Saturday, October 24, 2009

23 October 2009

The Gerson therapy that I have been talking about is a modified version that I used. The Gerson therapy is based on three main principles:
1. Detoxing through coffee enema
2. Nutritional organic vegetables and fruits eaten raw, cooked and most importantly made into juices and
3. Minerals supplements.

The concept is very simple to follow if you read the Max Gerson's book A cancer Therapy and his daughter Charlotte Gerson's follow-up book The Gerson Therapy. The beginning of the regime is very strict beginning at 6am and ending at 10pm. Every four house coffee enema and every hour vegetable and fruit juices. It should be noted that the Gerson therapy mentioned in the book is a general prescription for all type of cancers and not tailored made to each type of cancer and individual. For better results, it would be better to tailor made the program via their clinic in Mexico or Hungary. Hence, I am also experimenting what is good for me.

A friend, Bee Tin asked me the other day how do I keep myself occupied now that i have "retired". As you can see from the above, the Gerson therapy is actually very demanding requiring quite a lot of work. Unfortunately I have not been able to follow fully. Like coffee enema, I think I can do about four a day, the best I had to date is three. This is because I still have errands to run and those take away the time like going to the bank and buying vegetables every day. I started with 2 carrot and 1 apple juices and had four 8 ozs of juices per day about I think that is not good for me. Carrot and apples contains fructose which is actually sugar. So I have started to drink vegetable juices plus one carrot or an apple. The greener the vegetable, the more difficult it is to drink. I receive so many email on broccoli juice but it's not easy to drink. Vegetables that I used to make juices includes celery, Chinese and red cabbage, lettuce, greens, broccoli and cauliflower. Cooked vegetables also included some other greens like choy sum and spinach. Vegetables eaten raw include tomatoes and carrot. For my staple food, I used potatoes and brow rice. all are organic. Fruits used include green and red apples, bananas, and papaya. I have been losing weight which is due to the insufficient vegetables intake and hence I have modified the diet a little. I take soya milk and also a small fish a day though I will phase away the fish eventually. I have taken the following supplements namely Ohhira mountain extract, Q10, K-salt and now looking for lupsol iodine.

Tomorrow is an important day for me as I will be doing my second scan in 6 weeks. The oncologist in Singapore wanted me to do another scan as he wanted to see how fast growing the tumor is. This will give him some treatment options and for me as well. I have also started the my own treatment using the Gerson therapy for about 3 weeks now and I would also like to know if I had made progress or not. Of course you may be wondering, results in three weeks? Well that's how some of the Gerson patient's testified. I will then be heading for Singapore again on Wednesday to see the oncologist on Thursday to review the CT scan. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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