Tuesday, October 27, 2009

28 October 2009

Today, I will be making a trip down to Singapore to see the oncologist tomorrow and then the urologist to get a second opinion based on the second scan results. Although I have made up my mind for the treatment, surgery is still an option if the tumor becomes life threatening. Further having alternative treatment, one must still be friendly with the oncologist as I will need to meet him periodically to review my progress through scans.

I want to share to you something about juicing that I have been talking about. Actually there are a number of therapy out there that recommends juicing but the Gerson is one of them that not only explain why juicing is important but also provide a how to guide. First off, just six months ago when my friend's wife was suggesting to get a juicer for RM1,600 I laugh her off. My juicer that I just bought costs only RM2,600. Why the sudden change? This is because of my ignorance. Why do you juice in the first place? You must learn to calculate the ROI on juicer to make it easier for you to decide. Is there a ROI? You bet. Let say you juice twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and every time you use 2 apples. Say each apple costs RM0.75. You have four in the family. So your cost of juicing per day is RM12. My friend Nik asked me why is it that the moment his wife juice out the apple juice, it turned into light brown. By the way, that means the juice has just oxdised, lost all the nutrients and enzymes. You are just drinking water with an apple flavour. There is a trick you can do though. Put it some ice cubes that will slow down a little of the oxidation but the bulk of the nutrients and enzymes are gone. Basically RM12 wasted per day. Multiply it by 365 days and you will get RM4,389. With your juicer costing RM2,600 your ROI is just 217 days. Not only that, you body will get all the nutrients and enzymes that you want to help you lead a healthier life. So would you rather spend RM250 on those centrifugal juicer? A check on the Internet would reveal even more reasons.

This posting will be brief and I will try and update if I can get hold of a PC in Singapore.


  1. Hi Chang

    Please get a copy of the Sun tomorrow (29 Oct) if you can. There will be an article from Prof (Dr) Teo Soo-Hwang, CEO of Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation, on her work with selected local and international partners to systematically develop new cancer therapies from the country's vast natural resources. I am not too sure the content of this, but I believe it should be something worth reading. If I can, I will scan a copy and mail to you.

    Take care.

    Allen Tan

  2. Dear Allen,

    Did not get a copy of the Sun. If you can scan and email over, it would be good.