Saturday, October 17, 2009

3-4 October 2009

I have been taking urine therapy for more than a week now. Did I tell you that urine therapy detox the body by having bowel movements for about a week? I certainly emptied my bowels clean. Other changes were that my face become more pinkish and the skin became smoother! Yes, no need to spend thousands of Ringgit in beauty spa. I read in the Internet that some Japanese women actually use their urine to bath themselves for smoother skin. I can vouch for that now.

I spend more time reading the Gerson therapy. You can download more information from here I realised that this could be one of my only hope and although the regime is strict, it can be carried out.

I took my parent out for dinner on Saturday evening. I though it will be a while before we can seat together in a restaurant as my condition could deteriorate anytime. We went to our usual restaurant along the foothill of Thean Hou Temple.

On the morning of Sunday, I met Cindy Fong a MLM upline that was introduced by a friend of Chin Aik. She had a product called Ohhira Mountain Fruit Extract that contains 59 million live enzymes in each gel. I believe this natural extract would be complementary to what I am planning to do. It's a little costly. Membership is RM20 and then each box contains 60 gels costing RM180 per box. For a start of the 20 day program, I have to take 20 gels, 6 gels in the morning, 7 at noon and before I retire to bed. some of the users are also cancer patients and have shown to improve their well being.

I visited my sister on Sunday afternoon and also brought along a copy of the DVD. I told her not to worry about me. I know she has been crying ever since she found out my condition but I told her that it would not help me if she cried. What I need from her is not pity and her brother is still the same not withstanding something extra in the body. I have been very cheerful and did not have any sleepless night. I need to energy to fight on and need all the energy to read, think and fight on.

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