Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Detox Your Body

A number of my friends after seeing my condition and how the coffee enema has helped me rid my 25+ years of pain on the shoulders wanted to start the coffee enema. This posting is written for that purpose.

Buying the Enema Set

The best place in my opinion to get the enema set is at Newlife International, a few shoplots away from Affin Bank along SS2/24. Besides buying the enema bucket set, don't forget to buy the organic coffee and also hydrogen peroxide (for cleaning after use). You may also want to buy KY gel from a pharmacy. The total cost is around RM90.

You need to do the enema preferable inside the toilet where you can lie down comfortably. If possible, have a CD player nearby where you can put soft music that will help you ease your mind during the enema. You will also need a string/wire or a chair of about 18 inches in height from the floor to secure/put the coffee enema bucket.

Organic Coffee
Use must only use organic caffinated coffee. We need the caffine.

Use only distilled water. Carefour sell 5.5l bottle for RM3.10. You need to use 1 liter per enema.

Have some used blankets wrapped by plastic to be laid on the toilet floor. You will lie on top of this blanket during the coffee enema. This will make your coffee enema more comfortable rather than lying on pure hard tiles.

Have a watch or alarm/handphone by your side. You need to time the coffee enema.

Use only steel pots to boil the water/coffee.

Fill 1 liter of distilled water into the steel pot. Add 3 spoonfulls of coffee. Stirr the coffee until dissolved in the water. Heat the pot until boil for 3 minutes. Lower the flame and simmer the coffee for another 15 minutes with the pot lid closed. When done, allow coffee to cool down to body temperature and then strain the coffee. Pour the strained coffee into the enema bucket. Do not forget to fastern the tube to prevent coffee from escaping.

Now go to your toilet and lie on your back on top of the blanket. Apply a little (size of a soya bean) KY gel to the top of the tube. Relax yourself, put the music on and slowly insert the tube into your anus. Do not insert more than 4 inches deep. 2-3 inches is good enough. Once inserted, release the tube fasterner so the coffee can flow into your rectum. Do not increase the height of the bucket, otherwise you will get a burning sensation. the coffee should take about 15 minutes to be fully in your rectum. Breath deeply and slowly.

When the coffee has fully entered, set your alarm/handphone to ring at 15 minutes later. Next, lie on your right side and bring your thighs closer to your chest/chin. Remain in this position for the full duration of 15 minutes.

If for any reason, you get spasm and cannot hold, then just get up and sit on the toilet bowl and release. Over time, you should be able to complete a full 15 minutes. A minimum of 12 minutes is recommended.

Upon completion of the enema, wash your bucket with soap and water. After that pour 2 capfuls (1 cap if cap is big) hydrogen peroxide over the tip of the tube and some on the bucket for disinfection. Rinse and then allow to dry for next use. Drain the tube.

Overtime feces may get lodged inside the tube. With some warm water poured into the bucket and tube attached, allow warm water to escape from tube. As water flows, squeeze the tube (which is now a little soft) to clean the affected area.

How frequent do you do your enemas? Well, a minumum of once a month and if time permits, once a week. Another way is that if you feel weak or tired, consider doing more often.

Replenishing of Lost Fluids
Please drink pleanty of juices or isotonic drinks after each enemas to replenish lost fluids.

Before You Begin
When begining the coffee enema, it is likely you cannot even hold for 1-2 minutes. This means that you will waste organic coffee in the beginning. My suggestion is this for beinners. Instead of using the full 1 liter in your bucket, you can divide it into 4 portions of 250ml. So with 1 liter, you can have four tries and this will give you practice which is important. Overtime, you find that you can increase your holding power longer and longer. When that happens, you can the perform the full enema as detailed above.

Do write your experience by commenting. Oh, one last thing, please empty your bowels and urine before you begin.

It there a good time to do? Morning is good, after a night of cleasing by your body, you can help the body rid the toxic. Do not expect immediate results but you should see in 3 to 6 months time depending on your frequency.



  1. Thanks for sharing the coffee enama procedure. If you don't mind, may I add some suggestions.
    ... 3 spoonfulls of coffee ( 3 teaspoonfuls)
    ... cool down to body temperature ( Dip a finger into the coffee solution to test the temperature. It shouldn't be too hot for the finger)
    ... KY gel ( / butter or cooking oil to the top of the tube. Release some coffee solution to drive out the trapped air in the tube.) Relax yourself.
    hydrogen peroxide ( or vinegar )
    CT, please read my comment on your posting " Health Status @ 2 January 2010.

  2. CT,
    I had tried out coffee enema (colon cleanse), bowel cleanse (intestine and colon cleanse), liver and gallbladder cleance juicing (fruit and vegetables), lung cleanse (deep breathing and Qigong), skin cleanse, exercise and healthy lifestyle on a few cancer patients. All of them are improving.

  3. CT,
    When a person has cancer, his/her body, is very toxic, acidic, having lack of oxygen and nutrients. Toxins need to be removed thru many channels (skin, intestines, oolon, liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys, mouth, nose and mind) for speedy recovery. Enema helps to remove the toxins from the colon and also prevent more toxins from entering the body only. (continue in the next comment)

  4. (continue from last comment posted)
    It is vital that the cancer patient remove the toxins in the organs that are preventing the self-healing mechanism for healing the body. Once the internal toxins are eliminated, all the body systems can function, rejuvenate and boost the immune system again. Refer to my upcoming blog on natural treatment for cancer.

  5. hi, i am trying to do an enema but not sure where to get the distilled water. tried tesco and guardian already. is the distilled water the same as the cheap reverse osmosis water you can buy in big bottles? thanks for your help

    1. I would suggest that you buy at Carefour. Its the green label bottle.
      You can buy in 5.5l bottles.

      Do not use any other type of water like reverse osmosis as it can cause you dehydration.

  6. ok, sounds good. thanks for your help!

  7. I've tried the coffee from newlife but I find that after doing it, I'm still feeling tired and a little bloated with air..feels like vomiting too during purging. The previous coffee I did was really good, I felt so energised but couldn't contact the supplier anymore. Considering if there are other coffee enema selling around?