Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Enough Rests

I am feeling a little tired for the past week. The situation was made worst because of my castor oil enema wherein I have to get up at 5.20am to prepare the coffee and drink castor oil. I am sleeping an average of 6 hours daily and not getting enough sleep. I have to find ways to get some sleep in between. Because I juice every hour, it is almost not possible to sleep because I am prepare hourly juices, Monday to Sunday, no holidays. I take homeoathy medicine at 8.30pm and finish by about 11pm. One way I am thinking is to miss out one juice (the 3pm juicing). After my 2pm juicing, I immediately take a nap and wake up at 3.45pm. To make up for the missing 3pm juice I drink 20% more during the 2pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm to compensate. I am also changing the timing to begin my castor oil enema from 5.30am to 10am. This would allow me to sleep more and hopefully less disruptive on my daily routine.

Treating cancer is really a 24x7 business. Since the cancer has the upper hand controlling the food intake, I have to constautantly fight it with diet. The Gerson Therapy is really effective here but it is not easy to follow without any help but I am coping. I met a lady in her 40s at the place where I usually buy my organic vegetables and she was wondering why I bought so much vegetables (I use about 3kgs of vegetables and another 4kgs of carrot+ apple for juicing a day). I told her I use it for juicing because of my cancer. She said she had breast cancer about 3 years ago but recently her friend's breast cancer reappeared and she is getting worried. Apparently she used the Gerson Therapy for two years during her breast cancer days but stopped after she recovered. I reminded to her that the cancer cells is still in her body and suggested that she watch her diet (less sugar, oil and salt), drink more juices and to detox regularly.

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