Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Long Journey

It's been about four months now since I started the Gerson therapy. This therapy may be quite easy on paper but it is quite difficult to follow, that is if you are doing it alone like me. I have been very strict with myself, ensuring that I do not go lazy or take shortcuts. I have also been guarding my food intake. Starting the Gerson therapy is difficult, maintaining it is even more difficult. Yesterday I received the Gerson Institute's newletter and there was one article that appropriately reminded me to abide the Gerson therapy or else don't follow it.

I have been using Granny Smith apples for juicing but of late, the apples come in larger sizes.
The big ones are causing me some difficulties to mix with carrots in equal proportion. The prices have also gone up with the big ones selling at 3 for RM10. I preferred the medium size which is selling at 4 for RM10.90 and the smaller size sells at 4 for RM6.90. Sometime I wonder why organic apples can be so much larger than ordinary green apples?

I spent most of my time in the kitchen. Chinese New Year is around the corner and the weather is not as sunny as it should be at this time of the year. I observed that the weather has an impact on my emotional state. For example, when it is sunny, I get this feel good feeling while if it is cloudy, I tend to get moody. I have not been paying attention to such things before because I was busy working but not I have more time to observe things around me. Yesterday evening we finally managed to catch the Avatar movie in 3D at Sunway Pyramid. I am a scifi and animation fan and this is one of the best I have seen todate, the animation was better than Transformers and Lord of the Rings or any I have seen. The 3D rendition give the viewers a chance to participate in the scene as if they were there. The story is also touching and as the characters and story develops, you cannot help but find yourself participating as if you were part of the team, maybe sheeding a tear or two.

The Avatar story also reminds me of my condition. A alien taking over a portion of my body and trying to take over. Despite being a small group compared to the larger body but has so much power over the body. To defeat the alien is not to confront it directly but to engage the overall system to fight.

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