Friday, October 23, 2009

21 October 2009

I tried my first coffee enema. It was not easy the first time and I had trouble inserting the tube. It just would not go in. The "trick" is actually to relax and then push a little and you are done. Laying down on my right side and the coffee started entering the rectum. Even as it entered, you can feel the sensation of spasm of wanting to let go. It takes about 5 min to be complete the process. After that I pull out the tube and sat at the toilet bowl, waiting. The feeling is that it is really going to burst and no matter how hard I tried to withhold, some of the coffee just escapes and before 6 mins it is like a volcano bursting and I gave up and phew, the coffee oozes out. According to the handbook, I may need to vary the amount of coffee and add a bit of camomile tea to make it less stronger. According to Harold Manner, PhD who did research on the coffee enema and this is evidence on the detoxifying on using the coffee enema.

I have been worried out my weight loss and it's one of the bad sign that the bad guy is winning. although I had wanted to starve the buy guys I also ended starving myself in the process. My wife is visibly upset with my diet. I must agree that there is something not right when I lost weight. How can you lose weight and still have a spare tyre? Here I am not talking about 1 or 2 kgs. I could be having a situation called cachexia, the wasting of muscles common in cancer patients. So, I need to correct this protein imbalance by varying yet my diet again to take in more plant protein such as soya milk although soy has not been recommended in the Gerson therapy. I am also tempted to take 10% fish protein. The reason is that I must continue to maintain the body in a healthy condition to receive whatever treatment I may decide later on.

Comes Saturday, I will be performing my second CT scan, to compare against the first scan to see if the tumor has grown or not. I was desperate to improve the scan results during the last three weeks by pushing for a very clean and strict vegetarian diet but it has an obvious side effect - weight loss on the muscles! I will need to work with a nutritionist that has cancer experience. Even a visit to Newlife's article, Dr Tan's cancer recipe is very similar with that of Gerson and I also noted very little protein intake. Then what could be wrong? I think the first thing to do is to correct the situation first and look for answers later. I have been also frustrated with this diet. Although simple in theory, it is very difficult to implement. here we are not taking about the ordinary vegetarian diet. It's a diet with no oil, salt and sugar. Everything is tasteless. The vegetables tastes leafy, soup a little sweet but still tasteless. Sometime I just want to throw in the towel but I told myself to wait until Saturday to complete the scan is completed to see if the sacrifices are all worth it or not. More importantly, is the therapy is working or not? Well may not be a fair conclusion since I did not follow the program fully but I am desperate.

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