Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mixing Of Similar Therapies

There are a lot of alternative therapies for cancer out there. If you do a search in Google for "alternative cancer therapies", you can see there are over 3 million entries. Each alternative therapy has its own followers and claim to success.

Although I am using the Gerson therapy, this does not mean I endorse it for you. This also does not mean other therapies are not effective. I am not making any statement of recommendation or preference. What I have done is I have made my choice of therapy. As I treat myself with this therapy, I also let you know of my success and failures. I am sharing experience with you in case you want to follow this therapy. I am also not an expert on Gerson Therapy but a mere follower but due to the non avaiability of some supplements, I am forced to adapt at my own risk. You must understand this risk before you follow.

Why am I making this distinction? I think it is important to understand the therapy you are taking so that you do not mix and add. This is not a lego set and you should not experiment with you life trying this or that. Just because some other therapies also use juices and coffee enema does not mean the therapy is Gerson therapy. I will summarise the Gerson Therapy in the hope that you will understand it better (please help correct me if I got it wrong). In fact Dr Gerson's recommendation is that if you cannot abide by it, don't follow.

Summarised Gerson Therapy
The three main pillars of Gerson Therapy are:
a) Gerson Nutrition Diet
b) Detoxifying
c) Supplementation

Gerson Nutrition Diet
This consists of no oil, no salt and no sugar diet. In addition, at least 13 fruit and vegetables 8oz juices (no pulp/fibre) per day. For breakfast and dinner, oragnic oatmeal while for lunch and dinner, baked or boiled potatoes in their jackets, stewed vegetables, salads and Hippocrates soup.

Gerson Detox
Two type of enemas are used namely coffee enema and castor oil enema, alternating in use every other day.

Gerson Supplements
Supplements here are not just for the purpose of providing additional minerals or nutrients. Two of the main supplements that are taken is large quantities are potassium salt and lugol (iodine) solution. These two minerals are required to cause tumor cell inflammation that will result in the tumor cells dying.

As you can see, Gerson Therapy is not just about juicing and detoxying. In Dr Gerson's earlier years of practice (as recorded in his book, A Cancer Therapy), patients died due to the release of toxins in the liver when tumor cell dissolve. The kidney is not able to rid the toxins itself and as a result, the enemas was introduced to help the body rid of the toxins.

The Gerson therapy to be effective must be in use for at least 18 months and recommendation is 24 months. This is to allow the liver (cancer patient's liver is functioning below 35% capacity) to be restored to as normal as possible. Even after this period, it is recommended that we do not revet back to our previous diet. Indeed the Gerson Therapy is not easy to follow and I read in some websites, impossible to follow. All I can say is NO PAIN NO GAIN.

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