Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Little Comfort

I was fully dehydrated when I work up early this morning to urinate. My throat and mouth was so dry that I needed to drink water immediately. I normally do not drink water since I am already drinking 4 liters of juices a day. The water I used for coffee enema is not pure distilled water that caused me to dehydrate. My wife said the water taster sweet. How can distilled water have taste? I am going to write an official complain to Giant.

Last night I bought a baby cotton mattress at the night market for my coffee enema. Previously I had used a very thin mattress and it was painful to sleep on. Now with the thicker, it is more comfortable to lie on.

About an hour after I finished my castor oil enema this afternoon, I felt a little short but sharp pain around the right side on my abdomen. I was worried about it for a while and so I lie down in bed for a while. The last attack I had was in August 2009 that led to the discovery of the tumor and the pain was around the back but this time it is on the side. I had experience this type of short sharp pain earlier in the therapy. I am not sure what to make of it. Hopefully it will go away after some rests.


  1. would u be able to take lemon honey n braggs as salad dressing. i use that. :) good to see u progressing well.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I will checkout the blog. As far as food is concerned, I do have a good appitite and can eat almost anything. My problem is that I have very little stomach space left for more food because of the regular juicing, oats and fruits in between. I don't even have space to take the Hipocrates soup during lunch so much so I am now drinking it during tea time or in between juicing.