Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Size Does Matter

I took a break yesterday from blogging.

The flare-ups are still there but is now milder. One of the thing about this flare-up is that it is dependent on the amount of lugol solution I used. The current recommended dose is three drops. The only problem is how big should each drop be? Perhaps there is a standard syringe to apply. The method I used is crude. I used a small baby spoon and then create the drops. The larger the drops, the bigger the flare-up. So after reducing the size of the drops, the flare-up became bearable. I read that a little bit more iodine is not harmful.

Today as I was renewing my insurance at MPIB (still a strong supporter), I met some old colleagues and an agent. I am happy to see them as they are happy to see me. In fact I was told I look better now then previously. Of course, I like my present size too, no more big spare tyres. I am looking forward to go back to normal life again and hopefully I can do that by end of the year. This journey is still long.

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