Saturday, January 2, 2010

3. Sarnath - Place of The First Sermon (photos)

The Sarnath Archeological Museum houses many Buddhist and Hindu artifacts. However, no photography was allowed but you should go in for a visit.

The restored Dhamek stupa erected by King Asoka around 249BC which was subsequently encased with carved stones during the Gupta period (4th-6th AD). The stupa is 28.5m in basel diameter and 43.6m in height.

Closeup of some of the stone carvings surrounding the Dhamek stupa.

Some of the ruins around the Dhamek stupa.

A, short distance away but still within the complex is the Dharmarajika stupa which was also build by King Asoka to enshine the body relics of the Buddha.

Ruins of a stupa believed to commemorate the site the Buddha met the five ascetics located about 500m away from the Dhamek stupa.

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