Sunday, October 18, 2009

9 October 2009

Today was quite relax day for me in the office. I have no meetings and spend the rest of the day spring cleaning my place and last minute filing. I had a lunch time appointment with some former colleagues.

I met up with Irene Loo, Kok Piew and Chip Seng for lunch at Maju Palace. When I made the appointment a week earlier I still have not switched to vegetarian. I brought my own food and only ate the fruits. I will eat organic fruits where available. Irene wondered why I resigned. She said I should keep working to keep my mind from thinking the unnecessary and at the same time earn some money. I told her that while I need to money for treatment, I do not want to die in the process. I told her I am still very strong mentally and my treatment is sort of a full time work too. My work contract does not provide for any insurance coverage.

By this time I had decided to tell many of my former colleagues and close friends of my health condition. Many of them had shown tremendous support and some even offer financial help if I needed. Although I did not have a hospitalisation insurance, I did buy the 36 critical illness plan from Great Eastern under the Multi-Purpose Insurance Group Employee scheme. When you buy insurance, you must read carefully the terms. This critical illness plan pays only when your doctor confirms that you have something un-curable. Why do you want the money for when you are dying? The medicine you can buy with the money is given too late. Shouldn't the money be given to you earlier to buy medicine to prevent you from dying in the first place?

My Tung Shin Hospital Urologist told me that my experimental drug treatment will cost RM20K+ per month and obviously I would run out of cash very quickly. Even the best hospitalisation program have limited annual payout. What's more since there are no cure for my type of tumor, the hospitalisation insurance would not pay for alternative treatment. Still the the RM50K that I can get from the 36 critical illness insurance is helpful as I can use if to pay for my alternative treatment.

This evening I met up with my friend, Vishuddi the Homeopathy practitioner to update him on my condition. He further loan me two books on cancer treatment. We chatted for a while and he recorded my mental state. He gave me some epsom salts and asked me use bath with it. Epson salt is not recommended in the Gerson therapy, so I did not use it.

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