Saturday, October 17, 2009

6 October 2009

It has been about 3 weeks since I have discovered my condition. So far the doctors have not prescribed any medication nor any advise on what food to take or avoid. Since reading about the Gerson therapy I wanted to change my diet immediately. Meanwhile I have been asking Chin Aik for the address of the shop to buy the alkaline water filter. I need to create a condition that is not favourable to the tumors.

If I am on vegetarian diet, I have to abstain from sugar, oils and salt. Tumors feeds on oils and sugar while salt is an enzyme inhibitor. Tumor and cancel cells uses protein to "cover" itself from the immune system. That's why stopping to eat animal protein is the first step. When the enzymes are not working to dissolve the protein layer because of the salt, the tumors can continue to grow. So I must now starve the tumor cells by not taking such foods. In the morning, after my urine therapy i would take fruit juices that my wife makes for me. It contains carrot, apple, papaya and lemon. Kind of acidic in the morning but I read that when it reaches the stomach, it becomes alkaline. The theory looks reasonable but I still have not started to become fully vegetarian.

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