Friday, October 30, 2009

30 October 2009

I had plenty of time to reflect on my way down to Singapore. I had taken a bus instead of a flight because the time taken would be about the same. Furthermore I had special dietary requirements that necessitated me to prepare in advance my food and water that I will take along the way. Going by plane will not be so convenient to bring my own food and water. I was thinking whether I am doing is right or wrong? Many of my friends have introduced me to alternative treatment despite having read my blog. Does it mean I am missing out on something that they see and I don't?

So far, I found a number of books has promoted using dietary and nutrition for cancer treatment. Besides Gerson, Phillip Day's CANCER Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth and Cherie Calbom and John Calbom's The Complete Cancer Cleanse are a few examples. In all these books, they have testimonies of people having being cured after being told by their doctors that conventional medicine cannot be of any used further. My brother Jon, a Christian also emailed me a site ( that use a nutritional diet which they called Hallelujah diet, apparently based on the Bible for which a priests cured himself of cancer in 1976. Again there are also many testimonies that the diet work for them. Of course I am happy to find so many sources that seems to support that plant nutrition diet is one of the ways to handle cancer treatment. JC, my ex-MPI colleague asked me to check on this website On the rightmost column, there was a caption that says "Ho, ho, ho --- give it a good clap. I love my doctors. They say I can eat anything I like. My cancer couldn't care less what I eat. Good news to the patients but bad news to their families because soon these people may end up all dead!" Of course, that statement was made according to the latest research done by Jeffrey Meyerhardt, M.D., MPH.(of Dana-Faber Cancer Institute - a principal teaching affiliate of the Harvard Medical School), as reported in Journal of the American Medical Association, 15 August 2007.

As I have said, my friends and even my family members were worried when I told them I would give alternative medicine treatment as the first choice. Despite some people having experience cancer through their love ones, I can say none could fathom what is happening on the mind of the patient. Cancer patients are so lost in their own problems that they have no idea what to do and leave it to the "experts". Of course not many would take out a book to read and find out. After all there is no motivation and we continue to depend on this doctor or that doctor giving talks on cancer. With due respect to the doctors, they all learned from the same source, so what do you expect to hear? Still many expect me to say I take chemo. Anything that harm my immune system no matter how good it can kill the cancel cells, it also kills the host. I have also taken time to explain to many who does not understand why this and not that because they have not read alternatives but continue to feed themselves with allopathic(or conventional) news. Who knows more than the doctor? There is no doubt that the doctor is well read. Unfortunately there are also other things that the doctor is not educated in, so how can he say this or that does not work? But I think this debate is pointless and academic.

In my situation, the important thing for me is to believe in a system (after due investigation) that is workable for me. That believe must also be strong. In an experiment, a women was given a drug and was told the drug would cause her hair to fall off. She did lose all her hair but the drug she was given was not medication but just flour. Because the person believes in so much of the drug, she made it happen, the cure is in the mind. This is also called a placebo effect. Many good things happened during faith healing where the mind is very pure. Some people called it miracle. Whatever it is, it is good and that is the first step towards healing.

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