Monday, January 18, 2010

Flare Ups

I have been on the Gerson Therapy (GT) for over four months now and so far so good. In my opinion, I think the potassium and iodine (ie. lugol solution) are two of the more important supplments that GT followers take. Previously I use kelp as substitute for the iodine because that was the best I could get.

However, with my brother's help I managed to get lugol solution as recommended in the GT. It's only 5 days into using the lugol solution when I experienced the full flare-up since yesterday. For most patients, the flare-up occurs within the first two weeks of treatment. I had nausea and lots of gases in my stomach yesterday but today I had problem eating dinner. I felt like vomitting everytime I take a bite at the potatoes and stewed vegetables. I just don't feel like eating. There was also a lot of gas in my stomach too. However, I had little problem eating raw fruits but then these are not filling. So I made myself some otas but this was also difficult to eat, basically I felt like vomitting. Anyhow, I push myself to eat as much as possible. I still feel hungry but have no mood to eat! Luckily I had no problems (yet) with the coffee enema and it helps a bit everytime I completed my enemas.

The recommended treatment is to take large amount (2 liters) of peppermint tea, served with brown sugar and a bit of lemon for 24 hours. Such flare ups are expected to last not more than 4 days. It will occur again in the future though. Patients are recommended to remain in bed but I do not have this luxury as I need to do the juicing myself. Sigh...

Clinically, these flare ups are favourable reactions and should be regarded as part of the healing process.

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