the original book, A Cancer Therapy. Concise and direct to the point with explanations where required.

This book is not only suitable for those who wants to know more about Gerson therapy but those who wants to follow the therapy as well.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Flash In The Sky

This morning, at about 4.30am the lightning and thunder was exceptionally strong. Lightning evokes fear and danger, especially when it is in the middle of the night. I don't remember seeing such violent lightning and thunder which lasted for about 15 minutes in my 21 years of living in Subang Jaya. The lightning tripped the circuit breaker thereby stopping electric supply and without the fan, I found my room really stuffy and warm to continue my sleep. My mother was awoke too and both of us had a little chat. After resetting the circuit breaker, I went back to sleep at about 5am but found it difficult to get up at 9am.

A second night sleeping on a firm natural rubber mattress confirms that my backache problem is due to the softness of the earlier foam mattress. The pain just disappeared although sleeping on a firm matters also creates other problems for me. This is mainly due to the lack of muscles in my body. It's a little painful like sleeping on a rock surface but when compared to my back pain, this is so much better.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
I have been on the LDN for sometime now and my main problem is that I have difficulty in falling asleep. Although many sites says LDN has no side effects, I have found some clinical evidence to the contrary.

Dr. M.R. Lawrence is an English physician with multiple sclerosis (MS) who treats it with LDN. He also prescribes LDN for his patients. The following are his observations and advice regarding common side effects associated with taking LDN. While they refer primarily to people with MS, they also apply (with the exception of spasticity and possibly pain) in other situations involving the administration of LDN.

When starting this LDN therapy in the treatment of MS, there may also be some initial transient, though temporary, increase in MS symptoms.

Experience in using this method has demonstrated most commonly, such as disturbed sleep, occasionally with vivid, bizarre and disturbing dreams, tiredness, fatigue, spasm and pain. These increased symptoms would not normally be expected to last more than seven to ten days [but your experience may vary].

Rarely, other transient symptoms have included more severe pain and spasm, headache, diarrhea or vomiting. These additional symptoms would appear to be associated with the previous frequent use of strong analgesics, which effectively create an addiction and dependency, thus increasing the body's sensitivity to pain. Similar symptoms can also occur in people unknowingly allergic/sensitive/intolerant to gluten and/or dairy and who take those foodstuffs concurrently with LDN.

Italian researchers conducting a four month clinical trial of LDN in the treatment of MS made this statement about side effects:

Transitory haematological abnormalities (increase of liver enzymes, hypercholesterolemia), mild agitation and sleep disturbance were the commonest adverse events.

Because LDN tends to initially worsen MS symptoms (especially spasticity), Dr. Skip Lenz, a pharmacist who takes LDN prophylactically, recommends a nightly dose of 1.5 mg the first month, 3 mg the next month, and 4.5 mg thereafter. For life-threatening conditions such as cancer, the recommended dose is 4.5 mg from the outset. To quote Dr. Lenz:

The reason we suggest a stepwise titration [for MS patients especially] is to AVOID SIDE-EFFECTS. Three years ago, we found that EVERY PATIENT WHO STOPPED TAKING LDN BECAUSE OF SIDE-EFFECTS STARTED AT 3.0 MG OR HIGHER! There was only one patient who started at 1.5 mg who stopped because of side effects. Our efforts here should be to help the greater population. Now, there are some tough guys who can go straight to 4.5 mg and have no problems, but I betcha someone with a headache would feel differently or someone whose legs are screwed up in knots or someone who has had the bejeebers scared out of them with nightmares (me).

Suggestions for reducing spasticity (unusual "tightness" of muscles) in cases of MS can be found here.

Some people taking LDN have reported reduced appetite, a side effect that enabled them to lose weight. If weight loss is undesirable, small frequent meals are recommended.

In cases of autoimmune-related bowel disease, LDN typically leads to weight gain as the bowel heals and begins to function normally.

Some people have reported a modest increase in blood pressure associated with taking LDN, while others have reported a decrease.

Additional side effects that some individuals taking LDN have noted include an increased sense of wellbeing, increased self-confidence, and a stronger sexual appetite.

Sleep aids include Chamomile tea, valerian, melatonin, calcium/magnesium capsules, Lunesta, L-Theanine, GABA, 5-HTP, and Natural Calm. Recommendation is a dual-release melatonin tablet taken with a cup of lukewarm Chamomile tea. For best results, sleep aids should be taken about half an hour before bedtime.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Choppy Seas Ahead?

The last week or so, my back has been killing me. This pain appears from below the shoulder blade area to the waist and only happens early in the morning. So by 4-5am, the pain would wake me up. I thought it was only the softness of my bed but I did put in a plank to support my back. The result is still the same. Could this pain be from the tumor at the T6 area? Yesterday night, I slept on a firmer natural rubber mattress. What is the result? The back pain has reduced somewhat 90%.

The compression around my chest area also did not subside. There pressure seems to be building up inside and light pain can be felt around the both rib areas, although it is not causing me any breathing problems. But when I lie down to sleep, my heartbeat becomes irregular. I feel that something bad is going to happen in the future. Meanwhile, I will take more oxygen therapy throughout the day to see if my condition improves or not.

Still no sign of my shipment from Greece. I am not sure if the local customs will impound the shipment. Keeping my fingers crossed. If that happens, I will have to either use the local source or think of other ways to secure the next shipment, maybe via Singapore. I am keen to rebalance my pH. Yesterday I managed to make my first cottage cheese from organic skim milk. I must admit, it is really simple to make cottage cheese but I made a mistake when heating the milk. I forgot that the temperature was 120°F (or just under 49°C). Instead I thought it was 120°C and only realised when the temperature reached 70°C. Other than that, the whole process was expected. I used about 2 liters of milk (from 140g of milk powder) and 3/8 cup of apple cider vinegar. The result is about 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese. Good enough for me to start.

Recently, a reader by the name of Justin sent me a link about a venerable monk, Kittiyano Bhikkhu in Thailand doing the Gerson therapy in 2007. I have also been interested in how other people are doing Gerson therapy on their own (or with the assistance of their local professional). The book is an easy read and well documented. I am amazed that a venerable monk would go through the coffee enema and take pictures of himself in the process. Of course, I noted there are some differences in his protocol when compared to the protocol that I am doing. Not just the supplements but the very diet itself. I also sensed that the venerable monk was very diligent in doing the therapy (as can be seen from his physical appearance in the photographs). I am also particularly impressed with the cooking style that he adopted. When I look back at my present regime, I also realised that I have settled down to a boring routine and also not as diligent when compared to when I first started. I was not as creative as the venerable in preparing the food. Despite my strict adherence to the protocol, my results is pale in comparison with that of the venerable monk. He saw results within 3 months (80% reduction of cancer) and as for me, after 19+ months, I don't even know if I will live two months down the road.

That's why I like to read other people's story, it gives me a sense of hope but at the same time, I am also disappointed with my own progress, but I am not discouraged. Have I been successful? No, the bulk of my tumors are still there. So I must have failed? No, I did not die either. As far as Gerson therapy is concerned, I don't know what more I can do? I am looking for additional potent therapies that I can do. As I said towards the end of last year, 2011 will be a very difficult year for me. Someone once said to me that I look desperate trying this or that. I admit, she is right. All these self complaining will not help me. I will try some of the venerable's food preparation, a radical departure from my daily food routine. Thank you Justin for the link. Anyway, the show must go on.

One therapy that I learned from Kittiyano Bhikkhu's book Close to Nature is organo therapy. I did some Google searches and most of the sites listed are in German. From what little I learned so far, I am intrigued with what I found out.

Organotherapy is the branch of Homeopathy that makes remedies from healthy tissues from animals raised and harvested in a carefully controlled environment. The use of these remedies is based on the idea that organs respond to like tissues, no matter what species their origin, as long as there is similarity. This has been demonstrated experimentally as well. Every living organ is capable of recognizing its own signature and responding. This is a tissue memory, and it stimulates the exact reproduction of the cells of the tissue.

I think I will research more about this complimentary treatment and consult my local homeopathy practitioner for more information.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Combining Therapies

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to appreciate that each of the many alternative therapies available appear to have their own particular merits in a comprehensive treatment of cancer. While some function by providing a focused remission of tumors, others strengthen the immune system, destroy pathogens, provide detoxification, correct dietary deficiencies, invigorate cellular metabolism, normalize the electrolytic balance, relieve pain and decongest the lymphatic system.

Logically the best approach for a highly effective cancer treatment would be to combine several, of these natural and complimentary therapies in a multifaceted, synergistic protocol that addresses all the symptoms and underlying causes simultaneously or in some logical sequence of treatment steps. But mixing and matching also have its dangers if not correctly done. The problem is what is correct for one person may not be correct for another. Although there is no standard formula but one can still start from somewhere known and adjust as we go along.

Despite being a fan of Gerson Therapy, I know not every patient is suitable to do the protocol. Some cancers responds particular well to Gerson therapy such as melanoma and many of them recover within 1 year. The type of patient and his or her condition also determines if the protocol is suitable. Unfortunately for me, my kidney cancer respond much slower. In such a case, combining therapies becomes a preferred choice.

Recently, a friend wrote to me and informed that her mother had cancer and after researching, she was convinced that vitamin B17 was the answer and she urged me to take vitamin B17 as well. I replied her that while vitamin B17 has been know to be effective against certain cancers (but not kidney cancer), it should not be taken as the only therapy. I have taken about 50 apricot seeds (for the B17) before but after two weeks of consumption, there were needle poking like sensations all over my chest. I quickly stopped taking it and the pain disappeared. From the books that I read on the vitamin B17 and also my consultation with the resident doctor at Gerson Clinic in Mexico, vitamin B17 is always used as a supplementary protocol. I hope she understand where I am coming from, I am not saying don't do but combine it with some other therapy. I can only hope and pray that her mother gets well.

To Salt Or Not To Salt
Today, I will take on a topic of controversy in the alternative therapies world, Salt! As you know, I am taking the Gerson therapy which emphasizes no salt in the diet. Now, let's see what some researchers have to say about salt.

An eight-year study of a New York City hypertensive population stratified for sodium intake levels found those on low-salt diets had more than four times as many heart attacks as those on normal-sodium diets – the exact opposite of what the “salt hypothesis” would have predicted. Dr. Jeffrey R. Cutler documented no health outcomes benefits of lower-sodium diets.

The problem with salt is not the salt itself but the condition of the salt we eat! Refined Salt, that is the salt we take normally is also called white poison. Our regular table salt no longer has anything in common with the original crystal salt. The ancients have used salt for healing. Recently, this ancient knowledge was once again uncovered by biophysicists and brought to light in the acclaimed book, Water and Salt, The Essence of Life , by Dr. Barbara Hendel and biophysicist Peter Ferreira

The Importance of Including Sea Water Salts in the Macrobiotic Diet
Physiologist and biologist Rene Quinton, a French citizen, was the first person in recent times to recognize and verify the remarkable similarity between sea water and mammalian lymph and blood plasma. Quinton discovered that sea water possessed an amazing compatibility with living organisms. He ultimately validated his studies by conducting scientific experiments in hospitals. The results he obtained were dramatic. Several terminal patients regained their vigor through application of his sea water therapy.

Rene Quinton worked in collaboration with Drs. Potocki, Mace and Jarricot. He labored for 4 years to perfect proper techniques and establish correct dosages. In 1904, he released the results of his hospital work in a book titled, L'Eau de Mer, Milieu Organique (Sea Water, Organic Medium).

The Great Salt Controversy
At the same time many medical doctors began urging the general population to cut back on the use of salt. High blood pressure, heart trouble, kidney disease, edema and eczema were attributed to overuse of salt. Many people began to believe a diet containing NO added salt was best for health. The popularity of the low/no-salt trend continues, though some doctors question this advice.

Sea Salts vs. Refined Table Salt
Salts obtained from solar evaporation of sea water are entirely different from modern refined salt. The plural "salts’ is deliberately used here, because sea water salts are actually a complex blend of trace minerals, as well as calcium and magnesium salts. This complex blend is essential to life, as Quinton’s research demonstrated. Table salt today is primarily kiln-dried sodium chloride with anti-caking agents added. Trace minerals, as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium salts are removed in processing. Kiln-drying involves scorching salt at high heat to remove moisture. This refining process creates a product that is unnatural and hard on the body. It is the true culprit that contributes to high blood pressure, heart trouble, kidney disease and eczema, among other problems – not the complex blend of life-supportive minerals known as sea salt.

The Use of Sea Salt in Macrobiotic Cooking
Traditionally, Japanese people used sea salt obtained by evaporating sea water in making miso, tamari, umeboshi and many varieties of pickled vegetables. They also used it widely in making noodles and preparing every day meals.

Sea salt not only allows human life to achieve the critical balance between potassium found in plant life and the sodium found in blood plasma and lymph, but it also preserves food against spoiling. Using sea salt in cooking protects food from bacterial contamination, and it also keeps bacteria from establishing colonies within our bodies. Miso, tamari, umeboshi and pickled vegetables will spoil if the correct amount of sea salt is not present during fermentation. Too much sea salt retards fermentation and too little leads to spoilage.

In my research, I found that many other alternative cancer therapies do allow the use of sea salt (not more than a pinch). What I am trying to say is this. If you follow the Gerson protocol, then you can't use salt. If that is a problem, then it is possible to find other alternative therapies that sea salt is permitted.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Not That Simple

Many times I seems like an old record, repeating myself. I think the awareness is still not there yet, so I will continue to repeat. My observations can be wrong but I think when you have cancer, you are on your own. Not that your close friends or loves ones does not want to help, they seem to "stay" away. I think the reason is because they are afraid to recommend whatever therapy since no therapies are guaranteed to work 100%. My observation when I talk to other cancer patients is that I see these poor patients are really clueless. Other than what the doctors tells, they don't have an idea of what other things they can do. Most of the alternative therapies are written in English. If the patient is not English educated, then he or she is really shut out. A further observation is that selection of therapy (whether conventional or alternative) is based on some testimonials of friends. So if the friend said this therapy works, then that's what they will choose, no further reading or checking. What I am saying is this. As a healthy person, this is your best time to learn about the therapies available. When a friend and your loves ones are in need, then you are in a position to help.

A few well meaning friends forwarded me some links about some cancer cures. This time round, it's about lemon. This is not the first time I received such emails. Sometime earlier, I received emails/SMSes about a supplement that boost the Natural Killer Cells (NKC). Sure, NKC kills cancer cells, therefore the more you have the better. This means cancer will not grow. Right? Well, I am sorry to say, Wrong! I last took my blood test in February 2011 and my white blood cells count are normal, just like any other healthy person. Then can someone tell me why are there still so many cancer cells in my body? Let me give you one more example. One of them is the Perodixe therapy that I wrote about in March. The science of the therapy is very good but I purposely left out one detail. Just as many of my friends forwarded cancer curing emails to me, I think as readers we just cannot accept wholesale what other people say. It's not that simple.

What I am trying to say is this, let's learn to ask more questions before we accept. In the NKC case, if you recall in my post What Causes Cancer? - Part 2 , the cancer cells creates a thick protein coating around it resulting in the NKC not being able to recognise the cancer cells. That's why the cancer cells are not attacked. So in order for the NKC to work, we must breakdown the thick protein layer first and for that, we take in pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatic enzymes are responsible for digesting proteins that we consume and also the thick protein layer of the cancer cells. That's why cancer patients take in a lot of pancreatic enzymes. In the Peroxide therapy above, we assumed the Hydrogen Peroxide will be able to get inside the cancer cells. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Again, the thick protein layer prevents that from happening. So what is the solution? Of course, pancreatic enzymes.

Well, I hope the above examples would give you an idea that as readers, you must learn to ask more questions before you accept. It's up to the person trying to sell the supplement to explain. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money on whatever supplements that you are buying.

Tomorrow, I will continue with the topic on combining therapies. For example, the Hydrogen Peroxide therapy must be combined with pancreatic enzymes supplements to be effective.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

Recently, a reader by the name of Jasmine posted two comments on my blog. She also mentioned that she is a cancer survivor for 5 years now. I would appreciate if Jasmine could write to me and tell me about her story, how she managed to overcome cancer. I am very keen to learn from cancer survivors what and how they did it. It's really encouraging to people like me who has been struggling to stay afloat. I would like to post your story so that we not only can learn, but gives us encouragement and hope as well. If you are a cancer survivor, I would like to hear from you too and share your success story.

Since I started taking 20gms of non fat yogurt (with < 1% sugar added), I feel my chest area and both my shoulder blade area is a little painful. Could it be due to that or just a co-incidence because I do have such pains every now and then? I will stop eating yogurt to start taking cottage cheese. I have been trying very hard to put on weight but with no success. I have not weigh myself for almost four months now and I believe my weight to be around 60-62kg range.

My lungs are clear and not giving me any problems. The phlegm is also becoming clearer with less or almost no traces of blood stains. Hope it stays that way. However, at times I do feel my chest is a little compressed and some pain around my right rib cage area. This morning, the pain was disturbing. As for my kidney tumor, I can still feel the mass. I can't sleep on my right side now because my body weight when pressed against the kidney tumor, it would cause a little pain.

This weekend, I will start to make the cottage cheese and thereafter start the Budwig cottage cheese + flax seed oil diet.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Doing What I Can

My shipment from Greece has yet to arrive. I guess I will have to wait for another week. I managed to get an alternative source from a local homeopathy practitioner but the potency seems to be different from what is recommended. If I can use the local source, my costs would drop by 90%! What I will do is when the shipment arrive, I will analyse the contents and talk to my local homeopathy practitioner to see if they are equivalent or not.

Last few days, I have been coughing a little more but the phlegm is while and not blood stained. However, I also noticed some pain around my right rib cage area, just below my armpit.

The LDN is making me very alert every night and I can only sleep past 12 midnight and because of that, I am now waking up at 9am. I am quite sleepy in the mornings and kind of refused to wake up but at the same time I also know I am already late to start my day's activities.

The Zeolite Saga
It's not easy with so much different information being given by the liquid and the powder zeolite camps to decide which is the "right" one to buy.

Recently, I wrote to the a powder zeolite company about a claim by liquid zeolite company that powder zeolite are not activated. Activated here means the toxins in natural zeolited are not cleansed. Zeolite by their very negative charged nature when mined from the ground have already attracted heavy metals into the cages and hence has no more "space" to capture more toxins when taken into the body. Their reply was "If it were true that powdered zeolite's cages are full and incapable of removing toxins, why is it that powdered zeolite's have CEC ratings (Cation Exchange Capacities) of 200 to 300 times more than liquid zeolites?"

Subsequently, I found a free ebook which was written by a former nurse and purportedly "...wrote the liquid zeolite book because when I needed accurate information I found it hard to find, and it took me weeks of precious time to finally find the information I felt comfortable with.". She even declared "But I am concerned about YOU not THEM!" As I read the 33 pages of the book, it became apparent what is the so called independent is nothing more than another independent distributor of the liquid zeolite, making claims or statements that sounds reasonable but can be challenged. The worst part of it all is that towards the end, it asked the reader to order from this liquid zeolite company and quote her membership number; I believe you can guess what's her motivation.

After reading articles from both camps, I would still go for the powder zeolite. The CEC rating, or power to remove toxins is an independent way of measuring the effectiveness of zeolite. After all, the purpose of taking zeolite is to remove toxins rather than whether powder or liquid zeolite is better. As to whether it is dangerous to allow micronised zeolite to enter the bloodstream to do its cleaning, I do not have any clinical evidence to support whether this is safe or not. When I am not sure, I would rather not take the risk.

Note: When you undertake a Clinical Trial, it has no real value in the Scientific Community until published in a recognised journal. This can take some time (5 years of data collection).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Quiet Day

I will do a short post today. Apparently at 10am, there will be a power cut and will last until 6pm this evening. So what I did was to pack some juices earlier and hope the electric supply will come back earlier. When you are doing the Gerson therapy, one of the worst thing that can happen is when there is no electric supply. Sigh...

I am now doing a simple IT home project. I am trying to boost my Wifi receiver for my PC and notebook. It also called a "Poor Man's WiFi" so called "WIFRY","WOKFI" or "WOKTENNA" using simple tools. The phrase "Poor Man" is not usually considered insulting, but indicates (possibly with a degree of DIY pride) a desire to "make it do, use it up, wear it out" while laterally solving a problem. What's the purpose of this gadget? Most Wifi receiving range is about 20-50meters only. Well, with that simple parabolic dish, you can receive Wifi signals from 3Kms away provided the Line of Sight (LOS) is clear, meaning no obstructions like building or trees in between. In the picture on your left, the parabolic dish is actually a Chinese mee scoop and you also need a USB Wifi adapter and some USB extension cable. That's it. If you like to see more of such contraption or how to build one, please see here .

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It Can't Get Any Simpler

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to the Jim Kelmun Protocol, also know as Bicarbonate Maple Cancer Treatment. I then search to look for more articles to validate the treatment. Jim Kelmun, 75 is a retired truck driver when he used his home remedy to cure people of cancer. It was reported in the Weekly World News that the authorities demanded that he stop dispensing his "wonder drug" or face prison sentence. His loyal patients swear by the man they fondly called "Dr Jim" and say he's a miracle worker.

Dr. Jim discovered this treatment accidentally somewhere in the middle of the last century when he was treating a family plagued by breast cancer. There were five sisters in the family and four of them had died of breast cancer. He asked the remaining sister if there was anything different in her diet and she told him that she was partial to sipping maple syrup and baking soda. He has dispensed to more than 200 patients diagnosed with terminal cancer and he claims of that number, 185 lived at least 15 years or more, and nearly half enjoyed a complete remission of thier disease. Of course, the medical profession calls him a quack.

The bicarbonate maple syrup cancer treatment works by allowing the cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells) to feed on the maple syrup. The baking soda which is dragged into the cancer cell by the maple syrup, being very alkaline, removes the microbe inside the cancer cell and under such highly alkaline environment, the cancel cell dies.

“The therapeutic treatment of bicarbonate salts can be administered orally, through aerosol, intravenously and through catheter for direct targeting of tumors,” says oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini. “Sodium bicarbonate administered orally, via aerosol or intravenously can achieve positive results only in some tumors, while others – such as the serious ones of the brain or the bones - remain unaffected by the treatment.”

The maple syrup apparently enables and increases penetration of bicarbonate into all compartments of body, even those which are difficult or impossible to penetrate by other means. These compartments include the central nervous system (CNS), through the blood-brain barrier, joints, solid tumors, and perhaps even the eyes. The maple syrup will make tissues more permeable, too. It will transport the bicarbonate across the blood-brain barrier and every other barrier in the body for sugar is universally needed by all cells in the body.

Dr. Jim did not have contact with Dr. Simoncini and did not know that he is the only oncologist in the world who would sustain the combining of sugar with bicarbonate. Dr. Simoncini always directs his patients to dramatically increase sugar intake with his treatments but has never thought to mix the two directly by cooking them together.

“Sodium bicarbonate therapy is harmless, fast and effective because it is extremely diffusible. A therapy with bicarbonate for cancer should be set up with strong dosage, continuously, and with pauseless cycles in a destruction work which should proceed from the beginning to the end without interruption for at least 7-8 days. In general a mass of 2-3-4 centimeters will begin to consistently regress from the third to the fourth day, and collapses from the fourth to the fifth,” says Dr Simoncini.

Will this protocol causes harm to the patients since cancer cells feed on sugar? It exploits cancers thirst for sugar by planting a trojan house (that is the bicarbonate) into the cancer cells. Furthermore, the amount of sugar consumed is only spoon fulls a day. More importantly, before the cancer can use the syrup to grow, the bicarbonate would have neturalised the cells when it enters the cancer cells as they are bonded together with the syrup during the preparation.

The Protocol
1. Mix one part baking soda with three parts (pure, 100%) maple syrup in a small saucepan.
2. Stir Briskly
3. Heat the mixture for 5 minutes.
4. Take 1 teaspoon daily, as needed.

Very Important Note: Do not use baking soda which has had aluminum added to it. Buy a product which specifically states it does not include aluminum or other chemicals.

The bicarbonate maple syrup cancer treatment is a very significant cancer treatment every cancer patient should be familiar with and it can easily be combined with other safe and effective natural treatments.

I believe I can easily incorporate this treatment in my present regime. For example, under the Gerson protocol, I take two teaspoons of honey a day. So instead of taking honey, I will just substitute it with maple syrup with baking soda. I have been told, the mixture taste great.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Be Better Informed

I noticed that my coughing happens at night, in the morning and also when I do my enemas. This means when I lie down, I cough but not when I am sitting. Also, of late my phlegm has started to become clearer, less blood stains.

There are different causes for a cough, particularly one that worsens when you are lying down. Often a cough that is worse when you are lying down is caused by acid reflux, or acid from the stomach backing up into your throat. Other reasons for a cough that worsens while lying down may be the post-nasal drip from a cold, or bronchitis or asthma. According to American Family Physician, coughing while lying down is sometimes the only symptom of a bronchial obstruction. If you have frequent bouts of bronchitis, your doctor may consider a diagnosis of asthma. I think in my case, it could be due to acid reflux.

Expensive Cancer Treatments
Recently, my friend has asked me to assist a friend of his. I received an email from my friend's friend and she said "...CC whose sister age 46, has been diagnosed recently with lung cancer stage IV and which I understand has spread to her bones and spleen. I guess she would be able to tell you more when she contacts you. She is busy lately trying to secure some funds for her sister's treatment so I guess she would be contacting you once she is available."

I am indeed sad for the whole of last week, I received notification of four cancer cases! One of them is a 26 year old women, two months into pregnancy. Yes, curing cancer is a multi-billion industry and I am also sadden when I read that people have to try so hard to raise funds to cure cancer.

Anyway, I am no doctor but I do have a little experience and also some information about alternative treatment. I believe conventional medicine has no role to play in view of her condition. I suggested to her that one don't need hundreds of thousands to start alternative treatments. Just RM10K-15K (US$3.3K-US$5K) to start off will do. Don't wait because her condition is deteriorating by the day. By the way, I do not charge anything for my services.

There are many cheap and yet potent alternative therapies out there and today I will share a few of them.

The Bill Henderson Protocol (less than US$200 a month)

This treatment uses the Budwig Diet at its base, but adds a number of important supplements to it. If you buy Bill's book (Beating Cancer Gently) you can get telephone support for a one-time fee of less than $200 (this is optional). This is a very superb cancer treatment and it contains its own cancer diet. See: Bill Henderson Website.

Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol (includes Calcium and Cesium)

This treatment may have some upfront costs, but it is a highly proven treatment.

See: the article about this protocol.

Dr. Matthias Rath Cellular Solution (includes Vitamin C)

(ONLY for cancers which are internal or external tissue-based)

This treatment does NOT apply to leukemia and other cancers of the blood. This is a treatment for when there is a mass of cancer cells.

See: Article on this protocol.

Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. Diet

This is a carrot-juice based treatment which was designed by a medical doctor who cured her own breast cancer.

See: Article on this protocol.

Bob Beck Protocol (ONE TIME COST of between $250 and $800)

There is an up front cost to this electromedicine equipment, but the equipment can be used over and over again.

In many cases, the reason a person has cancer is that their immune system has been suppressed. Perhaps the main reason immune systems are suppressed (other than chemotherapy) is microbes. Microbes block the ability of the immune system to communicate and create neuropeptides (e.g. interferon).

The Bob Beck Protocol is one of the most potent of all cancer treatments, however, it cannot be used by a lot of people because they are on potent prescription drugs, so it is frequently not used until a patient is in remission and off of their potent prescription drugs.

If you buy the equipment, it costs about $800, but if you build it yourself, or have a friend build it, it is much cheaper. See: Bob Beck Protocol.

If you are wondering why I did not do the above therapies? Well that was because I did not know about them at that time. When you are told you have cancer, your mind freezes. You think your world is coming to an end, where on earth do you have the rationale to think about this or that? This is why friends and care givers are very important. They have the ability to help out. This is why I am researching and sharing.

The Gerson Therapy and the Budwig diet are not that cheap to follow. It costs about RM6K (US$2K) a month to maintain these protocols. When my funds run out, I will have to take a different route too. Even now, you would have sensed that I am mixing and combining my therapies.

Monday, April 11, 2011

19 Months And Counting

I have just survived 19 months and today I begin my 20th month in therapy. I am happy to have reach this milestone and look forward to many more months to come, especially in November when I will embark on my 2nd pilgrimage to India.

I have been coughing a bit more in the mornings and evenings as I retire to bed. Otherwise I feel quite good. My shipment of Pleo Sanuvis drops should arrive from Greece this week and I will begin my Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid (pH re-balancing) therapy and the cottage cheese + flax seed oil diet. I have also started intake of 20gms of non-fat yogurt a day in my diet. I finally managed to find a non fat (with < 1% sugar added) yogurt from Australia.

My only complaint is my back. I have been having backache for more than a month now, and only happens when I am about to wake up in the morning. I am still trying to figure out what caused the backache.

India Pilgrimage Update
Two weeks ago, I revisited my preliminary schedule by logging into the India Railway online portal to check on the train schedules. I am taking a bit more precautions in this trip because there is still over 7 months to go and I am not sure what my condition will be when the time comes. Of course, I am hoping I will be in the pinkest of health. Anyway, I need to make sure all information captured in my plan is as current as possible, what trains are available, the timing, etc. This schedule is almost final. Detailed information will be published sometime in August 2011.

Day 1 (Sat 19/11) – Arrive New Delhi 1.30pm. Depart for Gaya at 22.20pm. Overnight in train. Distance: 990kms, 14h40m.
Day 2/3 (Sun 20/11) – Arrive at Gaya 1.30pm, then to Bodhgaya by jeep. 2 nights stay at Root Institute. Bodhgaya is the place where Buddha attained enlightenment. Other sites will include Nalanda University ruins, Vulture's peak, and Sujata Village.
Day 4 (Tue 22/11) – Depart Gaya for Varanasi by train at 1.00pm. One night stay in hotel. Distance: 220kms, 4h16m. This is the famous Hindu site by the Ganges river.
Day 5 (Wed 23/11) – Varanasi to Sarnath by Jeep. Day Trip. Take cab from Sarnath back to Varanasi for night train to Gorakhpur. Overnight in train. Distance: 231kms, 7h25m. Sarnath is the place where Buddha preached his first sermon.
Day 6/7 (Thu 24/11) – Gorakhpur to Lumbini, Nepal by Jeep/Taxi. Two nights stay at Tibetan monastery. Lumbini is the place where Buddha was born.
Day 8 (Sat 26/11) – Lumbini (via Gorakhpur) to Kushiniaga by cab. Overnight at Sri Lankan Japan Monastery. Kushiniaga is the place where Buddha passed away into Nivarna.
Day 9 (Sun 27/11) – Kushniaga by cab to Gorakpur and to New Delhi by train. Overnight in train. Distance: 782kms, 13h30m.
Day 10 (Mon 28/11) – New Delhi to Agra. Day trip by Cab. Overnight in hotel. Agra is the place where the famous Taj Mahal is located.
Day 11 (Tue 29/11) – Visit beautiful New Delhi in the day and depart for KLIA at 10.30pm.

The group will meet sometime in July 2011 to discuss and finalise some options before the bookings are done in August.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

pH For A Healthier You

The “p” stands for potential and the “H” stands for Hydrogen which refers to an organism’s ability to attract hydrogen ions or more commonly knows as the acid/alkaline balance. The level of pH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14 with 0 representing the highest concentration of acid and 14 representative of the most alkaline. Seven is the magic figure for pH because it means that there is a balance of acid and alkaline in the solution and is often referred to as pH neutral. If it's capable of absorbing a lot of hydrogen (H+) ions, this means that it's alkaline.

It has been said that we must eat alkaline food, drink alkaline water, make our body more alkaline so that we are less prone to disease. The assumption is also that our body is pH balanced. But in many cases, many are NOT in good shape and only then they start to make their body alkaline. They too start to consume alkaline water and take fruits and vegetables. However, the process of making the body more alkaline is so simplified that we believed by just eating alkaline stuffs, our body would be more alkaline. This is more easier said than done. To make the body more alkaline, we must do more than just eating and drinking alkaline foods. I have been on vegetarian diet for 18+ months now and my body is still acidic, maybe a slight improvement. Howcome?

How Chemicals Are Exchanged in the Body

All cells in the body continually exchange chemicals (e.g.,nutrients, waste products, and ions) with the external fluid surrounding them. This external fluid, in turn, exchanges chemicals with the blood being pumped throughout the body. A dominant mode of exchange between these fluids (cellular fluid, external fluid, and blood) is diffusion through membrane channels, due to a concentration gradient associated with the contents of the fluids. Hence, the chemical composition of the blood (and therefore of the external fluid) is extremely important for the cell. If, for instance, the pH of the blood and external fluid is too low (too many H+ ions), then an excess of H+ ions will enter the cell. As mentioned above, maintaining the proper pH is critical for the chemical reactions that occur in the body. In order to maintain the proper chemical composition inside the cells, the chemical composition of the fluids outside the cells must be kept relatively constant. This constancy is known in biology as homeostasis.

The body has a wide array of mechanisms to maintain homeostasis in the blood and extracellular fluid. The most important way that the pH of the blood is kept relatively constant is by buffers dissolved in the blood. Other organs help enhance the homeostatic function of the buffers. The kidneys help remove excess chemicals from the blood. It is the kidneys that ultimately remove (from the body) H+ ions and other components of the pH buffers that build up in excess. Acidosis that results from failure of the kidneys to perform this excretory function is known as metabolic acidosis. However, excretion by the kidneys is a relatively slow process, and may take too long to prevent acute acidosis resulting from a sudden decrease in pH (e.g., during exercise). The lungs provide a faster way to help control the pH of the blood. The increased-breathing response to exercise helps to counteract the pH-lowering effects of exercise by removing CO2, a component of the principal pH buffer in the blood. Acidosis that results from failure of the lungs to eliminate CO2 as fast as it is produced is known as respiratory acidosis.

So don't be literally taken by word of mouth that the more alkaline food you take, the more alkaline your body is. It's not that simple. Having said that, it does not mean there are no ways to improve the pH in the body. pH is a very simple but a good indicator of your health. Do something before it's too late. There is more you can do.

To correct the pH, for normal people, please see my April 2 post here. For cancer patients, please see my March 29 post here.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Start Right In The Beginning

Mothers, Take Note - Your Baby is at Risk
Newborn babies often have toxic loads at birth that exceed the toxic loads accumulated during an entire lifetime by previous generation adults. The reason is that numerous toxins are able to pass into the fetus from the mother’s body. A horrific study was recently released. It found 287 chemicals and other toxins in the blood of newborn babies. One of the pesticides that turned up the most was a byproduct of DDT – a pesticide banned in 1972.

They also found:
- 76 chemicals that cause cancer in humans and animals.
- 94 that are toxic to the brain and nervous system.
- 79 that cause birth defects or abnormal development.

So, we’re being poisoned before we take our first breath. The toxic load on a baby combined with toxins in vaccinations is what many people now believe to be the true cause of autism in children. This could also explain why children of a few months old are also capable of having cancer.

If you are a nursing mother, or mother-to-be, I urge you to get the toxins out of your body in order to protect your baby since most toxins will pass into the fetus while inside the womb or into a nursing baby through mother’s milk!!!

Mothers Need to Be Very Careful About How They Detoxify Their Bodies
Zeolite is the only truly safe choice for mothers because any detoxification that actively disrupts toxin storage sites in bodily tissues will cause toxins to be released en masse into the bloodstream.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should not do sauna or “detox diets” because these will release toxins rapidly into the bloodstream. When many toxins enter the bloodstream all at once the eliminatory systems of the body can quickly be overloaded. This results in large amounts of toxins entering into the fetus or nursing baby.

Conversely, zeolite is safe because all it does it capture whatever toxins are circulating in the bloodstream and then carries them safely out of the body.
Please note that anyone who undergoes a detoxification regimen that dumps toxins rapidly into the bloodstream (such as fasting or infrared sauna) would be well advised to simultaneously ingest zeolite several times each day to remove the toxins being released by that regimen before they cause discomfort and damage to the body or, in the case of a mother (or mother-to-be), to the baby.

Note: Zeolite is a Very Safe Form of Detoxification — Ingesting zeolite powder is a safe form of detoxification for mothers since zeolite powder does not break up toxin storage sites. (Breaking up a toxin storage site releases many toxins all at once.)

The Liquid Vs Powder Zeolite Saga Continues
I thought after yesterday's update, that would be the end but I was wrong! As I continue to search for reputable zeolite companies, I found some other information that I believe is important to know as well. Yesterday's update on micronization was from the liquid zeolite camp. Today, I found another argument on micronization from the powder zeolite camp.

We don’t want micronized zeolite because we don’t want the zeolite to be able to go into the blood stream. Some companies state that zeolite should be made small (micronized) so that it can enter into the bloodstream or cross the blood brain barrier. Our position in this regard is that zeolite does not need to enter the blood stream or brain. In fact, we believe that this may be unwise.

Why put the kidneys and liver at risk? Those organs will just have to filter the zeolite out of the blood. Zeolite should work inside the small and large intestines, NOT in the blood. It may not matter for people with healthy kidneys and liver, but, it’s still a risk.

How does Zeolite make contact with toxins in order to trap them?
Zeolite makes contact with the blood as it passes through the villi of the small intestines... while the zeolite is going through the alimentary canal (stomach to small intestines to large intestines) and then out of the body.

There are seven million villi that comprise the lining of the small intestines. These villi are where nutrients are handed off to the blood by the digestive system. More than any other place in the body except the lungs, the villi have intimate contact with the blood (one pint of blood per minute flows through the villi) as the blood comes into the small intestine villi tubules in order to pickup digested (ready-to-use) nutrients.

It is via the intimate blood/food contact of the intestinal villi that zeolite is able to clear the blood of contaminants, as it attracts toxins into it’s negatively charged cage. Then the zeolite powder (and the captured toxins) continues down the gastrointestinal tract and are eliminated as part of the feces. Zeolite never enters the blood stream.

There is even a warning:
Persons with kidney issues shouldn’t take micronized zeolite.

Friday, April 8, 2011

At Cross Roads

Yesterday was a really tiring day for me. I woke to at 8.30am and just when I was about to alight from my bed, I noticed my whole body, especially the back is in pain. I don't know what happened but still I got to get up and work on my daily routine. Lately, I also have this feverish feeling just before lunch and in the afternoon till dinner time. After lunch, I remember what happened. On Wednesday, I spent over 3 hours cleaning the room, throwing out old files and unwanted materials and also mopping the floor. That's why my whole body ached.

Lately, I have researched and posted a few articles on complementary therapies, some of which I intent to put into use. I will begin to add and amend to the Gerson therapy as and when the time comes. How do I know when is the correct time? I don't. I just observed my body and then tell from there. I will also rely on my survival instincts. Of course, there is no guarantee that the new complementary therapies that I chosen will help but it does not matter. If I don't change, my present condition will not change. I believe I have reached a plateau in terms of my therapy.

The therapies that I have or going to use:
1. Added Therapies
a. Low Dose Naltrexone (started)
b. Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid (to start next week)
2. Amended Therapies
a. Cottage cheese + flaxseed oil diet* (instead of just flaxseed oil, to start next week)
b. Zeolite detox (in place of coffee enema, possibly to start in May)

Note *: In the Budwig Wellness Center, they even reported that cancer patients add a pinch of Celtic salt to it! Is sea salt (unrefined) or Himalayan salt permitted in alternative cancer therapies? There are as usual, two camps. But ordinary salt is definitely a no-no for both camps.

If the additional therapies does not work, will it deteriorate my present condition? I don't think it will. One main reason is that my present anchor Gerson therapy has sort of stabilised my condition. The additional therapies should improve rather than make it worst. Worst case I believe, nothing bad happens. Most of the additional therapies that I have chosen are potent but rather safe, does not clash or produce much side effects.

Update On Zeolite Detox
I was searching for some reputable online store to check out the zeolite mineral when I came across an article by a wellness practitioner that belong to the liquid zeolite camp. She mentioned something very interesting and I think is important to know as well not withstanding the "war" between the powder and liquid zeolite companies.

According to her, the liquid zeolite are manufactured under macroionization process that reduces the zeolite's molecule to the size where it can be suspended and renders it small enough to be absorbed and later exceeded through the bloodstream. The macroionization is an expensive process and if a liquid zeolite carries a small price tag, you can bet it has not been macronized small enough to do your tissues any good. However, according to the product description, each bottle of liquid zeolite carries only 24mg of zeolite mineral.

On the other hand, powder zeolite is reduced into small particle form and it is this same particles that are used by researches in the clinical trials. Further, the amount of powder zeolite mineral used in the trials ranges from 4,000mg to 15,0000mg. Hence a bottle of liquid zeolite consisting of only 24mg of zeolite and the dosage of 45 drops a day is not going to be effective. On the other hand, each teaspoon of powder zeolite is 5gm or 5,000mg and taking 3 teaspoon a day is closer to the dosage used in the clinical trials.

I have written to the manufacturer of the powder zeolite to inquire about the size of the powder zeolite particles and whether it is small enough to enter the bloodstream. Otherwise, the powder zeolite do prove to be effective in pulling heavy metals from the gut, but it has no power beyond that.

I will provide an update once the powder zeolite manufacturer replies.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Good Alternative Detox Program

I have written about detox many times before but I have never written a detox program other than coffee enema, although I knew of many other alternatives. I understand that many people (even those with cancer) are put off by doing coffee enema detox, now they can consider doing this detox. Most detox only cleans (this and/or that organ) but this one not only does that, it also improves the alkalinity of your pH and at the same time also destroy cancer cells!

The ZEODETOX program, which is also part of the Budwig protocol works on a couple of the basic issues in cancer. It is a powerful detoxifier, and improves the alkalinity of your body. It also takes a load off the liver and kidneys as it absorbs toxins. More importantly, according to information in United States Patent no. 6,288,045, zeolite can, when pulled into cancer cells, activate the P21 gene which tells a cancer cell to die, or literally, according to this patent, destroy the nucleus of cancerous cells.

When the zeolite moves inside the cell, the P21 gene is activated. P21 acts as a tumor suppressor through its ability to control cell cycle progression. The activation of P21 appears to halt the growth of tumors by directly suppressing growth signals. In in-vitro studies, all cancer cells tested were destroyed in 72 hours, which is a claim no other substance has been able to make. The beauty of it, of course, is that there are no side effects because it specifically targets cancer cells.

The zeolite supplement is so efficient that just 100 drops has the equivalent toxin absorption area of nearly 8m2! There is no other health supplement on the market that is as pure or as effective at detoxifying the body. Not only is it on the FDA's General Recognized As Safe list (FDA GRAS), the supplement is so safe that it has been taken by pregnant women and babies with absolutely no side effects.

In a research by Ruder Bosković Institute, Division of Molecular Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia, researches found that natural silicate materials, including zeolite clinoptilolite, have been shown to exhibit diverse biological activities and have been used successfully as a vaccine adjuvant and for the treatment of diarrhea. They report a novel use of finely ground clinoptilolite as a potential adjuvant in anticancer therapy. Clinoptilolite treatment of mice and dogs suffering from a variety of tumor types led to improvement in the overall health status, prolongation of life-span, and decrease in tumors size. Local application of clinoptilolite to skin cancers of dogs effectively reduced tumor formation and growth. In addition, toxicology studies on mice and rats demonstrated that the treatment does not have negative effects. In vitro tissue culture studies showed that finely ground clinoptilolite inhibits protein kinase B (c-Akt), induces expression of p21WAF1/CIP1 and p27KIP1 tumor suppressor proteins, and blocks cell growth in several cancer cell lines. These data indicate that clinoptilolite treatment might affect cancer growth by attenuating survival signals and inducing tumor suppressor genes in treated cells.

Zeolites are a group of minerals formed by the mixture of molten lava and seawater during the formation of new land. Zeolites have a unique crystalline structure which attracts and entraps heavy metals and toxins, eventually being excreted through the body's natural elimination system.

Zeolite, technically a mineral, consists of alternating Silica Tetra Oxide and Aluminum Tetra Oxide crystals that arrange themselves in a lattice-like configuration. The actual Clinoptilolite Zeolites are relatively unique in nature because they have a negative charge. Because of that negative charge, they attract heavy metals and toxins, all of which are typically positively charged. With that negative charge, they are also able to redistribute lighter metals (sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus) and acid-causing hydrogen ions throughout the body, also known as pH buffering.

Zeolites are unique among chelating agents because they discriminate between good and bad metals. They're able to discriminate because they don't have the same strength of attraction to all molecules. They bind more strongly to heavy metals and have little or no affinity to lighter "good" metals and are flushed out through the urine within 6-8 hours. It can also be used externally for face & body masques, or added to your bath water for a detoxifying soak.

Zeolite is also very effective in removing radiation, as shown in the cleanup after the Chernobyl nuclear accident. The people showed a 30% reduction in radioactive isotopes after the very first application of Zeolite!

Liquid Zeolite Dosage Recommendations from Gabriel Cousens M.D.:

Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) is in liquid drops and can be taken with or without food. It can be taken directly on the tongue, in a hot or cold drink, or in hot or cold food.

* The general treatment for everyone is 10 drops three times a day, with or without meals. As a support for cancer prevention or as an addition to a cancer treatment program, 15 drops three to four times a day is recommended. Zeolite remains active in the body for five to seven hours, and then needs to be replenished.
*After four to six weeks of use (at 10 drops three times a day), a maintenance dosage of three to five drops three times a day can be taken, with the amount increased if ever there is a viral, chemical, or other exposure. Children can be given two drops, three times a day, as a general dose.
*Higher doses of 15 drops, three times a day, require about four bottles a month. Doses of 10 drops, three times a day, require about three bottles a month. And the maintenance dosage of three drops, three times a day, requires one bottle a month.

While on NCD, it's very important to stay well hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Powder Zeolite Dosage.
*For detoxification or general well being:
Take 1 measured teaspoon once a day. (Can be taken and mixed in foods or drink).

*For an acute health problem:
Take 1 measured teaspoon 3 times a day until resolved. The recommendation is a minimum of 90 days before being re-evaluated by your doctor.

*Detoxifying Bath:
Add 1/4 - 1 cup (or any quantity you desire) to your bath water for a deeply detoxifying soak.

1 teaspoon approximates 5gms. Depending on where you buy, a bottle can weigh 400gms, 440gms or 500gms.

* Zeolite should NOT be taken with any medications containing heavy metals, such as lithium, or with the use of medications containing platinum.
* Please note that these are suggestions and nothing in this site is intended or considered treatment of any kind. Please see your doctor for any medical conditions or any treatment

From the costs prespective, this detoxification method is not that cheap, costing an average of US$210 per month for cancer patients for the first three months but the costs will come down to about US$52 per month during the maintenance period. Free shipping is normally offered in the US, but postage or courier charges are payable outside US, so the costs for overseas users would be higher by about US$50. Be sure to buy from a reputable source because not all zeolites are suitable for human consumption.

For testimonials of the effectiveness on zeolite, please click here.

Should I use the powder or liquid form? For a report on whether liquid zeolite or powder zeolite is better, please click here. The Budwig Wellness Center uses liquid zeolite (not sure what brand they use). There are marketing claims between rival companies (liquid versus powder zeolite) but personally, I would go for powder zeolite because it's purer and in its natural form.