Sunday, January 17, 2010

If It Ain't Broken Don't Fix It?

Since I started using lugol solution in place of kelp supplement for the iodine, I have been feeling some discomfort around my chest area. As you know my lungs are severely infected with cancer nodes. Lugol solution is definitely more potent that any iodine supplement and one possible explanation is that when the cancer cells are dissolved by the potassium/iodine combination, the toxins are released. Since my body is not able to rid of the toxins that fast, hence the discomfort. So one way to help my body detox is to take in more frequent coffee enemas. I will now increase the coffee enema to at least 4 per day.

The question of detoxification is interesting and controversial depending on how you look at it. This story was told to me by my brother. Apparently there were two elderly sisters from his church, who where quite healthy. After being told how good detox is, they started detoxing (don't know which method or formula they used). Suddendly one of them passed away and ever since people found out have been staying away from detoxying. Of couse, we really do not know what actually happened unless an autopsy is being performed.

The question before us is can detox kill a person? No matter how remote the possibility is, the answer is it can. I infer this from Dr Gerson's work wherein he performed autopsy on the patients and found out that they died of toxins in liver. Statistical research by Blond suggests that 98% of all cancer of the internal organs succumb not to the cancer but to the liver disorder (1928 Kasper Blond, The Liver and Cancer). It is not possilbe to know your condition of your liver (which may be on the verge of failing) and the detox program just accelerated it. Many will disagree with this argument but the point is when you detox, are you aware of the mechanics of how the detox works? Most detox programs are injested orally with some herbs, tea, medicine, etc and then depend on the person's internal organs such as the liver and kidney to do the work of cleansing and expelling the waste. Therein lies the problem. If your organs are functioning, then we do not have a problem but what if it is not?

Of course the other method uses is coffee enema which is administered via the rectum. I am not saying this method is better than the rest but only to say that I have used it for more than 450 times since September 2009 and some other cancer patients more than a few thousand times. My internals organs like the kidney and liver are not functioning properly. I am detoxying at a higher rate (than any of the elderly sisters) and taking in supplements to dissolve the cancer cells. My friend in cancer from Singapore who did his chemo (which you know how toxic it is) is doing coffee enema 5 times a day and have no problems since October 2009.

So understand what detox you are doing first. Where are the toxins released in the body and which internal organs are responsible for removing the toxins and how they are release out. Do not stop detoxying just because of some "rumour" but also be careful of the method used. In fact I am depending on detox to keep myself alive and free of cancer subsequently.

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