Saturday, October 24, 2009

24 October 2009

The results are in. The CT scan performed at Tung Shin Hospital this morning to compare against the CT scan that was done 6 weeks ago on 11 September 2009 showed promising results. For the kidney, the tumor now measured 10.2cm x 9.4cm x 12.5cm compared to 10.5cm x 9cm x 14.0cm previously. As for the lungs, there is good and bad news. Bad news is that the number of nodes count increased on both lungs. The good news is the the largest nodes on both the left and right lungs decreased in size of 0.1cm and 0.3cm respectively. In retrospect, neither the doctors or I did anything during the first three weeks. My diet was normal and perhaps during this period the tumor grew. I only started changing my diet about 3 weeks ago and went on a strict organic plant no oil, sugar and salt diet. Overall the conclusion is that the diet did managed to stop the tumor from growing. But therein lies the problem. Let me explain.

In chapter 29 of the Cancer Therapy by Dr Max Gerson, the rehabilitation of the cancer patient is normally confronted with the following problems:
a) Medical - lack of help, difficulty of keeping to the strict diet, difficult in preparing the juices, difficulties in getting the right medication, vegetables and fruits, difficult in shopping for the fresh foodstuffs.
b) Economic - Depletion of funds of many expenses, long duration of treatment (between 1.5 yrs to 2 yrs required), more expensive preparation of dietary food and tendency to outsource the problem to hospitals.
c) Psychological - unfavorable environment influences, opposing views of friends and family, long period of restoration and changes in the way of life for the present and near future.

Unfortunately there are no holidays. Day in and day out for the next 18 to 24 months of strict following of the diet. For me, I can still take care of myself at this juncture and my wife needs to work to continue to ensure the finances do not run out to pay the basic necessities. Conventional medicine cannot cure me. The question is whether to remove the kidney to enable the body's immune system to have lesser burden to take care of the lungs. However, surgery severely weakens the body. I need to revert back to normal diet to recover and at the same time the nodes in the lungs will start to multiply even more under such diet. My game plan is therefore as follows:

1. Continue the Gerson therapy as faithful as possible. If this stops the tumor from spreading or shrink a little, it will buy me time. Looks like I have to remove animal protein from my diet as warned by Dr Max Gerson from tomorrow onwards.
2. Seek homeopathic treatment from a local practitioner and also from India. This is the medicine to be able to cure the cancer
3. Continue with supplements to boost the immune system.
4. No to surgery?

Dr Gerson further advised not to start the treatment, if for any reason strict adherence to it is not possible. I can have strict adherence at the clinic in Budapest or Mexico but what happens when I come home?

I am now looking for laetrile (or vitamin B17) most commonly found in apricot seeds. This is another supplement that will help in the cancer cells to commit suicide. This "secret" was discovered 50 years ago but nobody paid any attention especially with the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies having ridicule such treatment as "quackery". The mental condition is always being tested. Sometimes I also want to just give up. But the will to live is still very strong. Somehow the tumor is in the upper hand and take priority over normal cells. I read about all these from a book given to me by my sister called "CANCER Why We're Still Dying And To Know The Truth" by Phillip Day.

My oncologist in Singapore had wanted to know how fast the tumor is growing because that's how the tumor should behave. But since I changed my diet drastically, it also starved the tumor a little bit. What I need to do now is follow the regime as closely as possible. My homeopathic practitioner Visshudi recommended me to see another friend who has experience in the Gerson therapy. I hope to learn a thing or two from him so that I can follow the regime as closely as possible.

Since starting the protein diet back, I can feel my body hurts a little jab now and then around the ribs. Perhaps I am getting paranoid in that the tumor is now attacking my bones. I become suspicious of every single twitch in my body. This is really bad. I have to relax. After all the prognosis is already out and one leg is already on the other side. Whatever that I do is surely an improvement. Remember I mentioned about the 5 stages and I said I was in acceptance stage. Maybe I lied to myself. Maybe I am now bargaining stage only! Still I realised I have no time to delve in such matters anymore. Every passing day is critical for me. Everyday that I wake up is a day won. The tumor is trying to find every opportunity to grow. It has a upper hand. They are inside with the advantage while I am disadvantaged on the outside!

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