Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why Recommend?

My ex colleague, Mark from Singapore was in town for a night and I took the opportunity to meet him to catch up. We met at a cosy pub at Desa Petaling together with another ex colleague, all three of us intending to do some catch up as we last saw eath other more than 1 year ago. Also present were the cousins of Mark. After some brief introduction and I told them I am a cancer patient, many of them were surprised as they could not see anything wrong with me physically or displayed the sick looking face. Not that I want to announce or anything to brag, I should not be ashamed on my medical condition and also not to offend friends as I have refused all forms of food and drinks offered.

Anyway before I could continue with Mark, one of the cousins became very interested in my treatment. Later I found out that her mother and another cousin sister also suffered from cancer. Looks like more and more people are getting cancer. Anyway, the cousin sister's situation is very tricky. She has breast cancer and several lumps were noted on armpit of one of the hands. This was further complicated by her pregnancy which is now in the 6th month. Her doctors has recommended chemotherapy which she has accepted. Meanwhile, many of her friend offered all sorts of treatment (probably the same as those I got) but I think she and her fetus could be in danger. Let me explain. It seems someone recommended that she take juices together with fibres. The problem is that she cannot complete her juices as her stomach is full. She is also losing weight. This is definitely not good. Although I have not seen her, I can say her health condition will deteriorate if this condition continues. Herein lies that same problem. "Experts" offered recommendation but do not what to do (or do follow-up) when things don't go as planned.

I am not an expert but only a user. Based on what I read, I explained what I know. First off, what is the purpose of the fibre? She can have solid food during lunch and dinner. When taking juices, the nutrients and the enzymes are all in the juices, so there is no requirement to take in the fibre. Secondly it is likely that the cousin's stomach is small or that she is suffering from some form of indigestion. Taking only juices will help the stomach absorb the nutrients better and she can then take the juices more frequently. Unfortunately, her cousin seems sold to the earlier idea and she may require me to explain to her directly. I just don't know what to say. Anyway she said she will contact me again. I have also asked her to vist this blog for some information.

Of course, I cannot say the problem is mainly cause by the jucing recommendation as I also do not know what diet she is on. My point is this. That someone must be prepared to do a bit more to really help.

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