Saturday, January 2, 2010

1. Lumbini - Birth place of Buddha (photos)

Lumbini Complex on the right as we walk towards the stupa complex.

Mahadevi Complex that houses the ruins of a former temple. The pond, called Puskarni in front of the complex is belived to be the place where Buddha's mother took bath before giving birth to Buddha.

Ruins of the 2,000 over years old temple inside the complex.

Exact spot where Buddha was born (Sanctum-Sanctorum).

Ruins of temple outside the Mahadevi complex.

The famous Asoka pillar located beside the complex, a pillar erected by King Asoka to mark his visit to the site on 249BC. However, the famous three horse heads on the top of the pillar is missing.

The Nepalese temple, the first temple just outside the Lumbini protected area.

Some photos taken inside and outside the temple showcasing Nepalese handicraft

Some photos taken from the Chinese Temple

Some photos taken from the Tara Foundation (German) Tibetian styled temple.

The uncompleted Japanese and Vietnamese temples respectively.

The Tibetian Monastery that we stayed for a night outside Lumbini Garden (about 20 minutes walk).

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