Sunday, October 25, 2009

25 October 2009

It's a Sunday I know but I am up early. I need to prepare for this morning's breakfast of oat meal. Then I also need to boil coffee for the coffee enema detox. I need to prepare the vegetables for juicing. Typically I spend say 4 hours a day preparing for juicing and washing thereafter.

Late last night I had my coffee enema. It was good as that was also the first time I managed to stay over 10 mins. I noticed that slow and deep breathing helps in some control of staying longer. I also noticed some black discharge. I used to have body pains or aches around the shoulder and neck. I go for massages twice a month to seek relief but now there is some relief. After breakfast this morning I did my coffee enema and also managed to stay over 10 mins but no discharge this morning. I will attempt 4 coffee enemas today.

I have been unfaithful to the Gerson therapy. I took normal food for two afternoons and also fish for two meals. I was desperate when I lost weight. It shows that the mind is weak and will accept such excuse to deviate but no more. I know I need protein and I will get it from the plants. I am still on soy milk but I will phase it out. What is a good substitute then? The Gerson Institute recommends rice milk ( I will follow the instructions and use the brown rice milk instead of soy milk. I will alternate between organic brown rice and potatoes as my staple food. I will make and drink at least 8 vegetable juices a day. Now I know how to combine the vegetables for better taste. Apple+carrot is the best and sweetest combination. I will only have one a day because of the fructose. Try not to mixed too much different type of vegetables together. I use apple as the base and then cauliflower and broccoli or apple as the based plus other green vegetables such as Chinese and red cabbage together or other type of greens such as lettuce. This will make the vegetable juices much easier to drink. I also add a teaspoon of organic wheat grass and K-salt. In between I also help myself to organic oats, organic corn, tomatoes and carrots. I am confident that this way of eating, I will not lose further weight. Phillip Day (CANCER Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth author) reported that "our society has brought into the fear of dying through lack of protein, most believing that unless we scarf down meats by the rack-load, we are in serious danger of becoming protein-dificient." He further commented that this dangerous nonsense came from initial trials conducted on rats. Apparently rats require 10 times more protein than humans.

Over the last week since I lost weight I learned something. Desperate men do not think. They react and do stupid things. This is what I did. In my case, the price is more than just life itself. You see, in order to ensure that I remain healthy, I must stop the tumor from growing. The Gerson therapy has been proven effective by thousands of people and I just need to have faith and read a little more on how to adapt for my own case. Don't panic just because of some minor setback. If for some reasons and I deviate and the tumor grows, it's all over for me. Why? I will most likely be bed ridden. Who will go and make the juices for me? My wife needs to work and bring in the money. We still got mouths to feed. My friend Irene once asked me how come you are at stage 4 cancer and you looks so well while her father was bed ridden? Not to boast, I think the answer is obvious. I changed my lifestyle immediately when I know what to do while the rests continued with their old lifestyle. Even though my KL oncologist has said the diet has nothing to do with cancer but my current own limited experience tells me otherwise as shown in my second scan. Why do you think I can sit, write this blog, meet up with friends and continue to drive around to buy fresh vegetables and look after myself? My Singapore oncologist has declared that only my immune system can cure my disease.

I am thinking of starting a Gerson Support Group in Malaysia. While I think it is important for any cancer patient to seek two or more qualified specialist doctors for treatment options, these people should also be allowed to know of alternatives options to consider. Alternative options to cancer treatment can be found here I do not recommend this or that alternative treatment but only provide a door or a guide. It is up to the individual what he or she wants to do. I am not qualified to give such advice but hope only to share my experience and only for consideration. The decision is entirely up to the person.

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