Thursday, October 22, 2009

20 October 2009

The back of my body still hurts a bit from the sleep last night. Because I cannot roll on the sideways to sleep too often, sleeping facing up. What that means is that I am not able to toss and turn resulting in the bones aching. I always get this problem when I sleep in a confined area. Hopefully that's what I think and not something else.

I had planned to start my therapy this morning. I found a Korean made Green Power Juicer (also sold as Samson in some countries like Singapore) which rotates at 80rpm and retain the nutrients and vitamins after juicing. I went to look at the demo of the machine at One Utama where they are having a healthy fair on the concourse of the lobby. It set me back RM2,600 not even a single Ringgit was discount given. They will deliver the juicer to my home in two hours time. Next I wen to Newlife in SS2/24 to buy the Coffee Enema kit (it's called bucket in Newlife) and also bought K-salt (potassium salt), Iodine supplement (kelp), organic coffee for the enema and peppermint tea to be taken before and after the coffee enema. Total RM190. On the way home I stopped by three organic shops to get my apples, carrots and vegetables so that I could drink 8oz (250ml) of juices every hour. Organic goods are expensive! After that I had lunch at one of the organic shop in order to boost my weight what I lost the last few days ago. I had a little fish (I thought it was vegetable fish) but it was not. After 10 days of vegetarian diet, my stomach complained after I taken the food, sort of heart burn feeling.

When I arrived home, the delivery girl was waiting outside my gate. I collected the goods and paid her. Took all the stuff inside the house, setup the juicer and made my first drink. Wow, its really different what all those juices that we ordered at restaurants. It's so sweet and thick. To make 8ozs (about 250ml), you would require two carrots and one apple. That would set you back RM8 but compared to the RM10 juice drink at the restaurant, it's a bargain.

I had said in my earlier posts that I will be talking something about coffee enema. You have been reading about detox in newspapers drinking this tea or that tea. Well I have tried one called Trutox. You get some bowel movement the first day and after that it fizzles out. Remember your intestines is 7m or 23 feet long. When you consume food, many of the unprocessed food are still lodged inside the intestines and some piled up over the years. When I first did the urine therapy, I had three or 4 bowel movements a day over 7 days non stop! I can tell you the things that comes out is really dark, filthy and smelly. Not many of you wants to take urine therapy. Well coffee enema can help you do the same and more. You need a bucket to hold at least 32oz of organic coffee and a tube to be inserted about 3 inches into you anus. It is better to get the coffee enema bucket set. The tube is specially made for this purpose that makes it easier to use. Use 32oz of distilled water, add 3 tablespoon of organic non decaffeinated coffee. Boil for 3 minutes and simmer in low heat for another 15 mins. Then let coffee cool to room temperature strain and pour into bucket. Next lie on you right side and insert tube into anus. The bucket should be around 18inches about you body to allow gravity to push the coffee into the rectum. When all the coffee is in the rectum, withdraw the tube, hold and sit on the toilet bowl. Hold to about 12-15 mins before you discharge. For the first time doing it, you may not be able to hold for more than 5 mins. Never mind. as do do more often, your timing will improve. I will report on the effectiveness the next few days.

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