Saturday, January 2, 2010

4. Kushinagar - Place of Buddha's Passing Away (photos)

The Mahaparinibbna Temple was build in 1956 by the Indian Government to commemorate the 2,500th year of the Buddha's era.

The reclining Buddha image inside the temple is 1,500 years old and carved out in one block of red stone during the Gupta period.

The Nirvana stupa that houses the relics of the Buddha is just behind the main temple.

Ruins of the old temple around the Mahaparinibbana Temple.

The Matha Kuwara Shrine contains the 1,000 year old Buddha image carved out of blue stone. This shrine is on another site about 300m from the main temple.

The Makutabandhana cetiya of the Mallas that marks the acutal cremation site of Buddha. This site is about 1.5km away from the main temple.


  1. The reason why Lord Buddha chose Kushinagar to be last place he attained Parinibbana.
    Kushinagar is the proper venue to preach his Maha-Sudassana Sutta.
    It is also said that Subhada would visit him during his sermon in Kushinagar and develop his meditation and would become Lord Buddha arrahant.
    Since the Brahman Doha would be there during his death and solve the problem of distribution of Lord Buddha relics.