Friday, October 16, 2009

27 September 2009

We arrived from Hangzhou at KLIA at about 5am. Did some usual duty free shopping and went for a hot copy of coffee while waiting for daybreak at 6am. Board the taxi at 6.15am (it would costs 50% more had we taken the Taxi at 5.45am).

Later the day, I took my family out for dinner and we had the usual dishes. We also ordered a separate dish clay pot crab. One crab, rice and some seasonings in a large pot possibly for 3 persons but costs RM56. Well you will only try it once. Nothing to shout about.

It's been two weeks since I knew about my condition but my parents still does not know. The prognosis is not good and so far the treatment options are also not good. My Urologist had not recommended me to go for surgery to remove the kidney but instead suggested I take chemo. But chemo would only prolong my life but not cure it. He also suggested to take some form of oral drugs which is currently under testing but it is going to costs me RM20+K a month. The drug company although will also sponsor some of the costs, I don't think I have sufficient resources to say last 2 years of treatment. What am I gong to do? Still I did not want these issues to make me feel down. I have been searching the Internet for some answers.

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