Friday, October 23, 2009

22 October 2009

Today, I had two visitors, Janice and Jeremy my friends and ex MPI colleagues. There were very concerned about by condition and I met them outside of my house. I am really grateful to many of my friends and ex-colleagues that have given me morale support. Up till now, my parents still do not know of my true condition, just told them I had some serious problems with my right kidney only. So I am not receiving visitors for the moment. Janice brought me some wheat grass supplement and also gave me a book on cancer treatment while Jeremy gave me two bottles of rice tonic. Suddenly, there are now a lot of books on using nutrition to treat cancer. The authors are both husband and wife. The wife had a near cancer experience while the husband's father passed away because of colon cancer. They devoted their life to help cancer patients through books. However some of the recommendations while nutritional sound in itself may not be good for those with cancer. In some cases, the authors have linked it back to cancer/tumor as to why it should be taken or avoided but in many cases, it's just a statement of opinion. So you will have to do some thinking what is right or good for you. Later in the evening, I also met up with some of my other ex-colleagues, Allen, Bee Tin and Nick at a vegetarian restaurant in Summit.

Early morning I went to renew my passport as I will to apply for some visas and my passport only have 3 pages left but with 9 months to go. I went to the Port Klang immigration office and did my renewal there. I arrived at about 8.10am but my photographs was not suitable and had to be taken again. I also did not bring two sets of photocopied ICs. Anyway I got back my passport at about 10.45am.

I continued my coffee enema detox program after meeting with Janice and Jeremy over lunch. Today, the coffee was a lot warmer and as in the previous days, I just could not hold longer then 5 mins. So, I will reduce the coffee to two tablespoons and add some camomile tea. Once I can complete the 12-15 mins, I will revert back to three tablespoons of coffee.

I have been thinking on how to correct my weight problem. What proteins should I take and at the same time not benefit the tumors? The books that Janice gave me, called The Complete Cancer Cleanse by Cherie Calbom and John Calbom have a short article on whey protein. Whey protein are used exclusive by bodybuilders to improve the muscles in their body. Whey protein is derived from milk. Somehow the authors recommend to stay away from milk and yet at the same time shows the potential of whey protein. I wrote an email to my sister in law YC in Singapore who is well verse in such things (she holds a doctorate degree) to check out whey protein. This is what she said and I quote "Ah yes, whey protein created some stir a few years back. It is all propaganda and sales talk. Most experiments were done on mice not clinical studies and the one new publication in a nutrition journal that I just speed read talks about innate immunity, not about effects on cancer cells. There were some suggestions that it is anti-oxidant and may be able to reduce oxidative damage that can lead to mutations(ie prevention) but not really on killing cancer cells (ie after cancer has formed).Even as a body-builder's supplement, it was all mumbo-jumbo." She reminded me that is is derived from milk and should think twice before buying.

There goes my source and I now have to make a decision to keep my body strong. I would take moderate soy milk and also fish protein to vary my diet until such time I start the Gerson therapy fully. Meanwhile, Janice has me to see another doctor who is located just behind Tawakal Hospital for more treatment options. I think I have a problem in that I kind of fixed the idea that I want to use Gerson therapy and everything else will be supplemental. You see, the believing in the treatment is important because if you don't it will not work. In the book that Janice gave me, there was a part written by Michael Mahaffrey where he had leukemia and he was given 30 days to live. He got hospitalised and took some injections and thereafter changed his diet (10% animal protein and balance of plant diet) and found God and got himself cured. That's the power in believe.

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