Friday, October 16, 2009

30 September 2009

This evening, my wife had made an appointment on my behalf to meet another friend who is now training to be a homeopathy practitioner. My wife strongly discourage me from taking chemo and neither will I. The quality of life during and after chemo is really bad. Not only your good cells dies, your immune system will also deteriorate. For my type of tumor, conventional medicine currently have no cure. That's the sad truth. Hence, my survival will have to come from within myself, the will to fight and also boosting my own immune system.

This afternoon, I had another project meeting. Although this project did have some problems, but it was under control. The only risk was the the delay in roll-out. As predicted, the meeting went smoothly as we had earlier met the heads privately to seek their comments and consent. I get very tense during project meetings. The problem with this job is not that you can't do the work yourself but depend on others to accomplish it.

Later the evening, I arrived at my friend's house to consult him about homeopathy treatment for cancers. He loan me a book about Traditional Chinese Medicine and convention medicine treatment. The books was written for doctors, so it was not easy to read. The treatment is somewhat different from what my doctors have told me. Firstly, it recommend a more holistic way to deal with such problems. For example, if you need to do chemo, they doctor will recommend you to take some medicine, herbs and supplement to boost your immune system so that when you actually starts the chemo, the damaged done to your body is minimal. It also give various options on certain type of treatment but I could not finish the whole book. It went on to give too much details. I was given two forms to fill by my friend and it basically tries to find out my medical history and also the food that I take noting any preferences or cravings. By the time we finished, it was almost 11.30pm and my friend has yet to take his dinner!

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