Thursday, January 14, 2010

Link To Facebook

I created a link from this blog to Facebook (ID: jchangct) so that some of my friends who uses Facebook do not need to navigate to Blogspot to follow my blog. The update is automatic and I find this feature useful. At least one after my blog is buying a juicer and changing to alkaline water. I hope more will follow and lead a healthier lifestyle.

The Indian Government has changed their visa terms. Now tourist can travel only two times per the six months visa issued and there must be a two months break in between the travel. This will be a serious blow to pilgrims who normally spend a day or two in Lumbini, Nepal before going back into India. I am not sure if pilgrims can get exception. Current exemptions only apply to business and medical visas. If you do plan on pilgrimage, please ensure you have this point sorted before you travel unless your base is in Kathmandu.

This morning, I started using the lugol solution. Lugol solution is not pungent in smell but it is not sweet either. I got 100ml and then added another 100ml of distilled water to the solution to half the strength. I used a small tablespoon to apply three drops of the solution. The carrot+apple juice became a little brownish and a little bitter as well but I have no problem drinking it. I will report on any reaction or flare-up.

This morning the sun was very bright and I feel great. I have gained 0.5kg the last two days. However, my legs are a little tired not sure if it is from too much standing in the kitchen. I also feel some improvement in my strength. When exerting my muscles to juice, it's not so painful. Hopefully, this is not temporary.

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