Saturday, January 16, 2010

Health Status @ 16 Jan 2010

This is the 8th report. New information are presented in italics.

Tumor mass of size of about 13cm on the right kidney and 21 and 23 over nodes all over my left and right lungs respectively with one up to 3cm in size on both lungs. Possibly also spread to the liver.

First detected on 11 September 2009 through CT Scan. Subsequent CT scan on 24 October 2009 showed a slight improvement and possibly no growth.

Consulted four urologist (one in Singapore and three in Malaysia) and two oncologist (one in Malaysia and one in Singapore). Both oncologist suggested removal of right kidney. Singapore urologist also suggested removal of kidney. The three urologist do not recommend surgery or chemotherapy. The last urologist consulted said most of his patients died within six months of surgery while two on the experimental drug Sutent is not responding. All agree that is no cure for the moment.

My urologists do not recomment me to take any treatment. It is also my own choice not to take conventional treatment after considering all the facts of the case.

Schedule for next scan is in March 2010.

Treatment Undertaking
a. Modified Gerson Therapy
a1. Coffee Enema
Initially, four times a day for four weeks, every four hours apart. Subsequently three times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening for 15 minutes.

a2. Nutrition Diet
All fruits and vegetables mentioned are organic.
i. Juicing - 12 fruit and vegetables juices a day begining around 7am and ending 7pm. First juice is either 40% ripe papaya (with skin) or green apple, then alternating between carrot+apple and vegetables (mainly lettuce) and ending with carrot juice. Juice from 7.45am to 12.45pm and from 2pm to 7pm, every hourly.
2. Diet - No oil, no sugar and no salt on all cooking. For breakfast and supper, maily oats with some raisins, sometimes a little manuka honey is added. For lunch and dinner, vegetables such as Siew Pak Choy, Lettuce, lady's fingers, califlower, broccoli and spinach are mainly steamed or boiled. K-salt is added for flavouring. A teaspoon of flaxseed oil is added when serving (but not during cooking). Somali organic brown rice is consumed and sometime potatoes are also used. ABC or hipocrates soup are also prepared every other day for daily consumtion.
3. Supplements - K-salt, B12, naicin, discontinued kelp and replaced with lugol solution and Q10.
4. Others - Rye bread, papaya, guavas, oranges and bananas are consumed at regular intervals.

b. Homeopathy Medicine
Consulting Doctor: DR AU Ramakrishnan MBBS,PhD, Chenni, India (
Local Consultant: Vishuddi Lee
Treatment Started: 6 November 2009.
Consulting: Once every two months in Singapore. Next appointment 6 March 2010.
Medication Given : Phosphorus and Carsinosin (alternating between weekly), morning and evening tablet.
Reaction: No further reactions observed other than mouth ulcers.

Met Dr rama on 9 January and he is quite happy with the progress. Will continue with the same medication but with increase potency for another 2 months. He has als requested me to see the oncologist for a progress review.

c. Urine Therapy
Drink the first urine of the day.

Health Status
For the past week, gain about 1kg. Must start watching weight when I reach 72kgs. Physically getting a little stronger. What has changed is that I drink a little more juices (from 250ml to about 300ml), more consistent in taking Hipocrates soup and taking of raw fruits and vegetables during lunch and dinner.

Actual progress will be known when I do the next scan on 1 March 2010. Muscle and skin are bit more firmer. Meanwhile, I believe my health is improving.


  1. Chang,

    I am very clear in my mind you are a real fighter, I am sure you will make it.

    Best seasonal regards, kok piew

  2. Dear Kok Piew,

    Good to hear from you again. Thanks and look forward to meet you guys again for the get together during Chinese New Year!