Friday, October 16, 2009

23-26 September 2009

I will write more details about my Hangzhou trip separately in another post.

This morning I was wondering if I should continue with my urine therapy. Firstly the urine therapy has caused me a lot of bowel movement and though I may as well stop for the next 4 days so that I don't go looking for toilet in the midst of strolling in the West Lake or some temple.

Because of the West Lake hype before the trip, meeting the Lake in person brought a little of disappointment. Well, it's a big beautiful lake with lots of trees and of course other man made structures. We walk a lot, in fact more than half of the lake and by the end of morning, we could not walk anymore. We also bought a RMB5 map of West Lake and got hold of the free Tourist map to help us move around Hangzhou. It takes sometime to know about the bus system but it was quite convenient for both of us despite not knowing how to read and write Mandarin.

Very quickly the days passed and we headed back for Kuala Lumpur on the night of September 26.

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