Friday, October 12, 2012

Thank YOU!!

Hi! We are Chang’s daughter.  First of all we apologize for this message is long overdue.  We must thank all the readers for supporting our daddy’s blog. Your warmhearted comments, wishes and concerns especially during daddy’s last days, really touched our hearts. 

When our dad posted last entry on 16th August 2012, many readers had requested us to update the blog so that they can keep tab on dad’s condition.  We needed to spend time with dad and we felt that we are not up to the task. Thank you to Chang’s friend for updating the blog on his behalf.

53 years ago in the year of 1959, our father Mr. Chang Chee Teck whom you all referred to as Chang was born into this world. Some of the readers known him ever since he was a child, some might knew him for maybe, half of his life. There are also some, who just knew him through this blog.
Today, 12th of October is Dad’s 53rd birthday. He has lived through more than half a century and was blessed with many friends. We know that many would miss him as we miss him too. This day, we will remember him, he who fought cancer with all his strength. Even though he did not live until this day, but today is the day our dad was born. We are grateful for he was born, we will always remember and miss him.

Hence, we would like to say thank you again, the readers for reading the blog and also the comments and support. Thank you friends, for being there for him: for when he was healthy and for when he was sick. Thank you Chang's friend for helping dad and write when he couldn't. Chang says that the blog will not be closed (however there will not be any further update), so that people can still view the blog for its information and research done by Chang. This is most probably the final entry for this blog.

Lastly, we would like to say thank you, dad.  We will always love you.

(updated by Chang's daughters)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I received many requests from readers to keep this blog "alive". To keep this blog active so that Chang's efforts for the past three years will not be wasted.  That if I were to stop posting, this blog would be left idle and no one would tap into Chang's work. My question to them was, what do you think I should write about?
I did give serious consideration to these requests. I thought through as to how best to do justice to this blog. Also, what I can do to allow this blog to continue to be a valuable resource to cancer patients.To this end, last week I invited a hypnotherapist to contribute an article on the use of hypnotherapy in cancer and she has accepted. There were other suggestions as well that I post the story of other cancer patients who have tried alternative therapies and document their results here. In fact, I have written to a reader to ask for permission to post her story on this blog. It looks like these will  remain as only ideas.   

Anyway, I received an anonymous feedback yesterday that I should post on a separate blog. Probably, after the aftermath of the very heated religious debate and the comments made, anonymous said this blog is being contaminated and readers are putting words in Chang's mouth. And to leave this blog alone. I don't know what the readers here think. Readers have argued over religion here in the past, sometimes over a few days. Everyone gets so heated and then "contaminate" this blog with their comments. Is that so?

I am not sure if you have any idea how much pressure it is to write on another person's behalf. More so when the article is posted publicly. It is a huge responsibility. I would not have done it if not for Chee Teck. And I would not be at this point if not to preserve his memory and his work. In fact, a reader asked me just this morning if I have stopped posting on this blog and I said yes. And that it is time to move on. That I wouldn't want to keep writing about the past unless something fresh and useful comes along.

The only reason why I wrote about the past here was to use it as a reference point for learning and sharing. And there is so much one can learn from another person's life. Also to address readers' concerns about the dying process, which is very relevant especially for a terminally ill patient, if not all of us.There is no taboo here, talking about dying. I just did not want to trigger off an ugly religious debate, which unfortunately happened. I recognise  also that even though we connect via the blog, we do still grieve for him in our way.  I felt a few extra posts would wrap up nicely the loose ends, answer your questions,  grieve together and move on together. 

 I created a blog called The Bodhi Circle.. You may visit me there at  This will be my last post here.

(Updated by Chang's Friend)