Friday, January 15, 2010

A Great Week

This week has been a remarkable week for me. I felt for the first time my body is healing, a sense of firmness in my skin and also the muscles. Although this could be the work of the mind, but I do feel stronger. Exerting my muscles is less painful and I gain some 0.7kg of weight. Due to my tight schedule in juicing, taking the diet including Hipocrates soup, fresh fruites and vegetables and eating on time, I am feeling a little less hungry in between.

I have started to use lugol solution for two days and there are some reactions. I seemed to have more gases in my stomach/rectum before, during and after coffee enemas. Last night I had to drink peppermint tea to calm my stomach down which at one point was causing a little heartburn after the evening coffee enema. I also experience a little pain around the ribs once in a while. I am not sure what to make of it or whether this was caused by the lugol solution or healing reaction. Still I feel great.

Sharing of information is great. Recently KC, a brother in cancer from Singapore sent me an email offering to help me procure some of the supplements that I could not get. These supplements are very important to the healing and some of them are really difficult to get like lugol solution and pancreatin. I believe he must have read my earlier postings and offered to tell me where to get the supplies in Singapore. KC had colon surgery in May 08, chemo from Nov 08 to May 09 but the cancer had spread to the liver. He then took up Gerson Therapy from Oct 09. I wish him speedy recovery. In addition I would like to follow his progress as well because there is so much information we can share and help each other and also those who want to follow this therapy.

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