Sunday, October 11, 2009

22 September 2009

Like the day before, I started collecting my morning urine. Second day is as difficult as the first. I though once started, it would be easier. I went through the same process and got it over with. Oh one thing I did not tell was that after taking the urine therapy, I have bowel movements at least three times a day. There was so much to release.

My mental state has been very positive (occasional lapses here and there) but overall I was able to maintain a very happy state. What ever it is, I should live my life to the fullest. My kidney was behaving very well. However, I had tender sensations around my ribs so much so I was not able to sleep sideways. My Urologist has said this could be that due to the tumor trying to infect the bones. I was also a little overweight and the spare tyre around my waist also caused me great discomfort when sitting. Otherwise, everything was good, so I decided to go ahead with the trip. Together with my wife we left for the airport at about 1.20pm.

We arrived in Hangzhou at 10.30pm and after the formalities got out at 11pm. I was wondering to take the bus or cab. I went to the bus counter and asked the staff if the bus station is near my hotel. She said you can take a taxi from the bus station in Wulin Square. So we bought the tickets RMB20 each (although RMB40, but still cheaper than taxi at about RMB100). We we arrived at the bus station, it was about 11.45pm and there were already a fleet of taxis waiting for us. The hotel where I am staying is near Wulin Square on Stadium Road (Tiyichang Lu) but since I have not been to Hangzhou, I have no idea how far or near. So I asked for directions from the bus driver and he said to walk straight to the junction turn left and after the next traffic junction, I would be able to see my hotel on the left. We arrive at the hotel 15 mins later and showed my booking slip to the receptionist. She said she would check if there are rooms available because they only reserve rooms up to 8pm. As the China national holidays is one week away, we had no problems getting our room at RMB278 per night. We chose Hung Du Hotel as it is near to the shopping area of Wulin Square and only 15mins walk to the West Lake.

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