Tuesday, October 20, 2009

17 October 2009

I have been thinking what could I have eaten wrong over the years that led to my condition. I do very little corporate entertainment and spend most of my evenings and weekends eating home cooked food. Lunch has always been simple noodles or economy rice with two vegetables and one meat. I don't eat beef (except when I take burgers). The food I take is not that rich in protein or fat either. I do not smoke or drink hard liquor and only occasional beer, once in a few months. But I do have some unusual tidbits that I take namely salted prunes. In addition I use to suffer from gastric problems in my 20s and must later indigestion. I normally eat very fast and let the stomach do the chewing. This is bad. According to Dr. Eli Jones, MD in his book Cancer, its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment indigestion is one of the key findings in cancer patient. Food that are not chewed and properly processed by the stomach gets lodged in the intestines and overtime, this can help to promote growth of tumor cells. The first order of the day is then to get the stomach back in order. for me, that means I need to take food that the stomach do not have to do much work and can straight work on it. That's why fruit and green juices are the best way to get back to health.

Perhaps my liking for salted prunes since as a child is now coming back to haunt me. A saltless diet is one of the key to my recovery. I noticed that after 10 days of saltless diet, I can taste saltiness in my mouth. According to Dr Max Gerson, MD, salt excretion increased in patients of tuberculosis, cancer and other chronic disease after a saltless diet and this should go on for about 2-3 weeks. Dr Freeman Cope, MD in writing the Physiological Chemistry and Physics said "high potassium and low salt diet has been observed to cure many cases in advanced cancer in man". The salt excretions also causes flares up in the form of nausea, diarrhea and nervous disturbances. These are healing reactions that comes from the greater bile secretion and stimulation of the visceral nervous system. After each flare up the patient feels easier and improve both physically and mentally.

Without salt in your food, it can really be tasteless. I must say while you can be able to get on in day 1 but by the time day two or three comes, you would complain and want to give up. My alternative is to take k-salt (k = potassium). Potassium is important for it is a mineral required by the tissues and cells to function normally. Excessive potassium intake is regulated by the kidneys. But I have not found the place to buy it. So i guess I will have to live without it for a day or two more. I think I made a big mistake in my diet. I have been controlled my food intake. When you are on a vegetarian diet like me, I should not control and take more food. I noticed that my body and buttocks hurt when I sit. This means I have lost flesh and meat and it's a bad sign. I will now have to moderate my food intake.

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