Tuesday, October 20, 2009

15 October 2009

Well, if not for my sister-in-law, YC that teaches at the National University of Singapore, I would have trouble finding the cancer department of National University Hospital (NUH). NUH is neither a public nor a private hospital. It's sort of in between as disclosed by YC. Definitely it would not be the RM5 treatment that I get from Selayang Hospital. I am actually impressed by the efficiency of the staff of Selayang Hospital which to me is quite close to those offered by say Tung Shin Hospital.

Dr Alvin Wong is in the mid to late thirties (former Malaysian) and is a Oncologist that specialises in renal disease. My weight recorded at NUH was 76kgs, a drop of 4kgs from my usual of 80kgs. I told him this was a planned drop due to my change in diet. After getting my medical history, he hesitated to tell me the prognosis. I said you can be direct. He said that there is no cure for the moment. however miracles do happen but subsequently rephrase it and said that through my immune system, I can get it cured. He felt that the nodes in the lungs are not as bad as my Urologist has put it and if the tumor in the kidney is big and perhaps could be removed but he would like me to talk to his Urologist colleague first. He said since I have not exhibited any new symptoms, that's a good sign and that the disease may be slow growing. He suggested that I take some blood tests and also do another CT scan in about 6 weeks since my first scan on 11 September. This will help him to determine the treatment options. Sounds reasonable. He then proceeded to examine me physically all over the body looking for growth or nodes around the neck, body and private parts. I did not hear this and most probably was spoken to my wife and YC while I was dressing up. Dr Alvin said if the tumor is slow growth, I may live for another 10 years before it becomes threatening. He also said to YC that I am a brave man (when I informed him earlier I was on urine therapy - somethig he has not heard about). Dr Alvin was very nice when he found out that I was not working and gave me a 50% waiver of his consultation fees. Total costs S$153 (80% are for the blood tests).

This was the first time I came out of the hopspital feeling hopeful. So far, back in Malaysia it has been bad news. I would take my second CT scan on the 24 or 26 October and possibly meet Dr Alvin on 29 October. Two days back, I had written to the Gerson approved clinic in Budapest, Hungary about joining their two weeks of treatment at a cost of EUR6,000 (which also include food and accommodation for my wife to come along) . There are two opposing sides to the Gerson therapy as usual and I wanted to find out if this therapy was a hoax or not. I thought up to now, I had no hope at conventional treatment at all, I may as well look for alternatives. Even if I go for surgery, I still need to treat my lungs. I would complement it with Homoepathy treatment. The next Gerson treatment starts on 9 November 2009 and I need to plan. I was required to submit some blood test report and fill up some questionaire.

By 2pm I was feeling weak and low on energy levels. As we quickly made our way back to YC's staff apartment, I quickly took a nap to recharge while my wife and YC was making rye bread. By the time I got up at 5pm, the bread was ready. After my bath, I ate the rye bread served with broccoli and a little honey for dinner. during dinner we had some discussion and YC and my wife said my diet change was too drastic and there is no protein at all. YC also suggested that I consider removing the right kidney and it would give my immune system a better chance of fighting the nodes in the lungs. My homoepathy practitioner is against the surgery and the books that he gave me also recommends no surgery since surgery creates a shock to the body. Would my body be weaker or better?

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