Tuesday, October 20, 2009

19 October 2009

This morning I had an appointment with an Oncologist at KL General Hospital. This will be my second opinion from an Oncologist. I registered at 9.03am and it was only after 5 hours of waiting I managed to see the Oncologist, Dr. Amin. I told him I am still well and currently on a vegetarian diet. He was surprise and said I should be taking good food to boost my body and immune system and food has no direct relation to the disease. He said even if I went on diet to staff the tumor cells, the cancer would feed on my body. I had expected this sort of reply. I believe many of you have received an email from friends on cancer update from John Hopkins University where for the first time a University is telling people there are alternative ways. Tumor cells feed on sugar and the mucus that is caused by milk intake in the gastro-intestinal track. By taking less protein the enzymes can then attacked the protein layer that protects the tumor cells.

Dr Amin was straight to the point. At this moment, he feels the best way is for me to get the tumor in my right kidney removed and maybe part of the liver if infected as well provided there are no complications and it is possible to operate. Of course, he did say the tumor may come back but that would buy sometime for me. After the surgery they can then recommend treatment for my lungs. However, the experimental drug is not possible. It seems that the Government allocation is not sufficient and they are not participating in the program. As I said before, the drug treatment costs RM20K+ a months and it would be difficult for ordinary people to get treatment. He suggested that I go back to Tung Shin Hospital and try there. The drug company may have under humanitarian grounds give it to me for free after taking into my finances.

Since my last weighing on 15 October where I weight 76kgs, my weight today dropped 4kgs to 72kgs. Although I felt lighter (my ideal weight according to my BMI is 70kgs) but this is no time to talk about BMI. My vegetarian diet is not protein rich and although there are proteins in the greens, I am not taking enough. My error was that I only ate at the usual specific time. For the Gerson therapy to work, besides hourly juices, I must eat as soon as I feel hungry, even in the middle of the night. Since I did not follow the Gerson therapy fully, I have missed the essential part of the treatment i.e. to consume about 20lbs of fruits and vegetable juices every day. The amount of nutrition and minerals would have compensate for my protein intake but since I was not doing it, my body starts to lose weight. So I had to vary my diet and allow for some protein intake mainly for organic soya beans. I also increase my intake of organic Somali brown rice for the time being.

I will review when I am fully ready to implement the Gerson therapy. My bones in my buttocks, back and ribs feels painful when I sit and sleep. This means I have lost about 4kgs of muscle through insufficient protein. Despite all this, I still have my spare tyre around my waist though it had become smaller. To fight this war, I need to preserve my body and at the same time not feed the tumor. This is really challenging. As I have said earlier, all the friend that I know whose love ones had cancer, died. Most successful cases are breast cancer but many had recurrence. What it go to show is that the current treatment is really ineffective. The Western trained doctors treat cancer as a local disease meaning they cut it away and hope that it has not spread. When the colony is disturbed, rest assured they item comeback or start a new colony elsewhere. If you had seen the video Healing Cancer, you would have noticed that a women started cutting the tumor on her legs, then her breast and when there is nothing to cut (because it spread to the lungs) so they tried chemo but it did not work. Chemo never works. It only kills the patient. So the doctors sent her home to die in 3 to 6 months time as they said there is nothing they can do. But she did not and lived to tell her story.

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