Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 145

My second castor oil enema took place on Monday morning at 10.15am instead of 5.30am. Since i not not getting enough sleep, I may as well start the castor oil enema later. The reason why some start earlier is because they have problems taking breakfast after consuming two tablespoons of castor oil. Yes, it is rather difficult to drink raw castor oil. It's very oily and also has a distinct after taste. I did not experience any stomach cramps but I did have stomach discomfort for the whole morning. I had no problems drinking the juices but did have a little problem taking my lunch as I feel like vomitting. So I ate a little slower and a little lesser than usual. I then took the castor oil enema at 3.15pm. Same problem in my dinner as well.

I have been using distilled water procured from Carefour but since they are out of stock, I bought 20 1.5l bottles from Giant. After a few days of coffee enema, I felt dehydrated. I suspect the water which I bought from Giant is not pure distilled water, possibly reverse osmosis water despite its label saying it is distilled water. So this morning, I went to the USJ City Carefour to see if they have new stock of distilled water. I was happy to find 5 bottles of 5.5l but it was not enough. Running short of distilled water has bitterly taught me a simple lesson to stock up. So I scooped up the entire display of 25 bottles of 1.5l as well.

The organic food market in Malaysia is taking shape. Previously most of the products are sourced from overseas and lately I see more being produced locally. So I was pleasently surprised to find organic wheat and brown rice noodles (salt free). Almost 99% of brown rice noodles have some sea salt. I can only take salt, oil and sugar free products. At last, I can have my noodles, at least another variety (other than organic brown rice vermicelli which I am currently consuming) for me to cook during the weekends. I made tomotato soup noodles this morning with it and it taste like heaven.

Late yesterday, a friend called me and asked for my help. Apparently her friend who is 60 years old has just being diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer which has spread. I wanted to meet him last night but he was very tired, so I am meeting him this afternoon. He is planning for surgery and possibly chemotherapy after that. He is also into TCM. My intention is very simple. Make him aware that there are several options available after his conventional treatment.

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