Sunday, October 18, 2009

7 October 2009

I am beginning to wind down my activities at work. I had a BOD meeting at 10am and waited outside the Boardroom for my turn to be called. About 30 mins later, my CTO arrived and told me that this a just a project meeting and there are more important things to do. I know he would not mind if I stopped work immediately but I thought a proper handover is important. I excused myself and went for another meeting to handover some outstanding matters. I still have a PSC status meeting in the afternoon but the presentation slide has been prepared the day before.

Chin Aik called me just about 12.30pm for lunch and we drove to Jalan Ipoh and had lunch opposite a Chinese temple in Kassipillay Kampung. We had salted fish head meehoon. Today will be my last day where I will eat meat. After lunch, we proceeded to the shop along 5th mile Jalan Ipoh where we bought two units of the Redox alkaline water filter for RM2,250 each.

My health condition remained the same but I noticed I have been eating quite a lot. I thought that was a good sign until I read that all these foods that I am taking are actually to feed the tumors! I started cutting down on food intake for dinner. I went to Carefour to buy organic vegetables so that I could start my vegetarian the next day. Local organic vegetables are still a bit pricey and depending on they type of vegetables, it can costs three to 10 times more than conventional vegetables.

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